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  1. NIce buckkkk! what unit
  2. Im glad that no one is the site is calling this BEAST of a Mule Deer "CARP" like I always see on here..
  3. Hendo9

    Hunting out of a blind

    I shot my Couses out of my ground blind last year. There are many benefits to a blind..MAJOR one is movement. you can get up and stretch your back, legs arms what have you without disturbing the area. YOu have great scent containment in the newer scent blocker type windows with shoot thru options... Let them get used to the new object early on, not to spook them on opening mornign when you want them to come in! HOWEVERRRR! this past april (Juniors turkey hunt) after I set up my blind & tree stands, deer cane & cameras for the coming season some worthless lower than whale crap on the bottom of the ocean decided to destroy the pop up blind and rip the camera from the tree!!! thats got to be the biggest down fall of an early set up of your gear
  4. Hendo9

    Ward's Outfitters 135" coues story

    I know for a fact that in Unit 8 where I hunt the Coues boogers.. They move from the Oak & Pine forest in the winter down into the nasty canyons. During the early part of fall.. August to September, they move miles up the canyon to feed on acorns and other delicate new growth. As far as travels go! My buddy has a camera approx. 3 to 4 miles away and we have both the same Coues bucks & Black Bears on them. So traveling from their home areas to get water or site see is not unheard of. Makes no sense does it? I have water & feed, but they travel miles to another tank & the same feed???? Animals dont ya just love them
  5. Hendo9

    **Draw Results**

    NOPE! NADA! NIET! NO........ Where do I start from... This whole draw system is CRAP, what other word could I use on a bonus point system or process that absolutely is POINTLESS!!! This is my 9th season without drawing an Bull Elk tag! What are the purpose of BONUS MY ARSE POINTS when the dont even matter on the draw.. I go into the draw with more than enough POINTS'LESS to draw a tag in my opinion. I have already heard of bowhunters that have drawn 3 back to back GMU 10 bull tags.. and another with 3 tags in 6yrs. Early bull, and 2 archery bulls(GMU-8, 7 and 10) just a simple example of what I am hearing and seeing! Im I missing something here? I put in for the same unit with 10 BONUS points and NUTTIN AGAIN!!!! We need to use Preference points for Trophy hunts like other states.. Make you put in for 2 yrs before you can actually draw you pay for 3yrs up front if you have the need to draw back to back tags... This would give people that have drawn a permit a better oppotunity to draw a tag in the state in which they live in... 10 Bonus Points Elk - No Tag 5 Bonus Points Antelope - No Tag
  6. Hendo9

    Pics of the 150 and 135 bucks

    that is some SICK Mass!!!!
  7. Hendo9

    150" WMAT Coues

    So has anyone figured out if he is a hybrid species or PURE Coues deer?
  8. Hendo9

    150" WMAT Coues

    wow.. i still cant get over how big this buster is! I still havent heard from anyone yet if this is a Hybrid species of the Coues.. Muley/Coues? Like alot of the northern area deer are?
  9. Hendo9

    Application Anxiety

    I fill the information out online. and print out the application afterwards. The convienent thing about this method is that your computer will remember the information for the cells on the application and autofill it for you with last years info PROBLEM!!!! it will however fill your license with the prior years code I.E. this year is is HD***** last year was HL***** I printed them out and wrote out the checks ready to seal them and looked at the no# I had got from Connie @ AZGFD realizing that the license was incorrect I turned the L into a D ppppeewwwwww... close one... but it does make it easier!!! good luck all as long as you are not putting for the same hunts as me 3C Archery Bull / 10 Archery Antelope...FINGERS CROSSED with 10 POINTLESS points
  10. Hendo9


    My personal experience with the Coues deer is that they are MORE keen.. They seem to use their senses a little better than Muleys.. This past archery season before I shot my Coues in GMU#8 I had a couple of Coues that came in ran off from a slight creeking sound from my seat in the blind.. but the same creeking sound did nothing to a 2-3 yrs old muley buck.. he simply looked up in the direction of the blind and continued to drink rather than blow out to the next county like the 2 lil Coues deer did. actually had one jump the string of my bow that shooting 315fps!!! slick devils! hahahahaha... I can easily say that I am addicted to these lil boogers just because of the challenge they put upI will never stop hunting my MONSTER MULEY's and will always put in Kaibab as my first choice hunts, but left overs go to the lil guys down south!
  11. Hendo9

    Arizona Units 16A, 18A, 18B

    If your going to hunt 18B you should just hunt the Aubrey Cliffs of 10... there is a higher amount of deer in the area
  12. Hendo9

    Look what I got to hold tonight!!

    Do you think is a HYBRID? The rack seems awfully big for a Coues deer even if its in the northern area mountains rather than the southern part of the state. Just wondering.. if it would record in the books the same as well, being a MIXED species??? None the less it is a TOAD of a MACK DADDY RABBIT BRUISER BUCK
  13. Hendo9

    Opening Day Stalk

    wow that is an awesome picture... when I had my son and daughter the pictures were nowhere near this quality...
  14. Hendo9

    Unit 36 A Nov 27th

    I just got back from the hunt and it was a TUFFF HUNT Way too many people and the unit has been hit way too hard with WAYYYY too many hunts. I was on Coues does all day long morning and night... My son and I hiked 16 miles in one day.. all over the Colorados.. both the north side and the south side.. glass till i got blurred vision and a headache... too say the least it was a frustrating hunt... We had a good time to be out in the woods romping around on the Rhino and foot, but would have liked to at least geta shot off... I will never put in for this late left over hunt again... the first hunt would offer way better opportunities than the 5th hunt in the unit straight...