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  1. AZHunter1

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Get pictures of there plates, and report it to G&F maaayyybbbbeee they might come out and check it out.
  2. AZHunter1

    Already over!!!!!!!

    Very nice Buck
  3. AZHunter1

    Iso Solar

    I wouldn't have them mounted to your roof. A guy i work with has about a 6ft hole in his ceiling from rain damage that solar topps screwed up on their installation. Now he is having to fight with them to get them to fix it.
  4. AZHunter1

    Stolen Rifle

    One of the rifles on FB was being called a long range rifle. Worth the check!
  5. AZHunter1

    1983 CJ7 Jeep Laredo

    What engine and transmission? Do you know the gear ratio? How is the inside, any rust?
  6. AZHunter1

    Vortex and weaver scopes for sale in Phoenix

    What reticle is in the Weaver Duplex?
  7. AZHunter1

    Jeep wheels and tires 33’s - SOLD

    Dang good deal I have 33x10.5 bfg mt on my jeep and love them.
  8. AZHunter1

    270 Win. Shells for sale

    Dang those are cheap compared to .30-30 rounds lol That was a fair deal.
  9. AZHunter1

    2021 4b az archery elk

    Good job, hope your wife can pull it off.
  10. Wow...Guess I'm a loser! Me and my now 18 year old Marine son have been glassing deer and pigs for years out a 1 1/2 miles with my minox 15x58s and his vortex vultures 15x56. He spent a day with Dewayne Adams glassing and id bet he can sit there and find deer with alot of guys all day long. He glassed a mulies ear and right horn at about 1200yards in the shade. Buy what you can afford. Its kind of like what is the best truck or jeep to buy! I carry 10x42 when I'm walking and glass long range with the 15s. Good luck I'll get a beating now!
  11. AZHunter1

    Spring Draw

    For a little bit longer then it will be all out WOLVORINES!
  12. AZHunter1

    AZ 4B rifle antelope success

    Awesome job guys, congratulations
  13. AZHunter1

    Unit 6a rifle antelope tag holder !

    Its in the regulations!
  14. AZHunter1


    Wow...looks like it has 90,000 mile a rebuilt title and a 4.0 or some might call it a 242cuin motor. The transmission doesn't say auto or manual. For $6000 that is a pretty good buy. Maybe ask what gear ratio would be a good question.
  15. AZHunter1

    Woods Canyon Lake

    They go up there to dump their trash and act like buttholes!