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  1. TTT great minimalist shelter for a pack in trip or handy to stash under the seat if a vehicle or boat just in case. Got it as a gift but I already have a Kelty Noah’s Tarp.
  2. In have some T3 high Warne 1” rings for a Tikka you can have, they work great for a 50mm bell. PM me if you want them. Also have a T3 DNZ 1” high set up, would sell for $20, worked with a 50mm bell. I switched to 30mm scopes on both my Tikkas, hence the leftovers...might have a 0moa EGW rail for a T3 laying around too.
  3. Siwash

    WTB 5-6HP 4 Stroke

    Looking for a short shaft 4stroke 5-6hp outboard: yamaha, tohatsu, suzuki, etc. Figured I would give this a shot before I tried purchasing online. Thanks for looking.
  4. SOLD Up for sale is a CZ 452 2E chambered in .22LR. Mannlicher stock. 2nd owner, total round count is less than 600. No major dings on stock or scratches on barrel/receiver. Comes with one 5 rnd magazine, Millet rings and a USA made Weaver Marksman 4x32 scope. They do not make this model anymore. Rife has spent most of its life in the safe but it is extremely accurate when it does get shot. $450 firm. Rifle is in Tucson but I will be in downtown PHX Saturday AM and then headed up to Payson that afternoon. Thanks for looking. SOLD
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    CZ 452 .22LR Mannlicher SOLD

    The only thing I need is a 5 or 6hp short shaft 4 stroke outboard, but feel free to PM me a trade offer.
  6. Siwash

    tuna time-easy limits.

    fished 1.5 day on the Producer out of HM this past weekend. BFT limits at 120 miles west of Point Loma. no rats but no cows, jackpot was a little over 50# most fish in the 20s with a few 40+. 80% fish were fly lined a handful on flat falls. blue shark worked the open bite for 90 minutes but didn't poach any fish. the boat has a trip scheduled for this weekend, its a solid boat with comfy bunks a good cook and friendly deckhands. Go get some. PM if you want any info on the boat or this type of trip. https://www.hmlanding.com/trip-calendar
  7. for sale or trade in Tucson: 1. Kuiu XL Bino Harness in Major Brown, tested at home never in the field, pretty much new: https://www.kuiu.com/shop/mountain-gear/bino-harness/bino-harness/80010-MB-XL.html $65 shipped would trade for two pounds of H4350 or R22. 2. DNZ Tikka 1" High combo mount/rings, worked for a 50mm bell on my T3, mounted/range use only, never took it hunting. https://www.dnzproducts.com/product/game-reaper-tikka/ $30 shipped or would trade for a quality set of low picatinny or weaver mount style 1" rings. Will post real pics later, thanks for looking.
  8. Bino Harness SPF, pics of the DNZ attached.
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    Bump. These are way cheaper than a boat or canoe and much easier to store and transport. Trades for hunting/saltwater fishing or firearms considered.
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    TTT for some new pics.
  16. For sale or trade in Tucson: 1. Badlands Inferno Realtra Xtra Jacket, Size Large. Worn for one weekend on a youth turkey hunt, as new no stains/tears, etc. $35 2. Tikka T3 Stuff -EGW 0 MOA Rail. Never hunted with but was mounted, did dremel off the last section as it prelcuded the objective of the scope I had on the rifle from clearing. $15 -Warne Maxima 1" Permanent Ring Mounts, High. hunted with for a few years but in good shape. $15. -Free if you buy both of the above: Limbsaver T3 recoil pad. Used and it shows but not tacky/flaky and way better than the factory ones. 3. FREE: euro skull mount. You can have everything listed for $60. Would trade for IMR 4831, H4350, R22 or 9mm ammo. Thanks for looking.
  17. Siwash

    Warne rings?

    ^^^what he said. They can be somewhat challenging to mount in comparison to other styles, but once you have your scope leveled torque to specs and they are pretty much bombproof.
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    Ear Muffs

    not muffs or electronic but had these on at the range the last few trips and been pleased with the performance: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/187765/otis-earshield-ear-plugs-nrr-31-db
  19. thanks, good to know my memory still works too.
  20. Can anyone provide the suggested OACL for the following calibers/bullets? I switched computers and lost the darn e-book I had of the 10th edition of the Hornady manual. 143gr ELD-X in 6.5x284 If memory serves it was 2.875" or something... 178gr ELD-X in .300 WSM, again wanna say it was shorter than most factory loads...2830" or so. Thanks if anyone can help...I'm using H4350 for the 6.5x284 and will probably use that or R22 for the .300WSM.
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    Loading Barnes Bullets?

    they are harder to see if you shoot steel I havent not noticed any difference in loading them versus any other type of bullet. And they do shoot well and perform great on big game
  22. For sale or trade in Tucson, will post pics later 1. I have some 3-4x fired Norma .300 WSM brass, approximately 80 pieces, Brass was treated right and never hot rodded with heavy charges...just got a new barrel and starting over with new brass. Brass needs to be deprimed, etc. necks seems fine/no stress cracks...should be good for several more reloads. 2. Approx 50 pieces of once fired Federal nickel plated .300WM brass, it has been resized/deprimed and tumbled. Would trade for a sealed pound H4831SC, Reloader 22 or26 or H4350. Would also trade for 100 count .30cal/.308 150 grain Barnes TSX or ELDX bullets in 6.5 or .30 178gr+ I'd sell the brass for $35. Thanks for looking.
  23. I put a B&C Alaskan on a 700 in .270, nice stock, but there was a lot of contact with the barrel channel on the factory sporter barrel that required inletting. And then finally I had to bed the action because accuracy was questionable at best...just my experience but it was far from drop in and shoot. I like it a lot now though...but that extra work may or may not be worth the money I could have to put into a more expensive stock