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  1. Steve O

    FS: Jim White 2.0 Head

  2. Steve O

    leica duovids @15x vs. geovids 15x56R

    Duovids are fantastic. There is 26’ difference in FOV at 1000 yards between SLC 15 amd Duovid at 15. That’s 13 FEET at 1000 YARDS on each side of your extreme edge of fov. Nobody is going to see that difference.
  3. Steve O

    FS: Jim White 2.0 Head

    Brand new and includes 2 JW 2.0 plates. $240 tyd
  4. Steve O

    Pierce titanium 6.5x47 sold

    That is a heck of a rifle and a heck of a buck.
  5. Steve O

    Colorado Mule Deer options

    YB, if I had your points I would use them this year. I’m in limbo with 14 so I think I’m going to end up waiting till I have 20 but I think the bucks are going to take a HUGE hit with this new season structure.
  6. Steve O


    That’s the way to do it! Congratulations.
  7. Steve O

    Easton 4mm FMJ 280 spline arrows

    Are there a dozen and how long are they?
  8. Steve O

    Goulds tags!

    Looks like I drew point 28. That’s depressing.
  9. Steve O

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    I am so frustrated. I have been in the draw from day one. I understand I am a NR, but come on, I have 27 points. I made one mistake and missed a deadline while on another hunt. There are 4 residents and 2 non residents that have more points than me. How can I NOT draw a Gould’s tag?!? This will be like drawing a desert sheep tag for me 🙂 2020 has to be my year.
  10. Steve O

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    That disgusting POS did not kill himself. He was on “suicide watch”. He was in a solitary padded cell with NOTHING available to commit suicide. There was video surveillance and guards 24/7 that had to check on him every 15 minutes. It’s the first time in history there was a suicide there, the first time in history the guards did not follow procedures, and amazingly enough the video system had a “glitch” during the “suicides”. The Clintons are the most corrupt scum on this earth and they will do anything to stay above the law. He commited “Clintonside”. Usually they shoot themselves twice in the back of the head, but that would not work in this case.
  11. Steve O

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    Yeah sorry for the typo...auctioned. I make it a point to watch the super raffle drawing live stream; that guy was not as excited as I would have been. I would definitely hunt on my own for the last 10 days of September and into October and then if necessary hire a guide for one of the big velvet bulls the following summer.
  12. Steve O

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    Where are the auction tags raffled? National RMEF and ???
  13. Steve O

    Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44

  14. Steve O

    Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44

    LNIB. Glass is perfect. Unregistered. This is the standard plex reticle, no ballistic turret. $900 TYD Text EightOneZero 287-4177 for any pics or questions.
  15. Steve O

    Regs are out

    I may have missed it but I did not see the early early rifle season in one of the premier units that was rotating around?