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  1. Recent mountain goat finished up. This is a November Alaska goat, hence the long hair. Clay Roberts of Big Wild Outfitters has a great area for these winter goats. View the full article
  2. Here is a 120" buck taken last year in Sonora, MX by Buck L. Buck was hunting with Jason Sherwood of High Desert Outfitters. The other bucks were taken by a father/son duo in Sonora, MX and they hunted with Goodman Outfitters. View the full article
  3. Here is Bill A's unit 22 Ram from the past season. 178 4/8 Gross score. View the full article
  4. ceg

    Big Bulls

    Here are Jim H.'s big unit 9 muzzleloader bull and Phillip B.'s huge Auction tag bull. View the full article
  5. I am looking for a lifesize coues deer skin from a mature buck, preferably from the October/ Early November timeframe. Let me know if someone has one in their freezer they might like to sell. Thanks in advance, Clay
  6. ceg

    Anyone know a 41W tag holder?

    I have a 41w sheep tag. How can I get in contact with you?
  7. Here is a super buck taken by last year's auction coues hunter Phillip B. Phillip was hunting with Arizona Ground Pounders when he took this giant. They have photos of this buck for the past few years and were finally able to put eyes on him and harvest him. I personally ran a rough tape on him and got over 146" gross and he was officially scored SCI at over 147". View the full article
  8. Here is a big New Mexico archery mule deer and a couple of Texas Aoudad sheep that recently left the shop. View the full article
  9. We have been really busy in the shop and haven't had much time to post but here is Averi E.'s desert sheep and Bob J.'s bobcat. View the full article
  10. ceg

    Mtn. Lion

    A female lion we just finished up. The females don't make for large mounts but they are definitely pretty. View the full article
  11. We recently finished this lifesize Dall sheep. View the full article
  12. Here are a few more mounts that we recently finished up. The Hyena was taken by Alan H. and the Bontebok was taken by Wes B.; both trophies are from Africa. The Aoudad was taken by Mike H. on a West Texas hunt. View the full article
  13. Here is a teaser for those getting ready for their upcoming antelope hunts. This is a buck I mounted from the past season in Arizona. He is the pending world record with a muzzleloader at 94 4/8. Both horns are over 18" with good mass and prongs. Customer Jeff E. located this buck during preseason scouting and was lucky enough to harvest him when the season rolled around. Jeff sent me some live photos of the buck he took during his scouting and we were a long ways off on guessing what he measured. It is always good to have them grow when you walk up on them. View the full article
  14. Here are a few mounts that recently left the shop. The elk was taken by Justin R. with his muzzleloader and grosses over 390". View the full article
  15. ceg

    Brown Bear Double

    We recently finished these two brown bears for brothers Brian R. and Chad R. They were taken a year apart in coastal Alaska. Both are very large bears. I delivered them to Gila Outdoor in Thatcher, AZ where they will be on display. Gila Outdoor has a large selection of hunting, archery and shooting equipment as well as a big indoor archery range. Stop by and see their big display of huge mule deer and other trophies if you get down that way. You can also order online from their website, so next time you need something outdoor or hunting related, check them out. View the full article
  16. ceg

    Mexico 2015

    Our group went to a new ranch this year in Sonora and harvested some nice deer. We ended up with deer that measured 113, 112, two 107s, 95 and 90. It was a lot of fun with a good group of friends. My dad had a tag and ended up giving it to his grandson due to a knee problem and not being able to get around. I attached a photo of Dad and Gage with his last day buck. View the full article
  17. Here are a couple of nice bucks. The buck with the habitat was taken by Brady M. while hunting With Colburn and Scott Outfitters in Sonora, MX. He was taken with archery equipment and his gross score is 118 2/8 with a net of 110 1/8. Brady's buck has been invited to the Pope and Young Panel and Convention that will be held in Phoenix this year. The other buck was taken by Jason H., founder of Kuiu. He also hunted with Jay Scott and Darr Colburn in Sonora Mexico. View the full article
  18. Here are a few nontypical Coues bucks I finished up recently. The top two bucks were taken in southern Arizona on the late December hunt and the two lower bucks were taken in Sonora, Mexico. View the full article
  19. ceg

    More Desert Sheep

    Here are some more sheep we did this year for some lucky hunters. The wall pedestal ram is Dave Martin's 182+ ram from unit 22 and the wide horned shoulder mount is Dennis Loescher's 180+ ram from 24B. The laying ram with his head to the left is Carl L.'s giant 185 24B ram. Good luck to this years hunters, only a little over a week away! View the full article
  20. ceg


    Here are some photos of a few sheep we recently finished. We complete all desert sheep mounts in time for the ADBSS sheep hunter and ram recognition banquet held each fall for those hunters who wish to attend and display their sheep. View the full article
  21. Beams, beams and more beams. Here are some photos of the the big velvet buck Broc B. took last year with the auction Coues tag. He has double main beams on the right and quadruple main beams on the left. View the full article
  22. Here are a couple of photos of Claude Warren's big ram from last fall. Claude was lucky enough to be the winner of the super raffle sheep tag which allows him to hunt most of the units along the Colorado River. Claude hunted with Jay Scott and Darr Colburn of Colburn and Scott Outfitters Claude's ram grosses 185 3/8 inches and nets 181 1/8, making it the top Nelsoni ever taken in Arizona if I am not mistaken. Thanks to Claude for letting me do this awesome sheep. View the full article
  23. ceg

    Safari mounts

    Here are a few mounts we finished recently for Michael B. and Charles W. They both went to Africa together and had a great trip, taking many of the animals with their bows. View the full article
  24. Here are some velvet bucks and a hard horned buck that I recently finished up. The hard horned mule deer was taken in central AZ by a junior hunter from Mississippi. It is crated and shipping out tomorrow for its new home. He is 32" wide and grosses 185; a super buck for this area. View the full article
  25. ceg


    Here is white rhino I mounted for a client. He went to Africa and took his dangerous seven all on the same hunt. Mounting an animal the size of Volkswagen sure is far cry from working on our little coues deer from here. View the full article