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    What's the score?

    That first buck is definetly a 2x3 with eyeguards. He doesn't have that much mass. From that view it is hard to tell what his inside spread would be so I would have to guess about 83" The second buck is really nice and my math puts him about 106" It will be interesting to see how close we are. Great pics! Thanks for posting. CB
  2. SunDevil

    What are the odds???

    Kudos to Josh, he figured it out! I was just about ready to post what happened to this shed when Josh replied. A cow stepped on this little shed and I found the two pieces on the ground about as far from the shed as in the picture I posted. Just thought you shedders might find it interesting. CB
  3. SunDevil

    What are the odds???

    I found this shed last month. What are the odds of finding both broken pieces?
  4. SunDevil

    Casey's First Yote

    So how do we know you didn't miss and Doug was the one doing all the damage?
  5. SunDevil

    Say goodbye to Dec. coues hunts.

    Has the AZ Deer Association got together on this? Do they have a uniform position on it and are planning on going to the state with it? How many people belong to the ADA that they represent. Just curious. CB
  6. SunDevil

    Super Big Game Raffle

    I think they should have done it like UT, available only to residents and only one entry per person. You would have to decide what species you really want because you would only get one pick. CB
  7. SunDevil

    Say goodbye to Dec. coues hunts.

    I would have to disagree with AUDSLEY - money is the root of all evil!!! What they don't understand is they could bump up the price of a dec tag by 50% and still achieve the same result. At say $30 a tag, currently 2 Dec tags is worth $60 and 3 Oct tags are worth $90. If they make the Dec tags $45 then they get there $90. Yes I am sure they have received complaints about hunting opportunities but guess what the population of our state has exploded and deer tags have gone down. Have the decision makers been out on an Oct or Nov deer hunt? I would guess not or else they wouldn't be suggesting to increase those tags. You can't get away from people as it is on those hunts and now they want to allow more hunters on them. Go figure. Yes demand has gone up but unfortunately there is very little that can be done on the supply side of a finite resource. This is not rocket science. Unfortunately I do not think that they get how basic it is. Why don't they do something about reducing predation and in 5 years there would be more deer available and then they could offer more tags.
  8. SunDevil

    Check out this 2 pt!

    Nice pics Amanda! I really like the 5th and 6th pics. I would say 88" or so. Getting a 2X2 to break 90" is really tough. It looks like you might get an extra inch off from that left G2. Just not enough measurements. Thanks for sharing. CB
  9. SunDevil

    My bowhunting log

    Stand Man - thanks for sharing. Those are some nice pics. Definitely enough there to get a person excited and heading back out day after day. Keep us posted and good luck. CB
  10. SunDevil

    Sitting water!

    I found a water hole in Oct that was being nailed by deer. My buddy and I went back in there in Dec and during that 6 week period the rancher had moved his cattle into that pasture. My buddy sat that tank four 4 hours and didn't see one deer. I hiked up onto a point and glassed. I saw several deer but they were all far away from where I was. They must have started watering somewhere else. We checked around the tank and there were no deer tracks. CB
  11. SunDevil

    Mexico Photo

    Nice picks. Were those digiscoped, free handed through a binocular or spotting scope or with a high zoom camera? Thanks for sharing. CB
  12. SunDevil

    Hasn't there been hunts going on?

    I know of 2 different ranches that have been hunted so far. The first one had 9 tags. They took 7 deer off from that ranch. The smallest was 90" and the largest was 124". Some of the deer were taken back in Dec and some were taken just a couple of weeks ago. The other ranch had 4 tags last week. They were 100% with the smallest being a busted off 89" buck and the largest going 116" The guy I talked to said the mid sized bucks (90" class) were all busted up but the bigger boys hadn't really started fighting yet. We will have to see what Cola Blanca posts on their website. I think they typically are running the most ranches and hunters down there. I will call my cousin at Christense arms to see how that group did. I think they are hunting with Cola Blanca again along with the Swarovski guy. CB
  13. SunDevil

    Best cartridge/rifle

    from the above info, I would say 243 with a 75 grain bullet for now and then move up to 100 grain bullet later on.
  14. SunDevil

    Best cartridge/rifle

    another thing to consider is a good recoil pad. most of the factory rifles do not have quality recoil pads. you should be able to have a good one put on at any gun store for about $30. my buddy put one on his 300 weatherby mag and he was amazed at the results. CB
  15. SunDevil

    33 Coues

    Great buck! Really nice mass. You need to get that thing mounted and hang it in Joe's Crab Shack CB
  16. SunDevil


    Thanks for all the congrats! Amanda has posted some more pics of the buck and the write up I did of my hunt. I also sent her a DVD of the video I took of the buck the day before the hunt. Not sure if she is going to be able to use it or not. I think she is going to MX tomorrow and may not get around to editing it until she gets back. Thanks again!!! CB
  17. SunDevil


    I wanted to get this out there for everyone to see. I will do more of a write up on it later. In summary, I found this buck on Friday and got him on video tape (will send a DVD to Amanda). I found him again on Saturday and was able to take him at 12:45 from 275 yards with one shot. He was only 595 yards away when I glassed him but the stock took over an hour because I had to go down to the bottom of the canyon and up the other side. Very rough gross score is around 114" with a net around 107". NM is a great place to go and spend time in the outdoors. More to come later. Just not enough time right now. CB
  18. SunDevil

    Unit 27

    Now that is FUNNY!!!
  19. SunDevil

    2 decent bucks

    Nice bucks!!! Nice crew, nice eye guards, nice G2s and most importantly, NICE CRAB CLAW!!! CB
  20. SunDevil


    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know I will. I will be spending it with my wife of 9 years, my 6 month old daughter and my 113" buck from New Mexico. Here is the best picture of them all. Enjoy and God Bless. CB
  21. SunDevil

    Unit 27

    Scott, that is crazy man. Talk about "poor man sheep huntin". Didn't you get enough of that kind of hunting over in NM? Better have those goats on stand by and ready to go. Nice buck!!! Good luck. CB
  22. SunDevil

    what will he score?

    It is hard to tell if he is a 2X3 or what. If he is a 2X3 I would say around 85. But......if he is a 3X3 I think you are looking at over 90. Not much more but still a darn good buck. Look at him. He is a mature deer. He has got a big body. Big ole thick neck. Black hair on his brisket. Shoot first - ask questions later. Let the carbon fly but do it the hard way - with a long bow. CB
  23. Someone tell Rambo that Josh has his knife. CB
  24. It doesn't look real to me. Look at the line going across it's forehead. The hair is totally different colors and it isn't even blended in. CB
  25. SunDevil

    youth hunt

    I'd say she did well. I wish my first buck would have been half that big. That is a really nice buck. CB