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    My sleeping bag sucks/// Which one to get

    I have to second the already mentioned Wiggy's. Most bags are pretty exaggerated regarding their temp ratings. I have a 0 degree bag from Wiggys and have been in those temps ( or at least single digits) and stayed warm. I also like the fact I can get a long bag from them. If you are over 6 feet you will need one. Before I went and bought my Wiggy's I always stuck out of the top of any bag I ever owned. I do insist on a good bag anymore. I had too many years of surplus military bags (which I am positive were stuffed with chicken feathers). Wiggy's usually has a sale of some sort pretty often (20% off plus free shipping right now), so while it may seem like a steep price, it is well worth it. They only deal in synthetics which has its plus's and minus's, but I have backpack hunted with mine and manage to get it rolled up pretty small.
  2. bradne

    winchester 88 value

    My Dad has an identical one (in fact I shot my first deer with it a lot of years ago). I was with him in Cabelas in Phoenix and they had one in their "fine gun room" and they wanted close to a grand for it (if I recall correctly). I have no idea why. It took quite a bit of convincing on my part to keep him from taking his up to them to try and sell it.
  3. Were both brands of brass new or previously fired? If they were previously fired in another rifle, then they could have been "fire formed" in the chamber of the other rifle. No two rifles are exactly the same. So if the original rifle had slightly looser tolerances, and the current rifle has slightly tighter tolerances, previously fired brass may not chamber easily. As mentioned above, once the chamber gets warmed up, it expands and the round may chamber while its warm. Personally I full length every time, usually out of habit and the fact that I tend to pick up a lot of brass and dont always know its history.
  4. bradne

    10x or 8x

    I use 10s. After a couple of minutes though, I just am not steady enough so, like GBA, I am using a monopod instead of a tripod. I just use one of the cheap "shooting sticks" from wal mart (unscrew the yoke and there is a 1/4" stud for your adapter). Since I am usually backpack hunting or at least a couple of miles from the truck, the monopod is way lighter than the lightest tripod. With the monopod, I can sit on a ridge with my 10s and glass for hours. It doesn't replace a full size spotting scope and tripod, but it is definently more portable.
  5. bradne

    Where can I buy a decent unit map

    If you have not played with it, the new mapping program on the G&F website is actually pretty good. It has standard topo maps plus sattelite imaging. You can add your own notes (draw routes, add GPS coords etc..). You can then save it as a jpeg and print it out at your convenience. http://www.azaccessmap.com/ Its not as user friendly as I would like, but once you get the hang of it, its not bad. You can print out any unit or area in Az that you want. Another one that I have been playing with is CalTopo www.caltopo.com . It has a lot of the same maps as the G&F website (among others) but also has some historical maps. I have spent quite some time looking at the older maps and find them pretty interesting. Caltopo does not have 100% coverage of their historical maps, but it has a bunch. Both of those are free so I would invest in some waterproof printer paper, or just use regular printer paper and put it in a gallon zip lock bag to keep it dry.
  6. bradne

    You be the judge

    That is definently Mexican Military. You are saying that they were 3/4 of a mile from the border then they were just on the other side. Were they on the north side of the border or were they always on the south side? The last picture shows them at the top of the hill just south (presumably) of the the border monument. Its pretty common for the Mexican Military to do foot patrols in rougher terrain, and as everyone knows they do stray north sometimes.
  7. bradne

    Need the opinion of any AC techs

    The tech won't be back until Friday to take a look for the leaks. With all of the junk I have around here, I don't have a "black" light to look for a leak and I am not seeing any oil with the naked eye. The good part is that the AC is chugging along and cooling just fine for now.
  8. bradne

    Need the opinion of any AC techs

    This is why I love Coueswhitetail. The only question I can't get answered is "What are next weeks winning lottery numbers?". I am in Sierra Vista so Tucson is not far away, maybe further than some AC techs would want to go, but still not too bad. , This AC is 12 years old and if it is not repairable then I am OK with that. The tech seemed like a pretty good guy, but I have the feeling that some of these guys are pressured to be salesmen also. That is my concern.
  9. bradne

    Newbie at Fort Huachuca

    As mentioned above, the Sportsmans Center would have all the info for hunting on base. There are some very nice Coues running around there. As far as waterfowl, the only duck hunters I have ever run into around here were shooting ducks off of a cattle tank (and yes they had a couple). I don't know if there are many ducks on the ponds that are scattered around the base, but again, the Sportsmans Center would have the info.
  10. As the title says, I am looking for some advice from any experiencd AC technicians. I have a 4 ton AC unit. Part of it is located in the house (integrated with furnace) and the other part is outside. I had to call an AC service today because I noticed that it was not cooling correctly and there isn't any other time in the next few days that I will be home for a tech to come out. Obviosly the companies that are willing to come out on Saturday are going to charge more. I expect that so I am not too upset about that. I am a bit concerned about what he had to say though. I told him that about a year ago I had a tech from the same company out and at that time he added some freon since it was low. He didn't do anything else except clean it at that time. I was having the same problem then and after he added the freon, it worked good unti the last couple of days when I noticed it not cooling as efficient. When the tech showed up today, He inspected it and told me he thought it was low on freon since it was not cooling and the lines were freezing up (I agree with that). He checked and added three lbs of freon. He did give me a bit of a price break on the call since he told me the other tech should have checked for leaks. He did add some dye to the system and will be back on Friday to look for a leak (says that small leaks take time to show up). My concern is the fact that he told me that more than likely he could not repair a leak on the coil and every time he tries to solder them, he burns through destroying the unit. He then told me I would more than likley have to replace the unit for about $4000.00. This is a worst case scenario, since he has not yet found the leak and is just guessing. I am not wild about plopping down 4 grand for an AC, especially since it seems to me that if these things were soldered when they were built, I don't know why a skilled repairman could not do a repair without destroying a unit. If they do determine that the leak is "not repairable" I will have another company come in and give me a quote, but I am trying to get my ducks in a row here. I did some reading and realize that if it could be repaired that all the freon would have to be removed first. I am sure that would be significantly cheaper than replacing the unit. I am just trying to make sure that am not being suckered to buy a high price new AC from the same company that is "unable" to repair my current one.
  11. bradne

    Buy American

    Years ago, when my wife and I were first married, we had all of the cheap Walmart/Kmart furniture. After realizing that every couple of years we had to replace some piece of furniture because it would simply fall apart, I figured out that if you buy quality, then you will save in the long run. Quality usually means made in the USA (there are a few exceptions though). Now, I go out of my way to buy Made in the USA products and I find it difficult to impossible for some things. Especially electronics and appliances (I havn't seen an american made TV in a long time). Even if someone started a factory in the US to make TVs, all of the components would more than likely come from China. We have a lot of natural resources but our manufacturing plants are either closing down due to the economy or the increase in taxes. I don't blame some companies for moving their operations to Mexico, they simply cannot afford to do business in the U.S. Companies such as Ford and GM will build part of a vehicle in the U.S., put it on a train and send it to Mexico to put the interior or other parts on it and then ship it back (then say its made in the USA). I have no idea how much it costs to put a vehicle on a train and ship it accross the country, but obviously its worth it to the auto companies. The savings in labor apparently makes up for the cost of the train trip. The same thing applies to a refrigerator. How much are the companies saving in labor and taxes to build that refrigerator in Korea, put it on a ship and send it to the other side of earth? With all of that said, even if someone decided to start a manufacturing facility here in the U.S., where would the skilled labor come from? How many kids any more actually learn a trade (or want to learn). All of them want to just do something with computers (I am having backflashes of my father ranting about the same thing 30 years ago). The vocational schools where someone went to learn how to run a mill or a lathe don't exist. The skilled people that can repair refrigeration, or do plumbing are dissapearing. I know of a copper mine in New Mexico where they CANNOT fill open employment slots. There simply are not any qualified applicants that are able to be welders, electricians, haul truck drivers, etc.. They actually are willing to train some people fot these slots (apprentiship) but the applicants cannot pass a drug test or a background check or they don't have a HS disploma or GED. This is a sad revalation of what our labor force has become.
  12. bradne

    just moved to southern az

    Ash canyon is pretty much moonscape since the Monument Fire. It will be a couple of years until there is enough growth to attract any coues. There are plenty in Miller Canyon, but they don't call coues "ghost deer" for nothing. A guaranteed place to see some is Ramsey Canyon. Unfortunately a lot of the area is private and the residents are feeding them, but I can't think of too many times I haven't seen any deer in that canyon when I go in there. Just don't hit one driving in there.
  13. bradne

    Huachuca Road closures

    neb, Sorry about your experience with the guys that answered the phone. Check your PMs please.
  14. bradne

    Shame on you

    Although I was born and raised in New Mexico (in Silver City in fact) I now live in Az. I did a lot of hunting and fishing and all around running around in the state when I lived there. Unless something has drastically changed in the last few years, the same types of idiots live in New Mexico as in Arizona (along with the rest of the U.S.). When I lived there, I saw a lot of "native" New Mexicans throwing garbage out, illegal off roading, poaching and generally giving sportsman a bad reputation. The fact that you are classifying everyone that lives in Arizona in the same boat shows your ignorance. I can take you to a lot of places in the southwest portion of the state that are trashed. I seriously doubt you can (in all seriousness) say that those also are the results of people from Arizona. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and guess your bad day was the cause of your rant. Its pretty hard to offend me, but I can tell you that getting on the internet and chewing the @ss OF THE ENTIRE STATE is not the way to start making friends.
  15. bradne

    What Cell phone provider do you use?

    I have a Sprint workphone and a Verizon personal phone. Hands down, the Verizon is the winner. It has much better coverage. The sprint will drop calls randomly and quite often even though i have a bar or two, I cannot make a call, and I end up using my personal phone to make work calls. As far as cost, the sprint is pronably a better deal. I have dealt with several people visiting the SE part of Az that have AT&T (they are mostly from phoenix where i guess it is quite popular) that have no service at all. I always thought that with roaming that you should be able to get service regardless of the provider, but apparently thats not necessarily true. When the iphone first came out several years ago, a co worker bought one and started showing all the amazing things it could do. He was right, it could do everything except make a phone call.