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    Wednesday Night 3-D League

    We have been posting things up on Facebook and last night was the first night for our indoor 3-D league..It was a riot..Its for fun,no prizes..Alot of friendly smack talking and just great fun! We are doing this every Wed this month.Cost is $12 per night.Come out of the heat and have a blast! Its a great way to get ready for August/Sept hunts.... -- Nate
  2. nlacost

    >AR15 Upper<

    Awesome..!! I figured as much just wanted to verify..I believe you shot a deer with that upper, right? Just want to check on it..I might get back to you soon...Thanks for your time..
  3. nlacost

    >AR15 Upper<

    how does that caliber cycle? Was curious as to that steep shoulder...?? Might be interested for the little woman to shoot with...great cartridge!!
  4. Managed to be fortunate enough to get a tag and fill it...Tough hunt I was averaging 10-12 miles a day and 110 degree temps...Saw plenty of critters and had a blast when I did get to hang out with great friends...Got him Aug 27th and for those wondering it was a 100 yard facing straight on shot from my knees and the arrow went full length through the body and exited the rear...arrow kept going...thanks to those of you who gave me some tips on where to start..it was worth the effort for sure!!
  5. nlacost

    Unit 21 Archery Antelope Down

    StickFlicker- I will get with you to score him and add my elk and mule deer as well to the book..!! Thanks bud..
  6. nlacost

    Unit 21 Archery Antelope Down

    Thanks everyone...some were asking so I will tell...I had 8 points and drew tag #5 of the 5 tags available...between the fly overs and the prescribed burns going on in the area I am surprised I even saw anything..LOL
  7. nlacost

    Wednesday Night 3-D League

    Here at Ross Outdoors..407 S.17th Ave Phoenix,AZ 85007..Wed nights at 630 pm..nothing over 30 yards and don't worry nobody was complaining about the distances and it was nice to see guys scores were just dusting off the cobwebs...It was a blast..everyone was cracking up and some found issues in their setups..so it was a good thing to do a gear check..We are going to set up more obstacles next week...
  8. nlacost

    Huge Fathers Day Sale!!

    Join us this weekend for your pappy day..I cant openly tell specifics due to dealer restriction but we are blowing out some great discounts..20%-50% off select optics and 25%-50% off select backpacks..Up to $150 off select bows and everything is at least 10% off..Just trying to get that guy that taught you the outdoors hooked up..See You on Saturday! -- Nate
  9. nlacost

    Huge Fathers Day Sale!!

    Thanks to everyone who came out to support the business and got those smoking deals for your dad!! We really do appreciate the turnout and as always it was nice touching base with familiar faces and meeting new ones too...Again have a happy fathers day- Nate
  10. Thanks Mike..We have been getting tons of new gear..I just wanted to put this out so people can not slam the pro shops in August and get mad when they have to wait a bit to get something done...Don't forget Veteran,Military,First Responders get 10% off everyday...Hope everyone gets out and enjoys the upcoming shoots..
  11. I feel like I have to post this.Please don't wait until August to get your strings on your bows..Now is the time to do a fall hunting inventory so you aren't scrambling.Bowstrings should be done at least every 2 years if not sooner depending on usage.There is a break-in period so start sooner than later.If your bow case has cobwebs then its time for a check-up..Are your boots and camo intact?Does the release need work or replaced?Have you checked the arrows for straightness and have enough broadheads?Does your rangefinder need batteries?Did you accidentally bend or chip your bottom cam going up that hill last season?Just a few things to get checked besides strings..Please don't get upset if you procrastinate until 2 weeks before the hunt and wonder why the string makers and pro shops are backed up a bit,missing opener isn't their fault..Start now and you should have a much smoother hunt this fall.And with all the great 3-D shoots over the summer it makes getting dialed in a breeze.......Thanks - Nate
  12. nlacost

    Custom 6.5 Creedmoor

    I will give you a bear rug,a mule deer mount and a case of Schlitz...or PBR...and $100 cash..
  13. nlacost

    Coyote Down

    I've never mounted or tanned them so not sure..any taxidermist should be able to help you out though...
  14. nlacost

    Coyote crush benefit hunt

    Tough hunt ...we didn't even check in with only 1...we were in a bunch,they just didn't want to close the distances..alot of people entered I assume or they were all where I was at...LOL...but it was for a great cause and it was a hoot being out...I don't know who or how many won it...
  15. Managed to pull it off this morning and it was a very hard hunt.I hunted 6 units and put 1200 miles on truck and boots...what a way to wrap it up...Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!
  16. Just a nice relaxing day out calling yesterday.No phone,no worries and despite the breezy conditions still pulled a few out....These days are just awesome to be out.Hope everyone had a good weekend......
  17. nlacost

    2018 Archery Coues Buck

    Congrats on a great archery buck!!
  18. nlacost

    Coyote crush benefit hunt

    I think I can make this one..Thanks for the info.Im pretty jacked up to go!
  19. nlacost

    My Belated Birthday Mule Deer

    Thanks everyone!! I was glassing the flats when he was cruising by himself.I had to run pretty fast to catch up to him..It was crazy because he wasn't paying attention as I was running as quiet as I could on gravel..I closed the gap to 300 and just kept going..Ran up to about 100 yards and ranged him..Drew back at 82 yards and drilled him quartering away,he went 35 yards and piled up.This has been the worst rut and I have been seeing lots of grouped up does with no bucks anywhere.I posted the pic and went back out to help friends but we couldnt get on anything.Its been a tough hunt for sure.
  20. We have posted some youtube videos of me doing demo's of various hand calls through Ross Outdoors..I think the key is to call less and longer pauses.The proper stand location and wind direction also help as well as having the sun at your back if you can.I also dont sit on a stool or anything.I stand up and put my back to a mesquite or saguaro if I can.
  21. Managed to squeak out a few more dogs despite the wind...It was definitely a tough day out though..Should have had a few more but I was a little light on the trigger...lol
  22. Its not easy for sure,but man its a hoot when they come running in hot at 15 yards..or stay on the outskirts at 200 in the brush slinking in quiet and stealthy..you just never know. It keeps me rolling for sure..
  23. nlacost

    Yes the new Hoyt Demo's are in ......

    He has an #80 lbs Hoyt RX-1 32" ......verified through the rep who is here today doing our Hoyt Demo day and if you test fire you are entered to win vortex binoculars..
  24. Just got in a couple of the hoyt bows in..we will be doing a full review soon.
  25. nlacost

    First Fox of the Season

    someday I will start trying to keep the pelts..good job.