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    any kind of hunting or outdoor activity, but the Archery seasons are the finest.
  1. Mattule

    An Albino Deer (pic)

    There was an adult albino mule deer doe in 20b dont know if it is still alive or not.
  2. Mattule

    Lions or hunters.

    I agree with the fact that predators are a major problem. I trapped during the winters through high school and wacked a bunch of coyotes but then my senior year they changed the rule to private land only and I only trapped a couple that year. I still have a dozen or so victors laying around if some one wants to try it this year. I also agree with trufletch about the 3 different types of hunters. I was only going to shoot a big buck all last weekend in 24A but this weekend I am going to shoot the first buck with antler showing.
  3. Mattule

    Lions or hunters.

    I don't think I understand why not shooting a spike this year will help me next year? I figure if G&F made it to where you couldn't shoot a spike this year and it saved the lives of 300 spikes we would see 300 fork horns shot next year or is this not how it would work?
  4. Mattule

    2004 Coues Hunts

    I am heading out to 24A on thursday morning for my hunt so I am as pert as a ruttin' buck today.
  5. Mattule

    Wt and rain

    I hear it may rain Thusday and mt hunt starts Friday so I was curios about your thoughts on wether (no pun intended), wether, Coues visit their normal water supply after it rains. Do they say "great its raining so I can drink from any puddle around and not have to walk all the way to that water hole". Or do they just have a routine like, "look its 10 am we better go to the water hole". I know both examples sound corny but I could not think of a better way to explain the question. And I think most people would take the first example because people are lazy. But I have no idea how deer react to rain.
  6. A buddy and his brother were Varmint calling down south when a coues doe and her fawn came in to the call. They decided to keep calling to see how close the deer would come and they came all the way in. Finally my buddies little brother got nervous and went to shew her away and when he did the doe reared back and beat him with her front hooves, rolled him around pretty good.
  7. Mattule

    Coues Whitetail .Com Record book

    I got a buck in 1999 that had to score at least 12 or 13 inches but that sucker still makes my prouder than one of those fightin' cocks. First big game animal I ever took, only took me 5 days to find that one, as I didn't have no forum to go to for advise.
  8. Mattule


    I am pleasantly surprized my self I used to waste time during the mid day on non essentials like stuffing my face or like in my case MUCH needed beauty sleep. I have seen a herd in my area during the mid day on the hoof near the water hole but always figured I bumped them from their beds. Thanks again for the tips, October 29 can't come soon enough for me.
  9. Mattule


    Thanks for the tips But I dont know if I can force myself to sit all day. I will probably stick to my usual spot and stalk in the mornings and evenings then sit during the mid day lull.
  10. Mattule


    I sat with a friend who had a 4B bull Elk tag over the weekend and was blown away at how close you can get to deer/elk on water. We had 3 mule deer bucks come in and offer easy shots it was neat. I have the 24A muzzle loader hunt this year and I know where the deer are and I have taken deer in this unit before with the usual hunting tricks IE glassing, or walking until we see one then sneaking in on him but never just sat around. I was curios as to when the white tails come in for their drink? Is it in the morning, mid day, or close to dark like the Elk? I thought I saw a similar post but could not find it today. Any help would be great. BTW my buddy took a 6X6 on the pond at 35 yards with a smoke pole. A small cow/calf came into the water and ran into the pond and was bucking and jumping around when the bull came in and just started screaming his head off at the calf. When he got broad side of my buddy he took his shot and hit him good but the bull started to run when another friend cow called and he stopped long enough for the shooter to load up and hit him again. After the second shot he trotted off but fell about 100 yards away. when we skinned him out we found both 348 grain power belt 50's embedded between the ribs and skin on the exit sides. Both shots were just behind the front quarter so it only trashed a little bit of rib meat. The only scary part was he did not drop any blood out side the wound so if we had to track him it would have been bad. When we got to the lung cavity it was FULL of blood. It was one neat hunt.
  11. Mattule

    Archery Elk

    I got a buddy hunting 5A he says there screamin there heads off. I am a little jealous that I couldn't land a tag again and he did AGAIN.
  12. Mattule

    Bow Brands

    I dont know where you live but PSE is headquartered in Tucson and I have heard they have good deals at the factory for last years model bows. Also AR is right next door. In Phoenix I go to Archery head quarters, or the Corner archery shop both are cheaper than some of the other shops, but I have not had a bad experience at any shops in town.
  13. Mattule

    Bow Brands

    I had my choices down to the Mathews outback and the AR-34 both are extremely quiet. But in shoping around Parker makes some fast and light weight bows which is important to me because I have little patience for tree stand/water hole hunting.(I am not saying I am against theses methods I just like the glass and then stalk method more) And lastly all the bows mentioned are probably about the same quality so following the advise of GMM, try 'em all and buy the one that fits your hand the best, or do what I did and realize the one you have now is probably not too bad and pocket the cash .
  14. Mattule

    how many fawns you seeing?

    I saw quite a few MD fawns in unit 7. I saw 2 does that had 5 fawns with them I watched them for 10 min. and never saw another adult so I don't have any idea where the spare fawn came from.
  15. Mattule

    Lets see 'em

    GMM, I commend you on your ethics to put the tag on that deer and not half a$$ look for him instead of getting the other one knowing he was still around. Sorry you lost him for a while but I am unaware of a bow hunter that has not had a similar experience. I know they are out there I just don't know them. Matt