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  1. Please don't laugh but I am getting ready to ask for advice on where I can find a trophy Abert's squirrel, haha. I saw an Abert's squirrel and a Kaibab squirrel mounted as a pair in a taxidermy shop and the mount was really cool. I would like to collect a set of these uniqure squirrels for my trophy room before I move back East. Plus, I figure I can get some use out of the AZ license that I never get to use. I think I have the Kaibab squirrel covered but I haven't hunted for anything South of the ditch. My plan was to start by hunting some Ponderosa pines around the Flagstaff area to find an Abert's. Are Abert's squirrels plentiful around Flagstaff? Any certain areas better than others? I only need one Aberts. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. One time my brother parked his truck and was hiking up a steep ridge in Colorado to get above a great ranch for some archery elk when he spotted what looked like a yellow school bus driving up one of the ranch roads. Of course, there should not be a school bus out there so he pulled out his spotting scope for further investigation. Turns out, it was one of the Hunter Specialities' yellow trucks complete with sponsor decals and all. It turns out it was Al Morris, haha. Al ended up killing a bull that is on the newest Primetime Bulls DVD. Not a big bull, but great for CO. On another hunt, my brother, my wife and I were in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake glassing for my wife's cow moose hunt when a minivan came up the canyon and pulled over in a widespot. Several people ranging from daddy, mama, grown kids down to little kids poured out of the minvan with camo and bows and began glassing. They soon spotted a little doe and began pursuing it, all but mama and the smallest kids. Did I mention mama was about 350 lbs? While we were watching to see if they killed the doe, we panned our glass back to the minivan and saw mama squatting to relieve herself, full moon and all!!! Scary!
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    Native Resident proposal

    Hey guys, I have been watching from the outside on this site for quite a while and I figured it was time to post. However, I really picked a tough topic to make my first post on. I catch some heat on other sites when I post on this topic because people don't like what I have to say. Anyways, I play the draw odds in just about every Western state and have learned the ins and outs. If you guys are really concerned about some guy getting lucky drawing a quality tag 3 years in a row, then you need to create a waiting period to make those guys sit on the sidelines a while. Creating a new class of points is not the anwer. It only makes odds worse. Although I have not drawn an AZ tag and I pay quite a lot as a NR to apply each year, I generally like the system. The only thing I would change is the rule that causes only NR with max points to draw the premium tags; every applicant should have a shot even it it is 0.00001%. I personally love NV's system with square points and waiting periods. A preference point system would be a catastroply for AZ because point creep would never end with AZ's limited tags. Also, AZ has to be careful that it doesn't go too far on the resident preference because the Constitution does have the privileges and immunities clause that limits how far AZ can go. I know it reminds everyone of the USO lawsuit fiasco. Just remember, we are all a NRs outside our home states. Anything you do in your home state to limit NRs, is likely to be used against you other states when you want to hunt there as a NR. I love this site and look I forward to being a member.