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  1. Kilimanjaro

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    Here’s a gobbler that came into the call. Was responding almost every time we called to him. 5D3D356B-3C5B-43C2-9F2A-9B26FF054D23.MP4
  2. Kilimanjaro

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    Here’s my guy stringing mine up in a hurry. Had a bird singing 100 yards away and coming in!
  3. Kilimanjaro

    Commisstioner's Turkey Tag Raffle

    Pm sent
  4. Kilimanjaro

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    They’re certainly not objected about roost shooting birds down there. Luckily in April the gobblers are quite vocal and responsive to calls. They used foxpro w the Ocellated call. They would come in probably 60% of all set ups we did. It was great. No hunting for jaguars or the ocelots. Plenty of lions down there too and they’re free game if you’re fortunate enough to see one
  5. Kilimanjaro

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    I just returned from a grand adventure Campeche, Mexico and it was a fantastic experience! The deep southrn portion of Mexico is totally different from the north.. very different vibe, quite different foods, etc. Oh yea, and loads of turkeys! I was able to take a great Ocellated gobbler the very first morning. The birds would hit the ground about 6:10am and start singing all morning til about 9am. They were also responding to the calls readily both in the morning and the evening. We hunted them classic style off the ground as well as Campeche style by slinging hammocks off the forest floor about 12-15 ft up. That was a new one for me! Very cool way to get off the bare forest floor and out of the turkey’s insane ability to spot you. We saw loads of grey brocket deer sign but just ran out of time to try for a buck. But I’ll be back next spring! Found a few jaguar tracks too. The Ocellated turkey makes 4/6 for me on my way towards the Grand/Royal/World slams with me heading to Vermont and New Hampshire next week to try for a New England Eastern doubler header/double stater! Definitely looking forward to try and get that number 5 gobbler next weekend! Muchas gracias to mi amigo in Campeche for setting everything up for me. What a great time!
  6. Kilimanjaro

    2020 grizzly hunt in Russia

    Yes my company books hunts in Russia. Thx, muledeerarea33 I’m headed back there in August for Kamchatka snow sheep and brown bear combo. Let me know if I can help you out in Russia. ✊🏼
  7. Kilimanjaro

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Thanks, all!
  8. Kilimanjaro

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Appreciate it, WHT_MTNMAN. While I've never been murder on the coues, I’ve somehow done ok on the mountain game and African game!
  9. Kilimanjaro

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    Yes it is
  10. Kilimanjaro

    Switzerland Alpine Ibex makes 20!

    He goes by many names .. We English speaking folks know him as the Alpine ibex. In Latin, he’s known as the grandfather of all of the goats; Capra Ibex. In his native ranges he goes by several monikers; le Bouquetin the French speaking regions of the Alps of southeast France and western Switzerland, lo Stambecco in the Italian Alps, der AlpenSteinböck in the German, Austrian and eastern Swiss Alps, and Kozerog in Slovenia where he lives in the Julian Alps, the southern arm of Alps proper. To many hunters, he’s regarded as the King of the Alps; Der König der Alpen. I am in this crowd of hunters. He’s a special animal that most hunters are afforded just one chance at, if ever at all, in their lifetime. Permits are extremely limited and very hard to come by. He’s been immortalized in his native range in statues, sculptures, paintings, and writings. Hunters for millennia have looked up from the valley floors on clear days at the highest snow and glacier capped haunts the Alps have and pondered the chance to have just one opportunity to chase the long horned goats that live in those absolute vertical reaches of the incredible range they’d gaze upwards at. I had my opportunity in western Switzerland this past week. I’m humbled to have had the opportunity to receive this rare permit at a time that coincided with my chance to finish my Capra Super 20 (20 different goat species from around the world) I’m thankful, humbled and grateful. It was a hunt I’ll never forget. The Alps gifted me one of its Kings and he’ll forever hold a spot of the highest regard in my life and in my memories from here on out. Having finished my Capra Super 20, I have so many people to thank. Each of you all know who you are. Know that you’re all incredibly gracious good people and I’m a better man for having had the pleasure of you in my life. Thank you all.
  11. Kilimanjaro

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Hello Tikka We were hunting on Otjiwa. A conservancy in Otjiwarongo in northern Namibia through my company Global Pursuit. I appreciate it very much!
  12. Kilimanjaro

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Yes sir, the pics with the trees is Deadvlei. Its probably one of the most photographed places on earth for dramatic nature pics. It was really incredible to see! The dune behind Deadvlei in the photos is called Big Daddy. Supposedly the tallest dune on earth. Sossusvlei was very close by. Just on the other side of the canyon. It isnt as dramatic as Deadvlei with its standing dead acacia forest, but it has the most beautiful dunes. Also the 2nd tallest dune is there, of course named Big Mamma. These areas are great to see but they are WAYYY out there. It is 5-6 hours of washboarded dirt roads just to get to the entrance of the National Park. Then its another hour drive to these areas plus an hour walk in from the parking. Theyre way back in there! Id recommend Swakopmund for just all out fun. Tons of stuff to do there and dang near just as much sand! I appreciate it, guys. ✊✊
  13. Kilimanjaro

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Yes, PH’s dog. My daughter loved her so she was in pretty much every photo we took. Her name was Wrinkles and she was a tracking whiz. Luckily her services were not needed by us!
  14. Kilimanjaro

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Thanks. The Roan was measured as the 2nd largest ever to come from Namibia. He truly is a monster bull.
  15. Kilimanjaro

    Namibia July 2018 ( a return to Africa)

    Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. You have to REALLY want to see these to go. 5 hours of dirt roads to get here. Stunning place though!! It is literally the middle of nowhere. Tallest dunes in the world and theyre a beautiful peach orange color.