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  1. Avion

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    19 years just this month.
  2. Avion

    Snow in 35B late 80's

    I remember, I was in 32. Frozen coffee pot.
  3. Avion

    A Note From Scout

    Just put down our boxer, Indy this last Friday. 10 years old. So empty inside
  4. Avion

    Favorite Christmas Gift Growing Up.....

    For me it was Tonka trucks. You couldn't destroy them. Lots of sharp edges and pinch points. My uncle saved them all and gave them back to me when I got married.
  5. Avion

    WTB a Hip Quiver

    I have a chuck Adams style you can have. I'm in north phx. I sent you a pm.
  6. Avion


    Interested. Where are you located?
  7. These were custom made by a legend in the bow hunting community. A 15" custom saddle for a mule that includes saddle bags and bridle. The trailer was hand made in the early 80's by the welding teacher at Sunnyside high school. Posting this for a family member. Trailer: https://tucson.craigslist.org/grd/d/tucson-heavy-duty-horse-trailer/6815049874.html Saddle: https://tucson.craigslist.org/grd/d/tucson-custom-15-inch-saddle-made-for/6815050186.html Please correspond through craigslist.
  8. Avion

    For sale custom saddle and trailer

    Thanks. We want someone else to enjoy and appreciate these.
  9. 5/22 about 4:35. Southbound 7th St to westbound 101. Big white Chevy custom plate and a bumper sticker that says hunting is not a crime.
  10. Avion

    3a tag and now a little regret.

    Sent you a pm.
  11. Avion

    Can you help me work on my Wood?

    Epoxy is the way to go. Get it at home depot. Woodworker source will charge 4 times more. For knot holes we use mulch and super glue. Accepts finish real nice. I like Larks advice about putting stuff in the epoxy.
  12. Avion

    The D Bag Pool

    All that stuff does is make your hands smaller.
  13. Avion

    Rex Hubbard

    Very sorry for your loss. Great poem. Ive missed your wisdom greatly.
  14. Avion

    Hoyt Vectrix XL for sale

    Draw weight?
  15. Sunday afternoon southbound White Ford F-150 Team Kendrick sticker also. Traffic was horrible going down the hill.I was in the white suburban. Check your left brake light.
  16. Avion

    Scorpian Bay Marina

    Had to park next to you this morning.
  17. Avion

    Red Dodge

    Saw one today about noon at the Compass Bank Building at 19th ave and Williams by Deer Valley Airport.
  18. Avion

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    My son didn't draw anything. I drew 7e archery cow and my 19th bonus point for antelope.
  19. Avion

    i found one today

    If it was parked next to a silver Avion trailer that would be me.
  20. Avion

    White Suburban at Beardsley and Cave Creek Rds

    Could of been me. I went through there around midday. What were you doing in town Amanda?
  21. Avion

    Sunday's rain and mudslide on the rim

    We were coming back from Young. The mudslide was at the new road construction.
  22. Unbelievable rainfall on the rim sunday. Thermometer said 58. Got caught at the mudslide for a short time, but were able go across the control rd. Poured rain the whole way. Anyone know what the rain totals were for the area?
  23. Avion


    Congradulations Casey, Looks like a fun time with friends. Glad you all made home safe. I saw one of those baboons at a taxidermists shop once, made into a grinning toilet paper holder.
  24. You passed me going down the hill. Awsome license plate. We were in a white suburban pulling a white trailer with a quad. We just left Alfonso's. First time there, won't be the last!