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  1. AZWildcat

    Javelina or Snipe????

    Similar sorry on the scouting end for the same unit. Tons of sign…..just not seeing them. However, I have the HAM tag and hopefully I will figure it out.
  2. AZWildcat

    20b pig down

    Congrats!! I was drawn for the HAM hunt in this unit and have scouted some, but still have yet to see them Nice to know they are in there!!
  3. AZWildcat

    Post you results

    3 Tags 5b N early hunt...should be a blast.
  4. Enough already and put us out of our misery!!
  5. AZWildcat

    Draw Results

    Drew 36 deer archery...
  6. AZWildcat


    Lowa fan here.
  7. AZWildcat

    Review for any Camo

    Wade, I bought some ASAT that is in fact made in USA. Try Clarkfield Outdoors they are based out of MN and I can not say enough good things about their service. Please note the sizes run a bit small.
  8. AZWildcat

    Duel in the Desert

    All I have to say, it is a much better feeling to have a team that wins. It was getting old getting taken to the woodshed.
  9. AZWildcat

    First Muley Buck

    Great Buck!!
  10. AZWildcat

    09 achery bull

    Holy Whale Tail!
  11. AZWildcat

    Best Bivy Ground Pad

    +1 the best I have found.
  12. AZWildcat

    Burro Mountain Opener

    Hopefully you run across one of those big bucks in the Burros!!
  13. AZWildcat

    Career Path

    Even at Buffalo Wild Wing Willie is the MAN!