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  1. Rombo

    Guess the Lion weight!

  2. Rombo

    Archery Bull

    Here is a photo of my buddies bull from up north this past Thursday....Tough hunt! Hot! Passed 18 bulls and then shot this bull on water at 27 yards!
  3. Rombo

    2010 archery elk pic

    heck of a bull!!! 7W or 8???? Congrats on the bull of a lifetime!
  4. Rombo


    Great unit! Skunk, Dehorn, Deadman are all nice names!!
  5. Rombo

    Gila Unit 16B

    Black Mountain can be your friend. Don't overlook Willow Creek as well. Hope you have horses!! If not, look at FS 150 near Meown
  6. Rombo

    Guess the Score Contest!

    119 3/8"
  7. Your 18B tag is a good one....We have taken some very nice bucks out of the unit with our best being 87 4/8" B&C. Be patient and don't forget to look in the trees!! Here is a photo of the big boy. He was 17 1/2" long and had great cutters! Good luck and enjoy a great tag!
  8. Rombo

    Sportman's ID

    Call G&F customer service and request a sportsman's ID #. You will still have to provide your social security number to the dept, even though you will use an assigned number for your ID#, to comply with federal laws. Takes about five minutes over the phone to obtain the number.
  9. Rombo

    Finally They're UP

    For all you bored individuals watching this post, I just posted a nice photo in the 100" gallery to keep you motivated!! Enjoy and good luck!!
  10. Rombo

    The 2009 100" post

    11/10/2009 107 6/8" Great Sunset as well!!
  11. Rombo

    Finally They're UP

    Hey Doofusses.....Those are Javelina permits
  12. Rombo

    Finally They're UP

    52 lurkers and climbing
  13. Rombo

    The 2009 100" post

    January 2009 100 2/8" P&Y
  14. Rombo

    Its got me worried

    4% interest on 2.4 million is only $8,000/month, so I don't think interest is a big motivator. March 26th 2:28 PM
  15. Rombo

    My First Giant Coues Buck!!!

    Heck of a buck Scott!!!! Long time no see! Country looks familiar! Keep up the good work! Rombo
  16. Here is a photo of a fourteen year old hunter and his first Arizona Antelope from this past weekend. The buck is 16 1/4" on both sides and greens right at 83". Must be nice to draw a rifle antelope tag at 14! Kids are the future of hunting and I love to see their smiles after a successful adventure.
  17. A friend of mine emailed me this photo of a bull taken in Washington state last week with a bow. He thinks this bull scores 350". I think differently. Let me know what you think!!!!! Heck of a bull from where? Washington??
  18. Rombo

    AZ Giant 128 4/8

    Brian, Stud of a buck! Dr D sends congrats as well!!! His best is much smaller! RMD
  19. Rombo

    Opening Morning Goat

    Looks like a certain buck from 19 Bravo!!!
  20. Rombo

    Not a Drill!

    11:31 Not yet!!!!!!!
  21. Rombo

    Looking for a new ML scope

    Leupold has a great new scope for muzzleloaders (match mil dots to the actual loads) I believe it is called the ultimate slam