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  1. Rombo

    Royal Slammer

    My son’s Merriams from this spring to complete his Grand Slam and US (all from United States) Royal Slam. He harvested this bird in Unit 1 on the Junior hunt. Last year he harvested his Arizona Gould’s with a crossbow, an Osceola in central Florida, his Eastern in eastern Kansas and his Rio in central Kansas. Quite an achievement for an Eleven year old. I didn’t complete my first Royal until I was forty!!
  2. Rombo

    Auction tag coues

    Great buck!
  3. Rombo

    22S Last Night

    I am just wondering what happened to the guy who shot two bulls in 22S at the beginning of the thread!!
  4. Rombo

    43B Bighorn Tag

    You will have a great hunt. Last four rams we have pulled out of 43B were all right at or above B&C Don’t shoot a small one!!
  5. Had the opportunity to spend an amazing few days with some great friends in 43B again this year. Another great hunt with another giant ram being taken. Angela was successful in harvesting a 170 6/8' SCI ram with a muzzleloader. My nine year old son was along for his second sheep hunt, and he actually found the ram we harvested. Very good stuff! Hopefully! if the draw gods shine on me in the next seven years, he will get to harvest his own! Angie harvested her ram with my Ultimate Muzzleloader at 40 yards and he did not go far..
  6. Rombo

    2016 Desert Ram

    Congrats on your Class 4 Ram!!
  7. Rombo

    What's he score?

    He is not in the 70's any more guys.....
  8. Rombo

    Unit 9

    Eli is the god of Pronghorn......
  9. Rombo

    New to bear hunting

    I would be happy to call him in for you.... I have called in lots of Boos.. Seventeen in three days once back in the day.. It is very exciting and you have to be cool under pressure... First bear is the hardest bear. Heck of a way to start your bowhunting career.
  10. Rombo

    Big Bull Elk from 23

    My buddy saw a guy who found a huge bull elk rack in 23 off the 202 road yesterday... What a stud from what I hear. Love to see photos. He was in a new model grey Ford F-250 pulling rhino with his two daughters Post photos!
  11. Rombo

    2017 HR Bull

    Great work Keith.... Great bull
  12. Rombo

    19A rifle hunt

    I sent you a PM....
  13. Leupold has the Shockey 3-9 and 2-7 scopes designed for muzzleloaders. They are set up with mil dots to match a 100 and 150 grain loads with a 300 grain sabot for a 50 caliber. They are dead nuts on and also inexpensive. Or you can just break down and buy the Ultimate Muzzleloader from Ultimate Firearms which are delivered with scope and are deadly to 500 yards....
  14. Rombo

    'Filmed in AZ' favorites...

    What about Giant with Rock Hudson and James Dean, and of course Arizona Dream with Johnny Depp.... Both filmed in the San Rafael Valley
  15. Rombo

    Unit 33

    I may have misstated the unit. It could have been 29, or maybe 34A, or maybe 37B. Lol. Great deer this year everywhere. Kudos AZGFD management. These units are all large with lots of deer (except maybe 37B). Do your homework and go deep. Think outside the box. Big Coues love river bottoms too. Their behavior has changed ten fold from twenty years ago Permits numbers are all relative and biologically driven. Whining is not allowed