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  1. AZHunter1

    2020 Antelope Hunt

    Good job congrats
  2. AZHunter1

    Check the color on these 2 bucks

    Very cool videos! Good luck keep us posted on your hunts.
  3. AZHunter1

    Remington 700 ADL 243

    .243 or .308?
  4. AZHunter1

    Short Cow Bison Hunt!!

    Wow sounds like you had them on a line to come right to you. Awesome way to finish a could be tough hunt! Congrats
  5. AZHunter1

    Hail Mary Elk Hunt

    Very cool good job!
  6. AZHunter1

    Thank you

    Nice ram.
  7. AZHunter1

    Vortex Vulture HD 15x56 -SOLD-

    I just forwarded this to a friend. Good price
  8. AZHunter1

    Here we go again, another call from AZGFD.

    Hey what's your phone number so I can forward your calls to my phone? LOL
  9. AZHunter1

    Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14x40 & scope rings

    I'll take it if it got BDC he doesn't I can be there in a few minutes I'm in CG
  10. AZHunter1

    First Antelope, hopefully not the last

    Good job nice goat, I'm hoping to be on deck next year for a tag I'm at 24 points now.
  11. AZHunter1

    A sad dry summer

    I don't have any water trailers I have 2 55 gallon drums but that's not much.
  12. AZHunter1

    A sad dry summer

    Was that south of Arizona city? I went down and helped out on that one. I was out of town when they did the one over at Newman mountain.
  13. AZHunter1

    A sad dry summer

    I did it for several year in early 2000s get in contact with the unit manager and work it out with them. They will want to know where you get your water from to make sure its clean without contaminates. I need to find a couple water tanks and get keys to some gates again.
  14. AZHunter1

    A sad dry summer

    Just heard that a desert ram that was collared out in unit 37A has died of dehydration. According to G&F they have had 5 fatalities this year due to dehydration. I guess its time to start hauling water out there again.
  15. AZHunter1

    Javelina help!!

    Check the Az game and fish website under "where to hunt" and find your hunt units, it will give you a good starting point. I've never hunted those units so I can't really give any input.