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  1. Hi, anyone have a 50 cal inline muzzleloader for sale? If so plz message me or send me an email ramon_o_ruiz@hotmail.com Thx, Elkiny
  2. elkiny

    Mexico 2016

    Hello, I would give Ernesto a call. I'm going hunting with him this season and have been since 2012. Never had any problems, well except for the airlines!!! They do it right, shoot me a msg if you have any questions. El kiny
  3. elkiny

    Shooting anyone?

    That worked out even better, thx for the help it was appreciated. Let's do it again soon!
  4. elkiny

    Shooting anyone?

    Hello all, I know this is last minute but I'm going shooting in the am and was wondering if anyone out there wants to meet up and shoot? I'm thinking about heading to the casa grande range. I'm preparing for my upcoming Mexico hunt and could use a spotter. Elkiny
  5. elkiny

    Best Ranges in AZ?

    Phx rod and gun club by south mountain rocks! Best range masters anywhere! I also like the casa grande range however I don't like Ben avery or Usert mnt, both of them are run by guys who didn't get hugs as children. Elkiny
  6. I'll be heading there in mid jan so I'll let you know, hopefully with some good news.
  7. elkiny


    What would a fair market price be? I just bought a pair of Swarovski 15 slc at a pawn shop and I paid $1200.
  8. elkiny

    Lens covers for Swarovski slc 15's

    Do those winged eye cups from Amazon actually replace the factory eye piece or attach to the factory eye piece?
  9. Hello, anyone know of anywhere local to get some objective covers for some Swarovski 15x56s? I just bought them and it came with a pretty cool case but without any lens covers. elkiny
  10. January 2013 was very cold and January 2014 was very warm so ? I'm going down to Sonora in mid January too so I'm wondering the same thing. If this pattern holds then it should be cold! The hunting was good both times. Good luck!
  11. elkiny

    December Mexico hunts

    Awesome couestracker, hope you kill a big one and merry Christmas!
  12. elkiny

    Optics for Rent?

    Hello all, has anyone rented any optics from one of our sponsors....opticsforrent.com? I'm thinking about renting some swaros 15's and just wanted to see what your experience has been using this service. Are there any other rental options out there besides these guys? Elkiny
  13. Has anyone made it down to Mexico for some Coues hunts yet? if so how did it go? elkiny
  14. elkiny

    Vortex Vultures 15x56 HD's

    Hello, I do. I was checking them out yesterday. I wouldnt recommend this model, if you have the extra dollars I would go with the Kaibab if you like the Vortex line. What are you comparing them to? I literally took various high end binos and did a side by side comparision. Here is what I came up with. The 5 binos that I tested were all 15's. Vortex Vulture and Kaibab, Cabelas Euro, Zeiss Conquest and Swaros. The winners were Swaros and Zeiss, they were very close. Next up was the Vortex Kaibab and Cabelas Euro line and last the Vortex Vulture. Good luck, hope this helps. Elkiny