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  1. AZ_XL7

    My 1st Turkey

    Ive hunted turkeys in one the better part of 20 Years and this was the worst opening weekend Ive ever encountered Birds were gobbling just to gobble. Zero interest in responding to calls. Im hoping it picks up the next few weeks so I can go back up and try and fill my tag.
  2. AZ_XL7

    Brother in laws first bull (video link added)

    Not even going to lie, I was shaking just watching that. Congrats on a monster.
  3. AZ_XL7

    22 December whitetail

    All the deer I have killed in 22 have been at 200 or less. Muley and 2 coues. It's very possible to get inside 300. Good luck, hopefully there will be a few deer left after the October hunt. I'll try to leave one lol
  4. AZ_XL7

    Come on draw

    Card hit. Yes!
  5. Dude that's the baddest video I've seen in a while. Congrats wow
  6. AZ_XL7

    Amazing bull a 10 year old may never top!!

    Congrats to that young man. Wow.
  7. AZ_XL7

    A little help on 22s late hunt

    I was only able to hunt Friday with my family. She killed Sunday morning, rag horn. All I can say is glass high, then glass higher. I don't think they are coming down. It's going to take someone a lot of climbing into no mans land to kill a bull. She couldn't get on the big boy that was running with her rag horn. The weekenders were out in full force Friday. Rolling around Good luck to all.
  8. AZ_XL7

    A little help on 22s late hunt

    I killed a bull In 22s in 2010. They are there, but not many like there was just 5 years ago. It's actually pretty silly, we use to see elk all over the place, but with the added elk tags and the amounts of people out durning the deer seasons, it's really made the numbers And quality bulls go way down. Id offer to help with some spots, but we have a family member with the same tag. Best of luck. The bull I killed is pictured in my avi.
  9. Rugar American, .270, 130 sst, 3x9x50 scope. Really happy with this rifle. It's the replacement to my marlin the was stolen. First hunt this weekend.
  10. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    I can assure you guys our hunting party is as ethical as they come. Trent and his family have been very good to me for the better part of 10 years and with out a doubt I can say they are very ethical and serious when it comes to hunting and fishing. I'm proud to call Trent and his family friends. He will tell the story, but it unfolded so fast it was unreal. I learned a lot this year.
  11. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    what does game and fish need to wake up and do something about?
  12. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    Figured I would toss this in. This bull showed up about 30 minutes after Trent shot his bull. I think he was inside of 30 yards to me the entire time. Really really nice bull. We saw a lot of nice bulls in the 4 days I was there.
  13. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    we have it heck looking for him. I just can't believe he was where he was. heck we stopped and met up right there. I'm just glad you found him. Thanks for letting me be apart of it.
  14. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    300-400 yards from Trent stuck him.
  15. AZ_XL7

    Big Bull Found dead in Unit 1

    thank you. I lost a deer in November so I know the feeling. It was a long few days after this happened. I would have never thought the bull would be recovered. It's not even my bull but I'm thankful as all heck because I was the range guy. Thank you again for helping Trent and outing him in touch with the right people. To the guys who found him. Thank you.