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  1. Steve O

    Big Game Super Raffle changes

    Well, I can’t afford three trips to AZ but thankfully I will be on vacation there to buy some deer and lion tickets. Sure seems like that will cut into the money raised by keeping us out of staters out of it. Yet one more advantage to being an AZ resident I guess. Do not understand breaking the ticket sales up into 3 separate periods at all.
  2. Steve O

    .300 win mag for Coues

    There are not many situations when a 300 Win is a bad answer. That bullet is a good choice.
  3. Yes, this is correct. 120g is a little bit tighter than the 140g in the 7mm
  4. Steve O

    Super Raffle

    Everywhere I can.
  5. Steve O

    FS/FT Barnes 6.5mm LRX 127 grain

    Trade would be ideal.
  6. Steve O

    FS/FT Barnes 6.5mm LRX 127 grain

    I have an unopened box of 156 EOL Bergers.
  7. Thank you. No hits here but my portal was updated Sunday.
  8. Steve O

    Any VX-6 scopes for sale?

    I have a like new VX-6 3-18x44 Duplex Firedot I was going to put up on EBay today. Glass is perfect, scope is like new. CDS coupon and Alumina Caps included.
  9. Steve O

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    Well, I’m not sure how it happened but when I went into my account in the portal last night, there was tag 000002 for 35A sitting there. My credit cards was charged yesterday as well...no pending charges since Friday’s draw. I am beyond pleased to be able to finally hunt a Gould’s. Best news I’ve had all year!
  10. Steve O

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    Well, I assume I will be the top turkey point holder in the system now with #30 gained Friday. Sure wish they could take ONE hunt to 20 tags to allow ONE non resident bonus psd tag. Sure would like to hunt one of those unique birds.
  11. Steve O

    2021 Goulds Tag or NOT!

    I was able to secure my 30th point. No luck non resident. Good luck to you.
  12. Steve O

    FS: Jim White 2.0 Head

  13. Steve O

    leica duovids @15x vs. geovids 15x56R

    Duovids are fantastic. There is 26’ difference in FOV at 1000 yards between SLC 15 amd Duovid at 15. That’s 13 FEET at 1000 YARDS on each side of your extreme edge of fov. Nobody is going to see that difference.
  14. Steve O

    FS: Jim White 2.0 Head

    Brand new and includes 2 JW 2.0 plates. $240 tyd
  15. Steve O

    Pierce titanium 6.5x47 sold

    That is a heck of a rifle and a heck of a buck.