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  1. Hard to know without some more specific location. Most State Land is checkerboard with private in my area. Access to State Land can be restricted through Private Land. If you crossed private land to access State Land how can you get back out without crossing private without permission?
  2. tontotom

    Suppressor-Where to start

    I bought the .30 cal Omega with the quick change unit a few years ago. I love the suppressor and found for me the quick detach was too heavy on the end of the barrel for me. I use it direct thread with thread adapters for 300 black out, .223 AR15 and Savage model 11 .270 WSM. I use high temp grease to LIGHTLY grease the treads and it stays tight until I'm ready to change guns. I can change easily at the range in no time at all. One thing you'll need to check is your rifle zero before and after screwing 11 ounces on the end of your barrel. Mine all change dramatically from suppressed to non-suppressed. Average is at least 6" one way or another. Don't think you can shoot with your brake and then screw on a suppressor without sighting the gun back in- that dog won't hunt. 21BE208C-BCEB-4A37-AFB1-AC22D5A9CF3A.heic
  3. This is a funny group. I never thought so many responses would be to shoot. Other posts rant about trail cameras bagged by another hunter and stolen and yet you would shoot a bear or lion in front of hounds? Well, maybe not if it were treed. I guess it's time to admit that I'm not with the status quo. Given the original post, heck no I wouldn't shoot. It's not about ownership but workmanship.
  4. tontotom

    Arizona SB 1625

    I think this is a fund raiser for both parties. It's similar to the law passed in New York that is under judicial review now. It's not even in committee. Hope it stays there.
  5. tontotom

    Max Bonus points

    Unit 1 is loaded with small bucks and a few big ones. Not unlike most other units. The 2 units have really poor rainfall over the last 10 years coupled with 40 acre development. Not ideal for recruitment or herd building. The tag reduction may help? The 2 units typically have long, thin horn with small cutters. Impressive to see but don't score well. A couple years ago a hunter asked for access to our ranch to hunt a "sure fire" book buck. I wasn't aware of any that big but he assured me he was seeing them- Opening day he killed a really pretty 14" buck that would go 75".
  6. Absolutely the 16" if you're using a suppressor. AR's are front heavy as it is without the suppressor. Mine are 16" and I wish I had 12'14" with my 9" suppressor. I really like a fluted barrel as well. Free floated hand guard is a must for me. Good shooting whatever you get.
  7. tontotom

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    I'm in St Johns and could help you tomorrow if you'd like. I'm really good at finding cows with fresh calves! PM me if you'd like some recovery help, I'll bring a backpack to help with the packing as well.
  8. tontotom


    There are Coues in Unit 1 and 27 up high at 7-8,000'. They don't move at all when it snows. No where to go really, they don't migrate. Usually they'll be up later in the morning. Hunting in December and January one will encounter snow.
  9. tontotom

    Checker Board Land Access

    Interesting topic, public lands are managed differently and are setup for different purposes. For instance, State Trust land isn't general use land. Everyone has to be permitted to use the land. There's a long list of activities that are off limits. Comparing this to say BLM or Forest Service is apples to oranges. Checkerboard property is usually State Trust and BLM. As this discussion plays out one thought that we should keep in mind is that without the permitted grazing operation very little water development is done. Simply put, last years drought would have killed most of the deer, elk, antelope and small game on public lands if a Rancher hadn't been hauling or pumping water. We own a small ranch that is checkerboard in 2A. We provided water and minerals for way more elk, deer and antelope than we did for our cattle. The neighboring ranchers provided the same service. Quite frankly, the Mule Deer Foundation, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Game and Fish and the public hunters were no where to be seen during this time. We also allowed some hunters access for each of these species as well as a trapper targeting bobcats and coyotes.
  10. tontotom


    Nice cat and catch, love your dogs.
  11. tontotom

    Blood from a turnip lol

    How about the Fossil Creek rescue of a lady in flip flops? DPS helicopters are a bunch of crap. Next time they fly a person off Papago remember your $32 helped facilitate this-
  12. tontotom

    Delete please

    Interested, is the barrel threaded or drilled? If threaded what thread pattern.
  13. tontotom

    Water Canyon Road to Big Lake

    It wasn't on Sunday. Huge drifts before hitting the Pat Knoll road. We even went around and tried the Alpine to Big Lake road and it has big drifts just past 3 Forks.
  14. tontotom

    Luna or Greer Lakes?

    All Greer Lakes, Luna Lake and Nelson Reservoir are all full and overflowing as of today. You should do well wherever you go.
  15. tontotom


    Casey Nielson in St Johns