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  1. The Claw

    Corys first hunt

    Sweet! Nicely done
  2. Done! Good luck. I lived in NZ for while. AMAZING place. Really hope you win.
  3. The Claw

    End of Story

    Very Nice Doug, Good bull, congrats. As usual your photos are second to none, thx for sharing your talent!
  4. The Claw

    She Shoots...She SCORES!!

    Nice deer, Amanda. Congrats
  5. The Claw

    Illinois Archery Whitetail-Big Buck Down!

    Great story and a BIG congrats. Beautiful buck. Nice job in staying calm with all those events. Can't wait till my first Whitey hunt in Kansas in December.
  6. The Claw

    Nevada Archery Mule Deer 2010

    nice deer again, Colby. Did you get a load settled on for your RUM?
  7. The Claw

    Finally tagged out!!!

    nice. good job.
  8. The Claw

    Junior Kiabab Hunt

    Very nice, Stan. great pics. My oldest is ten this year and has 3 tags to fill in November. Looking forward to that. His brother is already hooked too. Now if I can get my daughter to hunt by the time she is ten then we will have some "primping" pics for sure. I wonder if they will have designer camo by then, lol. She is all girl as well.
  9. The Claw

    Wyoming Speedgoat

    Doug, Very beautiful goat. Overall fantastic buck but really nice cutters and mass. Big congrats. Sounds like a great vacation to me! Cade
  10. You will get varying answers on this because it is a very subjective question (ie not a clear cut right/wrong question). Remember this is a RECREATIONAL sport. It is meant to be fun where positive memories enhance your life, not make it more stressful or worrisome. Are there advantages, like TAM mentioned, to establishing your own loads and reloading. Most certainly! Am I a control freak and like to be in control of my own success and failures.....Most certainly! I have been handloading exclusively for some time now because of that. Having said that, I enjoy reloading and the time that it takes to establish my loads for a rifle and the results it brings are very rewarding to me. Thus it is a time expense I am not just willing to make but WANT to make. However, I do not typically fletch my own arrows or tie my own flies. Are there advantages to doing this yourself? Yes. Do I enjoy doing it? NO. So I pay someone else, WHO IS CAPABLE AND UP TO MY STANDARDS, to do it. I have much more respect for someone who does not want to reload, due to many reasons not the least of which may be time priorities, but feels it important to get the benefits of a custom hand load and is willing to pay the extra money for it. The hunter will be more successful and there will be less animals wounded. If the alternative is over the counter ammo then by all means....feel very GOOD about paying someone else to load your bullets AS LONG AS THEY ARE QUALIFIED AND YOU TRUST THEM.
  11. The Claw

    2010 Arizona Archery Bull

    Smoker bull. Way to stick it out and get it done.
  12. The Claw

    2010 rifle bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Beauty. Nice job on a great bull!
  13. The Claw

    2010 Arizona Elk Hunt video in HD

    nice video, Eric.
  14. The Claw

    Freak Bull from Unit 10!

    I will have to dig through my pile of tapes from my GL2 (that was before I switched to the HD/SD). Had him at 15 yards playing peek a boo through the trees. It was in a heavy on/off rain storm so I was having to cover my camera, uncover it, etc. He came in quiet and I had my camera covered when we were on top of each other. Finally I risked it and just took the cover off to get some footage and luckily got some before he left town. I will look for it tomorrow night or this weekend (tomorrow night is little league game). He is an old, old bull though. Look at that Brahma Bull head, warrior head on him.
  15. The Claw

    Freak Bull from Unit 10!

    I have video of that bull from two years ago. His left side was still a real big seven two years ago. Actually just a bit bigger that year.