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    Hunting/Surfing/Snowboarding/ Disrupting complacent industries with the Silicon Valley Start-Up Model. Change is the new norm: Adapt or Die.
  1. reganranch


    Eat Clen Tren Hard Anavar Give Up
  2. reganranch

    No Guide Fees

    Don't bring that devil's magic, known as math, on here(totally kidding Flatlander).The business model is solid and definitely constructed around non-residents with poorer draw odds. These outfitters have a constant monthly income and when they dont have a client, who's been drawn in this system, they can grab one from outside this membership pool.
  3. reganranch

    Safe location

    Listen to this man, the sum of all forces on your upstairs floor will not be zero for very long with that heavy sucker up there.
  4. reganranch


    Probably decent cigars and Caribbean rum , being that's the only thing that country has been able to innovate since its inception.
  5. reganranch

    Wild Mustangs

    What this populace lacks is Objectivity, Logic and Reason.
  6. reganranch


    Gasoline energy density 114x10^3 BTU/gallon E85 energy density 81.8x10^3 BTU/gallon 28.25% less energy dense. Huntharder was pretty spot on with a minimum margin of error.
  7. reganranch

    Will we lose Oak Flat Campground to Mining?

    Atlas is Shrugging. A few individuals here that need enlightenment please seek "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations" and "Atlas Shrugged". (Ayn Rand and Adam Smith are turning over in their graves.)
  8. reganranch


    You win the internet.
  9. reganranch

    Wildcats Big Day

    Who remembers the last time asu beat Oregon? That's right a decade ago. For everyone living in the modern world, making the employment jokes, they should know that if someone didn't go to college and study math, engineering or physics their degree at face value isnt worth it's salt whether it's at ASU or UA.
  10. reganranch

    Wildcats Big Day

    Hasn't Oregon beat ASU every time since, in their last seven meetings (i.e 2005, 2006,2007,2008,2009, 2010 and 2012)? I would say the Duck has Sparky's number. Next year it won't be so easy with Texas A&M and Oregon on their schedule.
  11. reganranch


    Choke: The official soft drink of ASU.
  12. reganranch

    illegal Aliens poaching deer

    “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”-Ronald Reagan The Mexican Government loves deporting it's people into the U.S., less people there as a whole to start a revolution in which is long over due.
  13. reganranch


    So much for "No Child Left Behind". I sure hope FirstCoues110 didn't attend Arizona State it already has an image problem, and doesn't need illiterate graduates running around on forums tainting it's prestige.
  14. reganranch


    Tucson/University of Texas at Austin, can you read? Transferred into Cockrell School of Engineering from the UA. I've been at the University of Texas for almost a year, and I can't think of a better university I'd rather attend besides maybe Stanford or MIT.