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  1. AZHunter1

    Duwane's Hunter Killed a Monster

    Glad the Buck didn't become yote bait. But like I told a guide for being pissed at me because I was on a herd of elk for well over a hour before he and his hunter busted them...welcome to public lands dude. Not trying to be a arse but it is true!
  2. AZHunter1

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

    Its a decoy he doesn't really have anything lol
  3. Sadly the only Justice we might have now is....Just us !
  4. Suck it dude...My 17 year old son leaves for the USMC on the 25th of January! Get your butt up and do something for the nation!
  5. Redman, are you really a communist/socialist POS? You must not have any respect for our fore fathers and the blood they gave to make this nation what it was. Trump has had the best economy ever has created more jobs and brought jobs back to this country than any other President! And more jobs for the blacks and Hispanics than even that last administration did and He was supposedly "The 1st black President" did.
  6. AZHunter1

    San Carlos Desert Sheep Hunt 2020

    Very nice Ram. Lots of mass! Congrats
  7. AZHunter1

    Late October bucks!

    Very nice!
  8. AZHunter1

    WTB 243 100g

    Sadly a lot of others are too.
  9. AZHunter1


    Lots of mass on him, he's awesome congratulations!
  10. AZHunter1


    Very cool! I always carry a lion tag too, Did you try the meat yet? Its pretty good.
  11. AZHunter1

    Vortex Diamondback 12x50

    Dang good buy!
  12. AZHunter1

    Nephew’s First Buck

    Very nice buck!
  13. AZHunter1

    Couse Success!

    Nice buck, you guys did good!
  14. AZHunter1

    Tagged Out...

    Very nice buck! Congrats