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    Super bull! + Info $5,000 FOB shoot Out

    Congrats Jenn on another great animal!!
  4. Rombo

    The Trembling Giant

    What is a "Gaint"?
  5. Rombo


    Humidity will affect your shot significantly. Try fresh loads with 100 grains. Keep the pyrodex in a ziplock bag
  6. Rombo

    OTC bear hunt

    I was up in 6B and 6A this past weekend and the pear is looking great... Might have seen a few bears as well!!
  7. I have an ultimate muzzleloader and I would recommend waiting for the Remington to come out now that Ultimate Firearms has sold the patent.... It is an amazing gun and shoots amazing groups out over 400 yards... A little pricey, but well worth it if you have a highly desirable tag in our great state!
  8. Calling bears is quite the hoot! If you have not enjoyed the rush, you should attend this seminar for some insight! Good work Kidso
  9. Rombo

    Called in a goulds yesterday!

    You do know that 33 is not covered under the OTC permits... Strictly draw
  10. Rombo

    AZ Rio Grande

    Great job Brian!!
  11. Rombo

    Snow Bird Down

    Here is a photo of my buddies turkey from 27 this past weekend. Lots of birds in 27 post burn. I was very impressed. 9" beard with 3/4" spurs.... Gone roosting!
  12. Rombo

    Snow Bird Down

    Thanks Rfactor.... His shooting improved after we saw you at lunch.... First turkey is always the hardest it seems. I could call the birds in but not lead the horse to water, so to say!!
  13. Rombo

    One out of Two tags filled

    Congrats on a great bird.... Let me guess, bet that lunch was at Bear Wallow!!
  14. Rombo

    One and Done!!

    My buddy and I headed to New Mexico for another day of continuing education in the turkey woods last week. Left Tucson Wednesday night, home before dark on Thursday. We went to an area I have hunted for 25 years and our spot was once again on fire! First call session resulted in three long beards taking a dirt nap, and our second spot finished off our tags.... I have great respect for the state of New Mexico for providing such phenomenal turkey hunting. For those who are willing to get off the the road and out of the truck, it is an amazing place! Good luck in woods! Gone roosting!! Rombo
  15. Rombo

    Fishing Alaska

    I have fished with Brian Peterson several times in Ugak Bay on Kodiak Island (www.ugakbay.com). He has a great lodge and operation for Halibut and sea-run salmon to fifty pounds. A buddy of mine landed a 450 lb halibut a season or two ago and my personal best of 255 came with him. Great trip for four guys and quite inexpensive. Awesome lodge.
  16. Rombo

    Unit 10 Buck

    Beautiful animal! Congrats!!
  17. Rombo

    spring draw hunts

    Fall hunts are much better!!! Spring hunt is an "opportunity" for those who get cabin fever all summer, like me!
  18. Rombo

    Elk/Antelope Draw Results!!!!

    Tick Tock ????????????????
  19. Rombo

    Elk/Antelope Draw Results!!!!

    You suckle
  20. Rombo

    How many points?

    I have a non-resident client with one point that has drawn either Mzzllder or Rifle 19A. There is hope for everyone under the current system, whether non-resident or not. Have two others that are residents with five points that drew together, and another with only nine.
  21. Rombo

    Bear 22 and 23n

    Rust, red, red, BLACK
  22. Rombo

    Mountain Lion Hunting in 34a

    Give Mike Harris a call at HD Trophy Hunts and get that lion on the ground with your bow. I hunted 34a with him a few weeks back and we had a hoot!!
  23. Rombo

    Ever come across this while shed hunting?

    I found one pig hunting in 33 a few years back with a female client. She reached down in the pool of water and pulled it out for us... Very nice. They never were able to identify the poor chap.