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  1. Rombo

    Bison Hunting for Youth?

    Take your child to South Dakota and have an amazing experience without the stress of the draw and how hard the Kaibab can be. I have 35 points and want my son to shoot “my” Buffalo after I sign over the tag to him, but opted to cut to the chase. You can find a great hunt up there for very little money. Here is my son’s Buffalo he harvested when he was 8 Good stuff
  2. Rombo

    San Carlos Mx

    Fernando at Catch 22 or Brian Repogle at Margarita Sportfishing. Have fished with both of them for 20 years. The best of the best.
  3. Rombo

    AZ Gould’s Mount

    Mount was about $950 with the extensive habitat. Taken in 35Alpha to complete my third Royal and first Royal with the muzzleloading shotgun Great hunt, just didn’t last Long enough. Called him in opening day and boom. 11” with 1 1/8” Spurs
  4. Rombo

    AZ Gould’s Mount

    Just got my muzzleloader shotgun AZ Gould’s back. Soren Tucker, who works for Weller’s Wildlife Studio in Tucson did the work for me. He does amazing work! Nice to have a great bird taxidermist back in the state after a brief hiatus. Spur Taxidermy is his company for all bird work outside of Weller’s!!! Gone Roosting!
  5. Here is another cool buck we killed from near Hermosillo. 36” wide. Mexico has Muy Grandes!!
  6. Rombo

    Tick Tock

  7. Rombo

    Tick Tock

    Wait for it!
  8. Rombo

    Tick Tock

    Wait for it!!!!
  9. Rombo

    Royal Slammer

    My son’s Merriams from this spring to complete his Grand Slam and US (all from United States) Royal Slam. He harvested this bird in Unit 1 on the Junior hunt. Last year he harvested his Arizona Gould’s with a crossbow, an Osceola in central Florida, his Eastern in eastern Kansas and his Rio in central Kansas. Quite an achievement for an Eleven year old. I didn’t complete my first Royal until I was forty!!
  10. Rombo

    Auction tag coues

    Great buck!
  11. Rombo

    22S Last Night

    I am just wondering what happened to the guy who shot two bulls in 22S at the beginning of the thread!!
  12. Rombo

    43B Bighorn Tag

    You will have a great hunt. Last four rams we have pulled out of 43B were all right at or above B&C Don’t shoot a small one!!
  13. Had the opportunity to spend an amazing few days with some great friends in 43B again this year. Another great hunt with another giant ram being taken. Angela was successful in harvesting a 170 6/8' SCI ram with a muzzleloader. My nine year old son was along for his second sheep hunt, and he actually found the ram we harvested. Very good stuff! Hopefully! if the draw gods shine on me in the next seven years, he will get to harvest his own! Angie harvested her ram with my Ultimate Muzzleloader at 40 yards and he did not go far..
  14. Rombo

    2016 Desert Ram

    Congrats on your Class 4 Ram!!