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  1. bobbyo

    Savage .243

    Gun is sold!
  2. bobbyo

    Savage .243

    I will not be there until after Memorial day. If it is still available. I will let you know
  3. bobbyo

    Savage .243

    Selling a Savage .243 110. About 20 years old. Used for Youth gun for kids. Great starter rifle. Very accurate gun. Good condition but few scuffs from Arizona hunting. Asking $275 or trade for pistol. In Tucson.
  4. bobbyo

    Opening morning 10mm pigolina

    Congrats. Way to get it done.
  5. bobbyo

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    Yes, you should! Welcome to the club. We might elect you to the board because that is an excellent "Wounded Trophy Deer". Hope he was nice and incapacitated otherwise we may have to rescind your invitation.
  6. bobbyo

    Cool buck...

    That is a beauty! Still looks youngish. Was he doing any sexy time behavior?
  7. bobbyo

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    When I pay a guide I hope he finds me a wounded buck that is slowed down enough so my fat butt can get to 20 yards, so I can take an ethical shot with in my range. Then my guide can cogratulate me as a guy who really "earned" it. Then I can take it to the Taxi and get a life-sized for my den and in the evenings I can drink a single malt and proudly look at my rack and think what a great hunter I am for only taking ethical shots at wounded trophy deer and think about that poor slob hunter and what a $hitty shot he is and how he probably never misses a forky. I tell you what you got to have nerves of steel to call yourself a wounded trophy deer hunter......
  8. bobbyo

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    Congrats on deer. Great footage.
  9. bobbyo

    My power line buck

    Did the 5G kill the poor fellar?
  10. bobbyo

    Over the counter tags

    And guess what? The Deer slaughter in Unit 1 is Draw only. So save the deer and keep the archery tag over the counter
  11. bobbyo

    Over the counter tags

    Mary Jane is legal for a month and people are already out of their minds. Turn the OTC tags to a draw. Ban non residents??WTF. Do any of you Az resident ever hunt other states?
  12. bobbyo

    My 13A Muley

    Well that is sweet!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!
  13. bobbyo

    Wounding bulls

    Dang I thought this topic was the best ways to wound bulls! I wanted to give my top ten methods. Kind of a of a catch and release for big game animals.
  14. bobbyo

    Anybody use call/rattle for rutting mule deer?

    I have rattled in non mature bucks. Satalites and bucks who thought they were the herd buck, but never the main dude. I say why not try. Stalking in thick junis is too tough for me. I would suggest trying too get with in 125 yards and sit in a concealed spot that has shooting lanes and sit and wait. When they are truly rutting the buck will be moving randomly around herding his gals and will sometimes move with in range. Most of the time you will not get a shot or will be so excited when you get one you will miss,but if bow hunting was easy rifle hunters would do it.
  15. bobbyo

    Does everyone have their popcorn ready??

    Your right old story. Got 6 pages in THE CAMPFIRE. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/75372-loren-mcreynolds-goes-down/page-3. Interesting quote from 777 himself: I think you guys don't get how this whole thing works. Until he's convicted he can guide, hunt, fish, trap or whatever he pleases. Once he's convicted then comes the punishment. It's not punishment and then conviction as much as most people want since they read about it online. He may be the worst poacher in the universe but geeze people don't hang the guy yet. For all we know everything is "suspected" and he could still get off even if he truly did it. And I'm talking in a general sense here not just this case. I've seen people already saying need to take everything he owns away and kick him to the streets, never let him set foot in the forest again etc. Why doesn't everyone just wait for the conviction and then argue what punishment you'd like the dish out. Before anyone says I'm defending him I'm not. He's a shady dude for sure. But let the process work how it's supposed to before we light our torches and grab the pitchforks. Gonna be some mighty disappointed people if this dude manages to sneak out of all this without any punishment. Crazier things have happened. What great advice.