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  1. Wow nice mount!!! I like those extra points coming off his front eye gaurds.
  2. Saw a coues whitetail sticker on the I10 East bound around 12:00 I pretty sure it was a Silver midsive SuV maybe Brown.
  3. Denali09

    **Draw Results**

    I got drawn for 7east October rifle bull. Also this will be my first elk tag. . Just dont think I can wait for October
  4. Denali09

    Guess the Score Contest - Jan 2010

    Ima guess 139 5/8ths gross. wild guess... nice buck
  5. Denali09

    Pretty pictures

    Here is a pic. of the morning sky,of my 2009 November Deer Hunt. Hope u enjoy.
  6. Denali09

    Theyre up!!!!!!!

    I got drawn for Javelina 18B,but i did not get drawn for a deer tag. What does an 12 year old have to do to get a darn deer tag!!!! Does anybody want to trade a deer tag for my javelina tag My dad got drawn for a December Whitetail tag two years in a row!!!! .Congrats to you guys that got deer tags and good luck!
  7. Denali09

    Passing the time

    Nice pics. Switchback!!! Like the last Bull!!!
  8. Denali09

    It's official!

    Nice Ram congrats on a hunt of a lifetime!!!
  9. Denali09


    Awesome now I gotta get one of those critters.
  10. Denali09

    Matt's Turn for a Tom

    Congrats on your Tom, Matt!!!
  11. Denali09

    Jr's turkey - Grant's first yote

    Congratulations on your first coyote Grant!!
  12. Denali09

    Mount Done

    Congrats to your son!!!
  13. Denali09


    Thats Funny!!!
  14. Denali09

    New youth member

    Thank you all for being so kind. My dad was right when he said that everyone on this site is great! The gun in the picture is behind my head. Must have been the camera angle, I added another pic that shows how the gun was. I hit the pig at the front of the body near the neck I was so excited and I had a hard time keeping it steady!
  15. Denali09

    New youth member

    Here are a couple of pics from my young but outstanding Bird Dog Denali. -Brock Shes only about 4 months old so she's still growing.She's very silly might add a couple of those soon.