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    Are they done growing?

    Was out on my first scouting trip so far this year. Saw a really nice 2 point. He probably had 18" main beams and 9 inch G2s. He also had 2 inch kickers coming off from his G2s. The problem is he only had little nubs for G3s. Probably not 1 inch yet. Without G3s, he is probably a 95 inch buck but with even 1 inch G3s and 3 inches of 4th mass he is a 100 inch buck. Is he done growing or will those G3 nubs get some more length to them? Unfortunately my wife had the camera and I didn't throw in my video camera. Another interesting thing about this buck is that he was standing right out in the sun at 4:30 in the afternoon. Not exactly what I was expecting but right out there non the less. Thanks for your thoughts. CB
  2. so I started playing around with the video that I have taken over the last couple of years. had never played around with the software that allows you to download the footage to your PC. have now spent several hours behind the monitor looking at, editing and taking snap shots of video footage. here are some sweet snaps of the buck I took last year in NM. I have also saved probably the best 20 - 30 seconds of footage I have of this same buck. I will email to 'downthebarrel' and see if he will upload to his photobucket account. has got me a little excited to go to NM and go scouting. CB and a couple more
  3. so what was the score? looks like it should be pretty good! CB
  4. SunDevil

    Found a new toy

    no - it is called MotionDV Studio - it is what came with my Panasonic cam corder. CB
  5. or if I email it to someone do they want to post it for me? Let me know. CB
  6. SunDevil

    Monster Muley from Nev.

    was that a cactus buck?
  7. SunDevil


    here is a still from it. CB
  8. Put in for the same pecary hunt as deer and didn't draw the pig tag. Pretty surprising. Hopefully we don't have to many pig hunters screwing up our deer hunts. Oh well. Thought it was a sweet pic. Enjoy. CB
  9. SunDevil

    My Archery Lion!

    that is amazing! congrats. CB
  10. SunDevil

    $25 Bucks

    here is a different up close and personal angle of that buck. CB
  11. this bedded buck was 200 yards away. once I got the pic downloaded I zoomed in on him as much as possible before the pic started to break down. just something to give you some perspective.
  12. I use the Canon S2 IS. It too has a 12X zoom and an image stabilizer. It takes great photos. My wife does not like it because it is so big. I am planning on getting her something smaller that she can keep in her purse for "Kodak moments". You need to decide what you are going to be using it for, how much you are willing to spend, what kind of optical zoom you want, how many MPs, etc, etc, etc, and then go from there. CB
  13. SunDevil

    $25 Bucks

    Here is another pic of the same buck. This was taken with just the camera at about 200 yards. I have zoomed way in on it. The breakdown was: Friday pm = 7 bucks Saturday am = 9 bucks Saturday pm = 2 bucks Sunday am = 7 bucks 2 of the bucks Saturday morning walked right up on me. I was glassing and all of a sudden I heard a noise, I looked to my right and there was a 2X3 at about 15 yards. He moved behind some bear grass so I stood up to look at him. He looked at me and bolted. I turned to look toward Scout'm and there was another 2X2 at about 25 yards. He took off down the hill letting out all kind of snorts. Went for a bio break Saturday midday and had an up close and personal encounter with mr rattle snake. Man I do not like those things. He was all yellowish green like they get during the monsoon season. Was a good weekend. Can't wait for the bugs to get zapped. CB
  14. SunDevil

    Are they done growing?

    was out this last weekend (9/23 - 9/24). every buck we saw (25 bucks in 2 days) was still in velvet. we were in a southern unit and maybe they shed their velvet earlier in the northern units. CB
  15. SunDevil

    binos vs spotting scopes

    I use my spotter to look at deer I have already found or if there is something I think might be part of a deer to get a better look. One thing that helps when looking though a scope is to keep both eyes open and cover the eye over with your hand that is not looking through the scope. This helps out on the eye strain. If your considering a nikon spotter go with the 82mm. The 75X really comes in handy some times. CB
  16. SunDevil

    Gotta love it!!

    The one in the back probably is the highest scoring one. I'd take any of them. The one in the front though has a pretty gashed up ear. Must have got his earing tore out. CB
  17. SunDevil


    Nice buck! He should probably be shedding his fuzz pretty soon. I would guess him to be between 110 and 115. CB
  18. SunDevil

    Almost, but no cigar!

    Sweet buck. Nice main beams and major G2s. Pretty big gut on that sucker as well. Go get him tomorrow. Good luck and thanks for sharing. CB
  19. SunDevil

    Best Coues Caliber

    I entered my caliber of preference but it is important to mention that shot selection and placement are by far more important than caliber. I have an uncle who hunts mule deer with a 22-250. There are also many people who hunt elk with 270s. Clearly a 243 is fine for coues as long as you are not trying to take a 500 yard shot. If you are going to be taking 500 yard shots you probably need a magnum but if you cant hit a barn door at 500 yards you shouldn't be shooting that far and then would not have a need for a magnum. I have a buddy that took a coues at 425 yards with a 25-06. Nothing at all wrong with it because he knows his weapon and it's capabilities. CB
  20. My buddy saw a lion last year on one of our scouting trips. CB
  21. AG - Nice one Desert Sheep - we have the early hunt Jamaro - some of the people I listed are NM residents. Plus it is not our fault your state allows an extra 12% nonresidents as long as they hire an outfitter. CB
  22. SunDevil

    How REAL Men Hunt!

    poor deer was probably half cooked by the time that guy got it home.
  23. SunDevil

    Unit 33 Dec/36A junior

    was out in 33 the weekend before last. pretty much missed the morning glass. saw a few deer in the 20 minutes before they headed for cover. one group of 4 bachelors. afternoon glass started at 4:30. saw quite a few deer in the evening as well. saw 12 bucks in all that day. everything is really green. makes it pretty easy to see the deer. CB
  24. SunDevil

    king buck

    there was an article in Rocky Mtn Game and Fish about the King buck and the lawsuit several years ago.