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  1. Yes it is still available.
  2. New Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak 12X20 Tent with a Camp Chef Wall Tent Barrel Stove, Alaknak tent floor liner and Alaknak roof panel protector. Bought this tent for our Elk hunt last year ended up buying a Toy Hauler so I never got to use it asking $1,100. 623 two seven one 4302 Im located in Dewey.
  3. DZ1

    CC Hits

    We got hit twice one for $45 and one for $90.
  4. DZ1

    Results are up

    12A Archery
  5. DZ1

    Rims and tires for dodge 3/4 ton

    Where are you located?
  6. DZ1

    2012 Mathews Monster MR5

    I sent you a PM.
  7. 2012 Mathews Monster MR5 right handed 27" Draw 70- 80lbs, Spot Hogg 7 Deadly Pins w/wrap bow sight, Tight Spot 5 arrow quiver, KTech 5 twin Gridlock stabilizer, Rip Cord arrow rest, 15 Beman ICS hunter arrows and a Mathews Monster Bow case. $900.00
  8. DZ1

    Camera Theft in the Payson Area

    I had 5 cameras out in 6A from April until last week I last checked them in July when I was up the day before Archery deer started 4 had been messed with 2 of them they took the locks off and erased all the picture 2 others were turned around and one was left alone. They left all the cameras, locks and sd cards so I kinda got lucky but I didn't have any pictures for the month of August.
  9. DZ1

    A few more pics.

    Hurry up September!
  10. DZ1

    Some more pics of elk

    Nice Pics I think they still have some growing left to do should be real nice come September.
  11. DZ1

    A few from last week

    Nice spot you have a little of everything coming in!
  12. Checked the cams yesterday waterholes up north are drying up but the animals are still coming in to the trophy rock and mineral lick.
  13. DZ1

    todays haul

    Nice pics the elk are growing good and that's a nice bear.