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    Lets see, i love to hunt, fish, hike, scout, really anything involving outdoors, i love my wife and daughter and oh another on the way!. i love to hunt!!!! i like jack, coors, and cope straight. snowboarding, wakeboarding.
  1. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    the rains help put the fire into smoldering mode. about 770 acres with 450 FF on scene. if its rains tonight lots of resources going to be released. i wouldnt worry too much about winds heading south. might be bad for the east and west heads but seems like the north head is biggest and a north wind would slow it down. just an outside observation though havent actually seen much of the fire but my dad lives up in east verde estates and as fast as that thing is moving i would think they would be on alert but again im not actually there.
  2. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    Thanks Mike, I know that country and they have to be dipping from a tank and tenders There is not a water source even close to where they are going. Thanks for your experienced input. I have been following your post on WLF also. I agree with three, thats what I am counting. 2 small and the new larger one. sorry not mike, hes a good guy though..lol i just didnt know how many guys were checkin WLF so i was pasteing what mike wrote for the most part. some stuff is from me, i am a wildland firefighter, and have been listening to gila county scanner. ill try and answer any questions i can.
  3. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    they set up a swimming pool looking deal then fill em from the water tenders, then fill up the bladders. also they are probably dipping from any private water source around. any questions call payson ranger district, they will help all they can. Phone: (928) 474-7900 they have three helis committed
  4. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    Tankers 00 & 17 working this out of Prescott. On hold right now due to Thunderstorm over the Prescott Airport
  5. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    Chandler FD Brush 284 Mesa FD Brush 217 Apache Junction Brush 262 are now committed to this fire apache junction also has a water tender committed to fire
  6. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    fire restictions http://www.publiclands.org/firenews/AZ.php http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/tonto/home.shtml
  7. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    this is from last night I have heard Tanker 00 and Air Attack 1 Echo Gulf on this incident Also 2 new starts in the area 1 by Pine (a few miles NW of the Fire) and 1 by Washington park (just barely NW of the Fire) breaking resources off the Water Wheel to go check these out. Tankers up at 0900 out of Prescott, Air Attack went into Falcon Field in Mesa for the night. if anyone wants to keep a good eye on this http://www.wildlandfire.com/hotlist/showthread.php?t=10967
  8. JHAM357

    Fire N.E. of Payson

    burned around 200 acres so far. flowing springs is on alert. anyone in the area no need to worry being night. pretty much all TNF crews and Payson wildland crews are in cali. the tanker is loading in prescott. Structure protection is on scene/enroute from Pine-Strawberry FD, Payson FD, Whispering Pines FD, Hells Gate FD, Houston Mesa FD, Christopher-Kohls FD, per SWCC(southwest coordination center): Tony Sciaccas Type 2 Team has been activated for this fire listening to it on the following freqs: Tonto NF Fire Net 164.825 Air to Air 126.325 Gila County Sheriff 154.310 Payson area FD's 154.430
  9. JHAM357


    my bow is set at 60 and i shoot the easton axis 400s. i like then alot was told they are for lighter draws. i get good flight and deep penatration. some one told me not to shoot anything over 300 but i really like these.
  10. JHAM357

    Baby boy names

    caleb copen braydon, brayden logan
  11. JHAM357

    made the move

    thanks alot! jed seems to be just what i need (im a verizon carrier too, haha). so far so good, just waiting on a job, interview thursday for TLC supported living services, dont know much about them but the basics and waiting for the fire department to get back to me. other than that just enjoying the weather and hangin out.
  12. JHAM357

    made the move

    well we made it up here couple weeks ago, lakeside to be exact. i neeed to know of a good archery shop. any help will be great.
  13. JHAM357

    Are you kidding me?

    loose lips sink ships.... i was thnking the same thing when there were some threads on help for spots to hunt in certain units and then reading the what units i was pretty pissed too. i kept thinking in my head " man theres a personal message deal to use on here". some of you might not want to know what unit so you can strt scouting that unit but those of us that hunt the unit mention we get a little pissed cuz theres more people that read a topic than post a reply. thewhole thing about inviting a couple buddies to your hunting spot is the worse thing to unless you know for sure youre the only they ever talk to or hang out with. you invite 2 friends next thing you knw they invite 2 more friends so theres 6 moe poeple hunting in your spot then those other four invite even 1 friend a piece, i think you get what im saying. i pride myself in finding my own spots to hunt like most here on the site, i learned my lesson when iwas hunting a years ago and a guy came walking up on and after talkin to him found out he was turned on to the spot by a friend of one my coworkers i that didnt hunt and i thought it was ok to talk to him about where i like to go...big mistake....
  14. JHAM357

    A true old school coues hunter

    that is an awsome piture. it makesme laugh when i look at my grandpas hunting pics because he was always wearing a flannel and jeans, nothing like these days