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    Ammo: 338WM, 9MM, 45APC, 40S&W

    pm sent
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    Smith & Wesson 44mag sold

    Smith & Wesson 44mag Mod
  3. cactusjack

    Smith & Wesson 44mag sold

  4. cactusjack


    I tried to send you a message, but your box must be full.
  5. cactusjack


    Prob a Ruger Hawkeye.
  6. cactusjack

    Smith & Wesson 44mag sold

    Correct, I never fired it. I dont know how many times the previous owner fired it, but probably not many. Who can afford to take a 44mag plinking? Not me. On a side note, no weapon sold is unfired. All are fired at the factory to make sure they shoot and do not blow up. Just sayin....
  7. cactusjack

    WTB/WTT 30cal eld-x 200gr bullets

    Not currently wanting to sell them
  8. cactusjack

    WTB/WTT 30cal eld-x 200gr bullets

    The box I was thinking is 220s. Sorry
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    Where are you located
  10. cactusjack

    WTB/WTT 30cal eld-x 200gr bullets

    I will check when I get home today
  11. Visited my uncle and went through his pawn shop. He showed me a bunch of rifles he has collected. There were a bunch of old Winchesters and military rifles. He showed me a Winchester 1892 in 25-20 that he said he was going to leave me in his will. I love old Winchesters, but I told him I hoped I didnt get it for another 20 years. My wife and I looked at lots of stuff for a couple of hours, then as we were getting ready to leave he called me over and said,"Many things I have been told I was going to inherit, somehow have been lost in the shuffle after the person passed on, so my wife told me to give the person the item I was planning on leaving them while I am still living. So here is your inheritance." It floored me. He gave me a box of 50 primed brass and bullets and the dies too. Im so excited to put in for javalina rifle. I have a HAM hunt this spring, so I will have to wait. I might plan a coyote trip and use it. Such a fun caliber.
  12. cactusjack

    Inherited a rifle

    I just doubled checked my serial number, mine is 1905. I love old lever actions. I have 2 1894's in built in 1898, one in 38-55 and one in 25-35. Im tempted to use the 38-55 on my coues hunt in unit 32. The only thing keeping me back is lack of ammo.
  13. cactusjack

    Inherited a rifle

    I put in for Spring Pig and my card was hit. I am going to use this bad boy. The 25-20 will hunt again. I can't wait.
  14. cactusjack

    I need a block wall qoute.

    not really a block wall, but....
  15. cactusjack


    LMT's are so yesterday. I'd rather have a Palmetto State Armory. That's quality. I'd offer you 500 and a Hi-point 9mm
  16. cactusjack

    .300 win mag ammo

    This is how I ended up with a 300 Win Mag. Good luck
  17. cactusjack

    1894 Winchester 38-55

    And the wait is over. I hope I get to hunt with it. It was made in 1898.
  18. cactusjack

    Sous Vide - Sounds weird.. changes the game..

    I love it. I have had great luck cooking my daughters bison this way. He was a 7 year old bull and tough as can be. Any roast, seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, whatever else I feel like throwing in, 36 hours at 132deg and then seared it with a Searzall torch. Tender, moist and delicious. Chicken breasts are great this way too. Dmoto's way of doing camp meals is great. sealed in bags, cooked and just reheat. Perfect quick meals that are easy to clean up. Im going to make some this weekend and get them ready for my deer hunt.
  19. I had the opportunity to go help my niece and 2 nephews hunt last weekend. My 22 year old son went along also. We had a blast. Glassing, hiking, roasting in the sun, camping out, laughing and we even got lucky enough to pack out some deer. A couple of take aways. Practice, practice, practice shooting, suppressed if possible. Dont wait until the day before you are leaving to see if the clothes you bought them last year still fit, they probably wont. Kids need gaiters, socks full of stickers make hiking and sitting and glassing unbearable Carry extra headlamps, kids lose them. Carry extra batteries, some adults forget to check those too. Carry sunscreen and extra lip balm, kids lose their hats and moms get upset when they see pics of red faced kids. Carry extra water, kids and adults sometimes forget to check their packs prior to leaving camp. Treking poles save knees, more for old guys than kids. A lightweight tarp makes glassing nicer, another use for those treking poles So does a can of bug repellent. Tripods and binos for all, kids involved in finding their deer feel like they are part of the hunt. Buy all the snacks and soda their mom's do not let them have at home. Pack more ice and ice chests than you think you might need. Relax and let them have fun and send pictures of them having fun to their moms. Now some pics...... I have handed down my kids old hunting clothes to them. It makes me happy to see them wearing them and takes me back to the days my kids went with me on youth hunts. Really the best of times.
  20. cactusjack

    2 youth hunters get it done

    great job. I love seeing the kids having a great time and having success.
  21. cactusjack

    Youth Hunt with niece and nephews

    Update, we had a 4th tag. My nephew that recently tore his ACL, and has surgery next week opted out of the hunt until he saw the results of his brother's, sister's and cousin's deer. It is his last year to hunt as a youth. Im glad he changed his mind. I wasn't able to go out with them but they changed tactics and chased mulies. Success, although his choice of headgear is suspect. I'm proud of how hard all these kids worked. I was talking to my oldest son about hunting Coues in Az compared to my hunting Nebraska Whitetail in my Air Force days, and how different the hunts are. The hardest part in tree stand hunting for me was getting permission, picking a good spot, and sitting still for hours on end without falling asleep or falling out of the tree. In my opinion you don't hunt Coues as a meat hunter, a desert Coues hunt tests your mettle. Sure it's delicious and we enjoy it, but the price per pound is ridiculous. We talked about the quote by JFK about going to the moon, and as cheesy as it sounds I feel it applies. Switch Moon with Hunt Coues.... “We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.”
  22. cactusjack

    Youth Hunt with niece and nephews

    I'm in the same boat. My oldest 4 are done with the youth hunts (youngest being 17 and involved in school stuff). We adopted and I cant wait to take my youngest son hunting. He is 8. He will definitely benefit from them tempering me. I currently take him on hunts where we do not have to sit still or glass for hours. One of the things I have learned is once they get bored, pack it up and do something else. That way he will want to go the next time. My dad loved going to auctions, I went to one when I was 6. I never wanted to go with him again. I've applied that to doing things with my kids. They have a good experience and want to go the next time and the length of their attention span grows.
  23. cactusjack

    Youth Hunt with niece and nephews

    "Hold still" "Quit banging sticks/rocks together" ect