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  1. Sold, thanks for your interest. Anyone need a stock or horse trailer? Sold our horses and cows and this is no longer needed. It’s a 2007 Ponderosa 3 horse slant with front compartment modified to haul calves. Has big tack room with 4 saddle rack. Looking for $4,900. Call or text 928-581-9177
  2. tontotom

    Any recent Rosey reports?

    Rosey is a fickle gal. If you get on active fish there are tons of shad available. Water is clearing and visibility is 10’+ in some areas. The fish have tons of unfishable water and are near finished with spawn. Water temperature in mid-lake are 66-70 F. Average fishermen are catching a few and experienced can have super days. Weekends are loaded with tournament boats that have no regard for anyone else.
  3. tontotom

    E Tag App

    I like it. I always have my phone and don’t have to carry a license or tag. This is especially helpful when I fish. That’s just me-
  4. tontotom

    2022 archery coues buck

    Nice buck. Congratulations
  5. tontotom

    Vortex Viper 4-16x44 HST

    I’ll take it. I’ll be at Bradshaw Mountain high school on Wednesday afternoon for football. Could we meet then?
  6. tontotom

    White Mtn Fishing Reports?

    Becker was slow today. Major algae bloom.
  7. tontotom

    ISO - CZ 455 22Mag

    I have a 22 mag barrel if you find another caliber- mine has 17hmr.
  8. tontotom

    Mercury 150 2 stroke Outboard water questions

    Get a temperature gauge
  9. tontotom

    Getting into welding question

    I worked as a certified welding inspector for a power plant. The welders we have are amazing. Each got their start in every way mentioned and more. Here is my opinion- if he wants to weld the copper mines or power company is a great place to start. He should take every opportunity to grind, cut and strike an arch. Great welding is an art that has to be developed by hands on. That said the college will provide a great opportunity for metallurgy and theory most on the job guys don’t get. Production welders follow welding plans prepared by an engineer. It’s like a recipe for each weld. Point being, he’ll be give angle, technique, rod required, inter pass temperature, weld thickness and such. Good hunting for your son’s future-
  10. tontotom

    Minnows at Roosevelt

    188 tackle has them
  11. tontotom

    Arizona Unit Information

    So did you move to Arizona or still live in Wisconsin? If you’re here go looking at your units, elk here don’t move very far. The draw is in just a couple weeks so there’s that- Are you interested in early hunts, with 16 points they may be a hard draw. Late hunts are also a blast but very little bugling. Your points could put you in line for a November hunt. Good luck
  12. tontotom

    Suppressor POI change

    Yes, very similar to what my rifles do.
  13. tontotom


    https://fishingspecialties.com I went with this system to get the transducer away from my trolling motor. Up to 4 mph and no cable wrapping around the shaft. So far it’s working perfectly and I love it. Total cost less than $200.
  14. The bucks and smoked meat look great. Good luck with your quest-
  15. tontotom

    Son got it done again

    Really great mix, love it