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  1. tontotom

    Misc. Rifle ammo

  2. tontotom

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    PM sent on 270wsm I didn’t get your reply- more details on the 270 wsm please.
  3. tontotom

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    PM sent on 270wsm
  4. tontotom

    Bears in the Pears

    A lot of pears in the Black Hills between Safford and Duncan. Came through yesterday and they are turning now. Seems a little low for bears but I'm no expert-
  5. tontotom

    Range visit

    I'd love to see one, some day- Not may up north in my country. Excellent find and photo
  6. tontotom

    Meat Processing

    Kayce Turley in Taylor does a good job as mentioned, 928-587-3523
  7. Just returned from the Kaibab. It's been a long time since I've hunted there. Here are some notes and questions- Road 22 closed due to washout gave me hope that the monsoon really came to the area. While there was certainly heavy rain, enough to wash out numerous roads the tanks are very low to empty. Grass and forbes look good now but are showing signs of stress, they need more moisture. Question- what is the chance that this road will be open by November? Fire devastated the piñon/juniper north of Jacobs lake. Some new oak saplings coming back and a few cactus but a lot of the area is barren. There is quite a few weeds in some places. Roads with gravel washed pretty bad. A lot of ponds empty and most full of ash from the flood. Question- does the monsoon usually fill the water tanks or the winter snows? Deer mostly on top and look fantastic. They are still brown and ugly but are carrying a lot of weight. Didn't see any fawns yet, maybe still coming or really small. Coyotes from top to bottom of unit. They look really healthy and seem quite comfortable with humans. Should have brought a kill stick! Question- do coyotes prey heavily on the deer population in unit 12? Prepare for high gas prices, $4/gallon in Kanab and $4.40 at Jacobs Lake. Ouch, diesel even higher. I wonder if trying to pack extra fuel is worth the effort or just support the local business? While tons of people were up at 8,000' and above I didn't see anyone on the winter range. I did see one group of 8 turkey hens and 2 blue grouse. No elk of buffalo spotted. Quite a few moo cows on top and middle levels and they look good. I did see some areas with acorns which was surprised me. Elderberries and gooseberrys in a few places also. The cliff rose was growing well and seed pods were coming off, come on rain. The weather was hot this weekend and the smoke from California fires darkened the sky most of the time. This was tough on allergies and glassing a long way. Cameras were well represented on the water. Didn't cause me any distress. Everyone I ran into seemed happy to be out and enjoying the forest. Coming from Kanab, the grass seemed dormant until half way through the flats and then weeds added some green. Dropping off to Marble Canyon was dry from Vermillion Cliffs to Gap. I really had a great time and hope this might help those who won't get an opportunity to get up there before their hunt. I have a late hunt and can't wait for the action to begin. Hopefully the questions are not too intrusive.
  8. tontotom

    Need advice/weld on an outboard

    It looks like cast aluminum. Not an easy weld and any weld on this would most likely reduce the strength and increase brittleness. This sucks but the only reliable fix is to replace the part.
  9. tontotom

    Saddle Donkeys

    Ben Lilly
  10. tontotom

    Oh dang my brisket is done

    It won’t spoil, I’d guess the temp will still be 140 when you eat. Enjoy
  11. tontotom


    I bought two, a Silecerco Omega and a Dakota 3.0. Both are .308 cans and mostly used on .223's. The Omega has the quick detach assembly and the Dakota is direct thread. Both are excellent at minimizing sound and recoil. Both move my POI by 4-6" at 100 yards in different directions. No change in accuracy on either. I like the Omega better since it's an inch shorter. I don't use the quick detach as it didn't balance on my guns well. I'm old enough to have hearing loss and won't shoot a gun without hearing protection or a suppressor. Coyote hunting is so much better with a suppressor as well. I highly recommend either suppressor listed above. These were purchased 4 years ago and I had to wait 13 months for each, best money and time I've spent on anything for hunting or shooting.
  12. tontotom

    AZ Lifetime License questions

    I have one and the convince for me is huge. Also the fishing and small game hunting is for life. Big Game tags at a non-resident rate if you leave the state isn't so bad, you're a resident of another state after all. I recommend buying one if able.
  13. tontotom

    Our 2020 Fall Hunting Successes

    Muzzleloader antelope 9CDB4327-1C2E-48CF-A5DA-E46DF48B25F9.heic
  14. tontotom

    Roosevelt report

    Fished Saturday with Son in law and grandson from 7:30 until 10:30. Caught 7 fish on jigs and drop shot. Grandson caught a smallmouth. Fun time and water temp around 70 degrees.
  15. tontotom

    Time for the 243

    No problems with the caliber. Thousands of Coues have fallen to a well placed .243. In fact if a cartridge was created for Coues given bullet weight vs body weight the 6mm would be very high on the ideal list.