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  1. AZHunter1

    Smith & Wesson .44 mag

    How much are you wanting for the bearcat?
  2. AZHunter1

    Wifes 1st coues

    Awesome buck.
  3. AZHunter1

    Opening day success

    Thanks Will
  4. AZHunter1

    Opening day success

    About 15 years ago we had a hunt that rained all weekend and the windows of the jeep just got covered in mud so I started carrying the bug/water only sprayer to clean windows. Now its cleans everything hand, face, wet your shirt when its hot, or even clean off your game that you take. I get asked that a lot lol. I've seen more and more people doing it now.
  5. AZHunter1

    Daughters first desert muley

    Very nice. Congratulations
  6. AZHunter1

    Biggest draw tag buck killed this year?

    Very awesome buck.
  7. AZHunter1

    Wife tagged out opening day

    Nice buck. Congratulations.
  8. AZHunter1

    37b Muleys

    Yes a lot
  9. AZHunter1

    Opening day success

    Opening day I was able to tag out by 8:00 on this deer I had been seeing on my cameras since August. He was a very heavy bodied buck. I was luck to have a Buddy watching in the glass to give me a hand down off the hill.
  10. AZHunter1


    Looks like you had a good time.
  11. AZHunter1

    Coues in the Oaks

    Nice video.
  12. AZHunter1

    Need a Good Gunsmith

    Turned out really nice.
  13. AZHunter1

    UT general hunt

    Nice 2x4
  14. AZHunter1

    Big Buck Down

    Wow really nice buck congratulations.