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    There are Coues in Unit 1 and 27 up high at 7-8,000'. They don't move at all when it snows. No where to go really, they don't migrate. Usually they'll be up later in the morning. Hunting in December and January one will encounter snow.
  2. tontotom

    Checker Board Land Access

    Interesting topic, public lands are managed differently and are setup for different purposes. For instance, State Trust land isn't general use land. Everyone has to be permitted to use the land. There's a long list of activities that are off limits. Comparing this to say BLM or Forest Service is apples to oranges. Checkerboard property is usually State Trust and BLM. As this discussion plays out one thought that we should keep in mind is that without the permitted grazing operation very little water development is done. Simply put, last years drought would have killed most of the deer, elk, antelope and small game on public lands if a Rancher hadn't been hauling or pumping water. We own a small ranch that is checkerboard in 2A. We provided water and minerals for way more elk, deer and antelope than we did for our cattle. The neighboring ranchers provided the same service. Quite frankly, the Mule Deer Foundation, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, The Game and Fish and the public hunters were no where to be seen during this time. We also allowed some hunters access for each of these species as well as a trapper targeting bobcats and coyotes.
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    Nice cat and catch, love your dogs.
  4. tontotom

    Blood from a turnip lol

    How about the Fossil Creek rescue of a lady in flip flops? DPS helicopters are a bunch of crap. Next time they fly a person off Papago remember your $32 helped facilitate this-
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    Delete please

    Interested, is the barrel threaded or drilled? If threaded what thread pattern.
  6. tontotom

    Water Canyon Road to Big Lake

    It wasn't on Sunday. Huge drifts before hitting the Pat Knoll road. We even went around and tried the Alpine to Big Lake road and it has big drifts just past 3 Forks.
  7. tontotom

    Luna or Greer Lakes?

    All Greer Lakes, Luna Lake and Nelson Reservoir are all full and overflowing as of today. You should do well wherever you go.
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    Casey Nielson in St Johns
  9. tontotom

    Technology and Animal Quality

    Interesting topic for sure. It's strange that habitat hasn't been mentioned. Up to 70% of the wells in the Springerville have gone dry due to lack of surface recharge. No water no animals. Urban sprawl is taking a lot of habitat at the same time. We clear land for housing and then bitch when more people show up and apply for tags. Interesting-
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    Hyperthem Powermax 45 Plasma Cutter

    PM sent.
  11. tontotom

    2A,2B,2C Hunt

    The deer herd up here took a major hit this last winter. No moisture fell in any quantity from November-June. Water dried up that has been steady for decades. Fawn survival will be minimal and deer health was poor until July when the spotty rains started. If this tag was drawn by mistake turn it back. That's my take. Few places in the unit have deer in any number like is mentioned above. To say you don't want "honey holes" is silly, any place that's holding deer is a honey hole. You will encounter a lot of locked gates and little chance to gain access. We could talk about the various reasons but most are due to previous conflicts between land owners and hunters leaving gates open, driving ATV's off road and a sense of entitlement by both sides. To think you might solve these issues in the next 6 weeks would be naive. If you do come I'd like you to consider this one thing, without the ranches pumping water for cattle the deer, elk and antelope numbers would be 10% of what they are now.
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    I didn't find it edible. We tried and ended up giving a bunch away to people who wanted to try it out. No one that tried it liked it. Really strong goat smell and flavor.
  13. tontotom

    No tag soup for me!

    Congratulations, great buck and story.
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    I've smoked on a Masterbuilt for a long time and I love it. I also have a big propane one that we use for bigger gatherings. However, if you want the best there is buy a Traeger. My brother has one and his stuff is off the chart. I highly recommend pellet and the Traeger is hard to beat.
  15. The Portal area is really cool. Small cabins to rent and the mountains all around. A lot of the residents are star gazers and stay up and look through huge telescopes. Quail hunting at that time also. Huge history in the area as well. Cave Creek is beyond beautiful, Sedona without the people.
  16. tontotom

    Big Tom Bobcat

    Nice to see you calling in this heat. Good to hear the fur is good. Nice cat and fox, congratulations.
  17. tontotom

    WTB 7mm-08

    3Coues3, I'd be interested in the youth lefty. Give me more details-
  18. tontotom

    ***Custom and Factory rifles for sale*updates 7/3/16***

    Interested in the 300 wsm, Where are you located? PM me with contact information.
  19. How long did it take to get the stamp? I'm waiting on two right now.
  20. tontotom

    Eberlestock X1A1 Backpack

    I'm interested, PM me your contact information please.
  21. tontotom

    AR purchase help

    I hunt coyotes and other stuff I call in with my Rock River AR-15. My preference is the 16" regular barrel. It balances the rifle just right for me. Handle a bull barrel before buying, every one I've used was front heavy and didn't balance well for me. I started out with a 20" upper and sold it to get the 16". I have two and both are very accurate with military ammo. I use 55 grain FMJ for plinking and 55 grain Vmax for varmits.
  22. I might not be able to get to New Mexico for the Barbary Sheep hunt this year. I have a non-resident public land tag for the multi-unit tag (not 30). Can I donate it?
  23. tontotom

    Dumb Newbie Scope Question

    Whatever feels most comfortable. There are some advantages to keeping both eyes open but I've never been able to master that.
  24. tontotom

    "The Draw" and a new topic....

    I knocked a bull over last year just before dark. I shot it in a big meadow next to the road and the dang thing died 20' from the road. I tagged him and was elbow deep in guts when the young game warden drove up. He was nice and did the chit chat while looking at the tag and writing the information down. He then asked to see my license...I gave him that "WTF" look and didn't say anything for 30 seconds and then told him to hang around for 10 minutes when I would be glad to pull the license out of my pant pocket. I keep it in a money clip in my front pocket and told him he could fish for it if he wanted otherwise he'd have to wait and help load the bull. He was nice and said there was a report of some guys spotlighting in the area so he'd have to go. I've had some bad encounters in the past but this guy was way good. We get checked every time we draw unit 1 elk.
  25. tontotom

    unit 27

    Do yourself a favor and look at the Apache Forest website and the closed area maps. They have the forest closed almost to Clifton. Sad that so much is off limits but alas, big brother knows best......OK pisses me off but like Bill said above, the fine is heafty for the disobedient.