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  1. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Bump for a great set.
  2. Love it! That firearm would enjoy nothing less than it being used! Enjoy my friend!
  3. azshtr

    Picnic Table

    Wow... rip that wood and make 2! The holes are already drilled!
  4. Upgraded? Just a hunch
  5. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    PM answered. The Muzzleloader breaks open by pulling the trigger guard. It looks like there is a primer ejector when you do that. Again guys... not my guns so educate me as needed.
  6. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    sure... PM sent
  7. azshtr

    No cams on water by G&F.....coming soon.

    At least they were all there. That seems like a rare thing these days.
  8. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Let's bump this and help my MIL... $800... come on, ya know ya want it.
  9. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Pro Hunter

    Since this is sold oogle the other one... I'm bumping it.
  10. azshtr

    Backpack suggestions

    Kuiu frame with a couple different pack sizes to fit it. 2 Thumbs up.
  11. azshtr

    Boneless trout filet

    That was to easy.
  12. azshtr

    Trips to the Valley

    I look at "traffic Calming" as a chicane.
  13. azshtr

    Canyon Mistress

    Great stuff!
  14. azshtr

    Elk 22S Muzzleloader

    4 posts since 2013! You're on fire. Good luck on your hunt. Look south of Doll Baby Ranch Road, that's where they will be be for your 22S hunt.
  15. azshtr

    SOLD Ruger Old Army

    On occasion but not for this sale:) Unless you want to wait for my next Whitetail hunt. My Tucson brother frequently asks me to check something out for him here in Phoenix. Slim pickins in Tucson.
  16. azshtr

    Got a Charge!!!

    You have not been served.
  17. azshtr

    SOLD Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge

    PM Replied. Thanks.
  18. SOLD Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge. 30" Barrel. 2 3/4 Chamber. This shotgun is in very good shape for it's age. No rust and stock is in great shape. $300
  19. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Bump $825? Offers... all that can happen is we say yes or no.
  20. azshtr

    SOLD Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge

    I appreciate the offer but I'm trying to help the MIL with her late husbands gun collection. He had some very nice guns and I'm going through them as I have time. Just raising funds for her.
  21. azshtr

    Thompson Center Renegade 50 cal

    No. What you see is what there is.
  22. Thompson Center Renegade 50 cal. This was built from TC kit. It looks like of all the firearms my FIL had he actually used this one. It's in good shape but has some wear to the stock and bluing. Nothing major or bad, but I think this was his go to firearm when he was shooting. He took care of his guns. $225
  23. azshtr

    SOLD Winchester Model 37 12 Gauge

    They were made from the 37's till '63. Hence model "37". All it say's is "Winchester Choke" and I think they were full choke unless ordered special. I tried the "dime" test and a dime does not go into the barrel which I believe means full choke. However this is based on online searching. There is a lot of information on these shotguns. I can help with whatever you find regarding serial numbers or ways to check choke. It is a very nice shotgun with a very clean bore considering it's age.
  24. SOLD A very nice Thompson Center Hawken Couger .50 cal with perfect bluing and stock. Also included is a deer skin sheath. Very pretty gun $400
  25. azshtr

    Thompson Center Encore Kit

    Time for a bump. $850. Other barrels can be added at reasonable cost. Thats the neat thing about these guns.