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    SUNSETS pics...

    Reddington pass from last february on a javelina hunt. CB and a really nice one from the Okefenokee swamp in Georgia. CB
  2. SunDevil

    Nikon Spotting Scope

    I have the 82 ED. I would highly recommend it unless you are going to be doing back packing trips because it is pretty heavy. It is definetly bigger than the 60 ED. One of the other things that is neat about the Nikon 82 ED is you can get a variable power eyepiece that zooms out to 75X. I think Zeiss and Leica max out at 65X. The first time I used this scope was on a scouting trip last year in NM. The NM coues country is BIG country. I glassed up a buck in my 15s and told my buddy where it was at. We were looking him over thinking he was a decent buck but nothing special. My buddy says to me "why don't you throw that scope on him so we can see what he really looks like". So I did, zoomed right up on him at 75X and my jaw dropped. Our "decent" buck was a really nice 3X4 that we estimated to be between 100 - 105. I was amazed. When I got home I broke out the topo map. Both the buck and my buddy and I were on very prominent points so it was very easy to pinpoint our locations. I marked the points, measured the distance, checked the scale and we were 8/10ths of a mile away. With that 75X scope it was like we were right there. The only thing I have noticed is that when it is twilight, the later it gets the more you have to back out the zoom. It is my understanding than when it starts to get dark there just isn't enough light to compress down to say 75X and it gets blacked out. I do not think you will be disappointed. CB
  3. that sidewinder has a seriously long rattle!
  4. SunDevil

    Mineral Lick and Mule Deer

    what about coues? blocks, pellets, rock or table?
  5. SunDevil


    if you have a good, short wheel based 4X4 I would go straight to the top of the catchment area in the Dos Cabezas and hunt along the fenceline running northwest. Glass back down the mountain on both sides. There is a really big ridge that comes down off the mountain running toward the northeast that you could spend half a day glassing. I have seen bucks on that ridge everytime I have been there. CB
  6. SunDevil

    Got my mount back...

    nice! that semi sneak pose is the best. CB
  7. SunDevil

    Murphy's Guns in Tucson

    I dont know exactly who you are talking about but it probably is the shorter, heavy set guy with a beard. I don't think Jensen's is going to be in business much longer and Murphy's can't be far behind. I remember suggesting Harry Lawson for the muzzle break but I guess that was shut down. The guys at Murphy's do need some intense customer service training. The thing that gets me about them is that my dad goes in there and they cut him deals on used guns all the time. When I go in there and ask them what there best price on a used gun is they tell me 'we price our guns at what we have to get for them'. I am always tempted to call them on it and inform them that my dad gets the prices knocked down all the time but dont figure it is worth it and just let it go. Havent been in there for a while and really dont plan on going back any time soon. CB
  8. SunDevil


    looks like he should turn out to be a 3X3. CB
  9. SunDevil

    Need good bino's, your opinion counts!

    With the exception of my 15X Swaros, I have switched to Nikon for everything. You really are trying to split hairs when you compare Swaro, Zeiss and Leica to each other and to Nikon's high end stuff. Nikon can be more competitive on the prices because the US dollar is worth more in Japan and labor costs in Japan are less than Europe. Just something to think about. CB
  10. SunDevil

    Need good bino's, your opinion counts!

    Then there are these http://www.azodchat.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11757
  11. SunDevil

    Need good bino's, your opinion counts!

    Why not spend $150 more and get these http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/index...?showtopic=3542 also for a little more money there are these http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/index...?showtopic=3296 finally, Nikon just came out with a new pair of Monarchs. they are 12 X 56 and are available at less than $500. Over the last couple of years, Nikon's Monarch line has received a lot of respect for quality for value.
  12. SunDevil

    youth winchester model 70- .243

    BMF - I have a buddy who has a son that is just about ready to start shooting. I called him and left him a message. Hopefully he gets back to me before it is gone. CB
  13. SunDevil

    I need Help oct. 35a hunt

    c'mon -06 nothing compares to the beauty of a mature mule deer buck, but I will give you this, once I try coues and yes I will put in some serious scouting just as I do for mulies, I'll let you know if I feel the the same. Mulie, you are crazy man! big old fat necked mature mule deer buck, gag, you can have them all! nice big coues bucks are so much more beautiful. check out the one I took in New Mexico last year and you will know what I am talking about. also, a coues buck will typically not stand around watching you while you shoot at it. i havent hunted a lot of carp but the ones i have been around didnt act to smart. i know the big old ones though didnt get that way by being stupid. last spring my dad and uncle were down around the coronado national monument and they saw a couple real nice coues bucks. good luck! CB
  14. SunDevil

    Lets all Call Cabellas HQ

    it is on the front of the site, way down at the bottom. here it is.
  15. SunDevil

    the 16's

    from your plane? must have eagle eyes.
  16. SunDevil

    Preference or Bonus

    I do not see anything wrong with how UT does it. One you can only choose from one of the 4 once in a lifetime species to apply for each year (buffalo, sheep, goat and moose). Also, you can only choose from one of the premium hunts to apply for each year (antelope, elk and deer) Finally, after you draw a premium hunt you have to take 2 years off from that species before you can apply for it again. Just my 2 cents. CB
  17. SunDevil


    2 hours - try probably more like 2 days
  18. SunDevil

    Left over Tags

    so that would be: 30A October 30B October 30B November and what for elk?
  19. SunDevil

    Happy 1st timer from last year

    Unfortunately, I can not take credit for the picture. I was the spotter while they were putting on the stalk and then after it was over I started looking for the other guy that was with us. CB
  20. Here is a pic of a very happy 1st time coues deer hunter with his very 1st coues buck. This is my buddy's step brother from CA. He had read about coues deer hunting and had heard my buddy talk about it during holiday visits and finally decided to see what it was all about. We got him all set up with binos on a tripod and let him have at it. It was kind of funny in that he had no idea what any of the trees, bushes or cactus were called but he learned real quick. He was amazed at the terrain, vegetation and that deer lived in this environment. Amazingly, after only scouting with us the day before the hunt, he glassed up a bigger buck than this opening morning all by himself. Unfortunately after several hours of stalking that buck he was never able to get a shot at it. He shot this 90" buck on Sunday morning of the October hunt. Probably the neatest thing about the experience with him was that on Saturday afternoon he told us that even if he didn't get a deer, this was the best deer hunt he had ever been on. He has hunted muleys in UT and blacktails in CA. It was pretty cool! I glassed this buck up, they took off and BAM, he went and nailed it. He was so pumped. We kept telling him he had no idea what he had just done and that there were people that hunt for years and never are fortunate to get a deer like that. Anyway, my buddy's credit card was hit for 2 non resident deer tags, so he is coming back for another crack at the elusive grey ghost. We just don't know if it will be in Oct or Dec. Enjoy and good luck on the draw. CB Here is another one. CB
  21. Do they redo everyone from below that person and on? The impact could be exponential! Say hunter B got his 2nd choice (hunt because his 1st choice was all gone (hunt A). Then someone above hunter B that got his 1st choice (hunt A) did not have a valid CC. Now he gets a hunt A tag instead of a hunt B tag. Then hunter C could be effected because he got hunt C tag when hunt B tag was his 1st choice, etc., etc., etc. Or do all the tags that didn't get distributed due to bad CCs become available in the first-come leftover permit process?
  22. SunDevil

    Why a spotting scope????

    Doug, that new Nikon scope got selected by Outdoor Life as one of it's top 2 scopes. It is a compact scope that would be perfect for an Alaska kodiak hunt. The only drawback is that it only magnifies up to 30X. Something to consider. CB
  23. we are a sad bunch!!!
  24. SunDevil

    newest edition

    The taxidermist that did this work is Stacy Tompkinson. He lives in St David. He is a great guy and as you can see does great work. CB