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  1. regge090

    10 year old Muzzy elk

    First elk for morgan
  2. Hey yall its little late to be asking but anyone have some suggestions for hunting areas in 16A? My 10 year old sisters up there with her dad right now on the hunt and they haven't seen much. Being new to the area up there and didn't get a chance to scout they're going up pretty much blind! Any pointers or tips we be greatly appreciated! Thanks for any help guys!
  3. regge090


    What kind of trades are you looking for?
  4. Hello and thank you for your time looking at my ad. I have a Quest Rogue Bow for sale that is brand new. I bought it off a guy on here last month and only has about 300 arrows on the bow! The bow is in perfect condition never sat in the heat or in a car that wasn't on full blast of cold air. This thing shoots perfectly out to a 110 yards hitting bulls-eyes all the way there. It has a 29" draw and #60-70 pound pull with 80% let-off for great shot penetration! I am selling it so soon because I need a heavier weight for my archery antelope hunt this August. I am asking $375 for the bow bare. Firm on price. The bow brand new is $500 so this is a steal! The second Bow for sale is a Martin Cheetah: This bow is older but still shoots like it is brand new. It has a #45-60 draw weight with a 25-27" draw-length that is adjustable. Great for kids and women learning to shoot. It is light but is a heavy-duty bow that can withstand the hardships of hunting and archery shooting. I bought it brand new from Bear Mountain in 2008. This was my first bow that I learned to shoot on with my dad. It is what killed my first bull elk in 2008 in Unit 27, and then killed my first archery Coues buck in 24A the next year. I was 11 years old at the time but you would never know that by looking at the elk. The elk scored 350 and the shot was between two pines trees that were a foot apart! This bow has never failed me and carries a lot of sentimental value for me. I will sell it for $300 for the bow bare and will not waver on that price because of the memories I hold with it. Mathews Quiver: Selling for $25! I will sell everything for $675 so that means you get the two bows and then the quiver for free. If you are interested or have any questions you can email or text/call me at: codygifford97@gmail.com and (480) 254-0966 Thank you.
  5. Hello and thank you for looking at my ad, I am in need of a new Archery sight that is Movable so i can shoot 100+ yards. I would like to buy a Brand new but do not have an extra 350$ to spend right now. Im looking to spend 100$-210$ for the right sight Maybe a trade if the deals right! A couple sights i am interested is the Spot hogg Tommy Hogg 5 pin or Black Gold Ascent 5 Pin. You can reach me at 480-254-0966 text is preferred! Again thank you and god bless!
  6. regge090

    Edge chip for duramax diesel

    I have a chip for a 2004.5 -2005 duramax diesel Chevy or gmc. This chip gives you the power for racing or towing or just a little dirty black fun! The chip Msrp at 1000$ and I'm selling it for 500$ or obo no super low ballers please:) if you want pictures or want to contact call or text 480-242-6031 thank you and god bless
  7. regge090

    AZGFD doesn't care about the youth.

    Thank you guys for the in put. Just one more thing thou, since shes over the age limit why did they take my tag also?
  8. regge090

    6b help!!

  9. regge090

    6b help!!

    Heading out on my first antelope hunt ever!! And to make it a little more difficult its archery! Since im only 15 and neither my dad or i have hunted these species, Just wondered if i could get a little advice for the hunt or some tips would be great! -Cody
  10. regge090

    Skulls with a Camo look

    WOW!! Thats really freaking cool! Could you do a deer head possibly?
  11. No sir i did not thank you for showing that!
  12. The azgfd is bragging about how they had over 130,000 people put in right well i did some math and figured...For just hunting applications fee they made over over $99000. For elk they had over 23000 tags with a total of $2,670,000. For antelope they had 790 tags with a total of $61,000. In all the made over $2.8 mil threw one draw kinda intresting