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  1. bobbyo

    Wounding bulls

    Dang I thought this topic was the best ways to wound bulls! I wanted to give my top ten methods. Kind of a of a catch and release for big game animals.
  2. bobbyo

    Anybody use call/rattle for rutting mule deer?

    I have rattled in non mature bucks. Satalites and bucks who thought they were the herd buck, but never the main dude. I say why not try. Stalking in thick junis is too tough for me. I would suggest trying too get with in 125 yards and sit in a concealed spot that has shooting lanes and sit and wait. When they are truly rutting the buck will be moving randomly around herding his gals and will sometimes move with in range. Most of the time you will not get a shot or will be so excited when you get one you will miss,but if bow hunting was easy rifle hunters would do it.
  3. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Your right old story. Got 6 pages in THE CAMPFIRE. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/75372-loren-mcreynolds-goes-down/page-3. Interesting quote from 777 himself: I think you guys don't get how this whole thing works. Until he's convicted he can guide, hunt, fish, trap or whatever he pleases. Once he's convicted then comes the punishment. It's not punishment and then conviction as much as most people want since they read about it online. He may be the worst poacher in the universe but geeze people don't hang the guy yet. For all we know everything is "suspected" and he could still get off even if he truly did it. And I'm talking in a general sense here not just this case. I've seen people already saying need to take everything he owns away and kick him to the streets, never let him set foot in the forest again etc. Why doesn't everyone just wait for the conviction and then argue what punishment you'd like the dish out. Before anyone says I'm defending him I'm not. He's a shady dude for sure. But let the process work how it's supposed to before we light our torches and grab the pitchforks. Gonna be some mighty disappointed people if this dude manages to sneak out of all this without any punishment. Crazier things have happened. What great advice.
  4. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Your right! I was wrong.Got confused between the criminal and civil restitution. All apologies to AZ legislature. Wonder if this guy will get a 56 pager https://lakepowellchronicle.com/article/flagstaff-man-nabbed-on-allegations-of-poaching-several-trophy-deer
  5. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Thank you so much for your response. It illustrates my thesis in a way i could not communicate myself, Douche? Despicable? What's next? " A DEPLORABLE"! Zeke had a great response.. Had an Opinion supported an opinion left it at that. You had a good opinion but then resort to personal attacks because my opinion does not conform to what you want to read. So the reason I'm here is just for you M.M. You can get your angst out on me bro. Go for it. Further I would like to state that I am not the only one that thinks that the dumb cowboys actions is not that serious to warrant this scrutiny. The State of Arizona doesn't. He is charged with a misdemeanor! If convicted he will likely get community service, probation and a fine. The fine will be much less than a trophy fee or guide fee for a rack like that. Likely his worst charge is the contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The only poachers that do time are the ones that shoot hundreds of animals or deal in endangered species. So M.M. maybe we can find common ground and call our legislature douche's for not valuing our wildlife.
  6. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Really don't think the misdemeanor crime is worth 50++ pages. Would he get this much attention if it was a doe,a spike or a javie? It is all about the antlers and jealousy because he wrote his poaching up in effen Eastman's. Really see a hypocrisy in values here. The collective OUTRAGE feels tainted by the big antlers everyone covets. The social media validation Bonecollector666 sought is the same validation that the outraged hunter is seeking in their group commendation.
  7. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Oh my god! Thank you CW community for wasting 2 hours of my life. ( I move my lips when I read.) I wonder why I ever stopped viewing CW? I have been in some epic forum wars in the good ole days, but never one close to 50 pages! Some Heber redneck slightly bends the rules on a decent buck and members get their panty's in a bunch--- to the tune of 50 pages? Please excuse that last misogynistic statement. The numerous references of "You are gossiping like women." really tickles me. What woman would go on ad nauseum for 50 pages over some stupid deer that was shot slightly out of season by a guy that has BONECOLLECTOR as part of his handle. Really? Bob Think it would be bad a$$ if BC777 changed his name to Bonecollector666
  8. Check these out! http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-two-Swarovski-Binocular-Adapters-/252808874228?hash=item3adc9548f4:g:J60AAOSwSlBYxIc1 http://www.ebay.com/itm/swarovski-Laser-Guide-8x30/252808849394 http://www.ebay.com/itm/LEFT-HANDED-PSE-Archery-Bow-Madness-Compound-Bow-29-70-/252808820749?hash=item3adc94780d:g:arEAAOSwSlBYxH~q http://www.ebay.com/itm/Outdoorsman-Dual-Mount/252808863503 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Crooked-Horn-Backpack/252812280340 http://www.ebay.com/itm/S4-Gear-Lock-Down-Optics-Deployment-System/252812291138
  9. bobbyo

    3 months of watching Coues

    well it seems like when you wait all day you miss?
  10. bobbyo


    Hopefully, you fixed your group. I have the same brand of rifle and had serious grouping issues. Missed a lot of trophy animals. I did not cure the problem until I switched to nosler sabots. The difference was amazing. Some black powered nuts think that the sabot itself is a bit skinner than the other brands. Sure loads easier. I suspect nosler does not make them themselves, but could never figure out who manufactured the sabots for nosler. I use 100 grain 777 loose. 230 grain hornaday 44 in the nosler sabot. I use the regular hornaday with hollow tip not the sst. Strangely the SST did not group as well. Bob.
  11. bobbyo

    Our Bighorn Sheep Slaughter Made Fox News

    I think i hear wedding bells. You just can't quit each other.
  12. Since I am such a great hunter I tagged a deer on January, 2nd of 2013. Because I was in the penalty box for the entire year I completely forgot to put in for Bighorn last summer. I knew I would lose my loyalty point and was bummed. We all know how important that loyalty point is on the bighorn draw. Well my depression has grown tremendously. I checked my species bonus points today (Let me dream!) and it seems my Bighorn bonus points have been zeroed out across the board. It looks like I actually drew a tag, but somehow didn't know about it or even pay for it. My postman is a bit shady. I would always get my Bowhunter magazine a little late with peculiar stains on the Mathew's Bow ads. Yet, I can't believe that even this postman is so heartless as to steal a man's Bighorn tag that he never applied for. So this leads me to query the community about the fate of my missing bonus points. Do you forfeit your bonus points for missing a single draw??? Thanks for your help, Bob
  13. bobbyo

    knocked out a monster with an arrow

    catch and release hunting. dont give G+F any ideas.
  14. bobbyo

    My first archery buck no good

    Get all the kids that are playing in the neighborhood to search for your deer offer a $20 dollar reward........................ Sorry forgot kids don't play in the neighborhood anymore.
  15. bobbyo


    I am confused also. The way I interrpret it. I think building a salt lick for deer would also be illegal: "ingestible material that has been deposited, scattered, piled, or delivered by a passive or active feeder or feed delivery system so as to constitute an attractant, lure or enticement to wildlife and to influence the movement of these animals for the purpose of harvest by hunters." The salt that is legal would be for cattle operations only. If you hunt an area with no cows and have a salt lick would it be legal to place salt? I would like clarification on this from G+F.