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    Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44

  2. Steve O

    Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44

    LNIB. Glass is perfect. Unregistered. This is the standard plex reticle, no ballistic turret. $900 TYD Text EightOneZero 287-4177 for any pics or questions.
  3. Steve O

    Regs are out

    I may have missed it but I did not see the early early rifle season in one of the premier units that was rotating around?
  4. Steve O

    Hitting cards already

    I finally got my Goulds tag, Steve! And, if its any kind of consolation, I've got the annual deck of cards for the Governor's Tag Raffle, or I'll have them shortly, at least! I really want to see you win that! Im in for the cards, let me know. Im looking forward to the story and photos from your hunt. Good luck!
  5. Steve O

    Hitting cards already

    I swear. 23 points for turkey and nothing showing on my card. I missed one application 10 years ago and Im still paying for it. Hopefully the max point pool finally drops down to my level. I cant afford to go to Mexico for my Goulds.
  6. Steve O

    45/70 brass

    Ill take those. Please PM how you would like payment.
  7. Steve O

    AZ Commissioners Special Turkey Tag

    125--I'd like to buy a ticket. I went to your link and can't find any info on buying a ticket.
  8. Steve O

    Super raffle

    The results came in an email to me. They typically post it on the website. I watched the live feed, the committee made it very entertaining. They actually called a guy who was watching when they drew his name. He was pretty happy. I was surprised as half the folks called seemed clueless about how GREAT of a "prize" they had won. Not one poor slob east of the Mississippi was drawn... The dude from Oregon with the elk tag was my favorite. He like a few of the other winners was out fishing when he got the call. HE realized what he had; and he said every time he got an email from them he would just send in another $100 :-)
  9. Steve O

    Draw progress

    What assumptions? Everything's pretty straightforward on the portals. Just waiting for results Assumptions if you drew choice #1 or choice #2. I had to do a paper app so am anxious as all get out for the portal to be updated.
  10. Steve O

    Draw progress

    I talked with AZGFD yesterday about my portal. They made it sound like all the assumptions will be put to rest at some point next week.
  11. Steve O

    3/17 CC Hits?

    I'm jealous of all of you that KNOW...I had to do a paper app so the unknown is gnawing at me. Come on portal!
  12. Steve O

    NWTF Governor's Turkey Tag Raffle

    IA--sent you an email.
  13. Steve O

    NWTF Governor's Turkey Tag Raffle

    IA-I'd like two please.
  14. Steve O

    Max Turkey Points?

    I don't understand what is so funny?
  15. Steve O

    Max Turkey Points?

    Well, I normally donate for the optics and a few of the super tags every year. I don't think they are rigged and I'm certainly not going to win if I don't buy a ticket... IA--I will definitely be contacting you for a few cards. I'm really looking forward to putting my hands on one of those big white tipped tail feathered gobblers. Who knows, my AZ Merriams led me to an elk hunting spot that produced a really nice longbow bull for me. Maybe the Goulds will point me somewhere I can use my 10 deer points to kill a big Coues buck?