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  1. Leupold Mark 4 Riflescope 4.5-14x50mm LR/T Has custom Leupold turret for 375RUM (You will need to order a new turret if you want it back to stock) It has a Leupold installed simple crosshair duplex reticle. Great scope! No scratches. Ready for long range. Small marks where scope rings were attached. Retail price of $1400. Asking $650 OBO Call or Text Austin at 623-225-8955
  2. AAA

    mountain lion ready for pick up

    Great lion mount
  3. AAA

    Big Peninsula Bear

    Great looking bear Jim. Like the serious look
  4. 44B good for archery. Need max pts though
  5. AAA

    Results are Up!!!

    Now the site says results are not available. Check back in early April. False positive
  6. AAA

    Results are Up!!!

    Oops maybe tomorrow
  7. AAA

    Today Is The Day.....

    I've never seen so many G&F emails as there has been in the last week, maybe they are all bloggers now? What about the 1 Catalina desert ram remaining... Maybe they are out looking for more lions instead of working on the results..?
  8. AAA

    How many times have you checked today?

    Judging by the numerous busy call signals, appears everyone is trying to check.
  9. I was told that they were trying to figure out how to make 6% go into hunt codes with less than 9 tags (all the ram hunts). I think we need to know. My next question is I understand that everyone can have a full refund if they pull the application out now, but will that refund not come until the bulk of them do? At the end of May? May as well stay in the draw...
  10. AAA

    They are starting to hit CC

    That's what I believe they're proposing, yes. My dad 'drew' archery unit 1 bull last year, card denied the charge so the tag fee could not be charged and he did not get a permit! But worst of all he lost his loyalty point and lost out on 1 year's bonus point. But they still took his $7.50
  11. AAA

    Credit Card Hit!!!

    If you cancel your app in NM you have no chance at drawing the tags, but you wont get your refund of the tag fee until the normal refunds are processed in late May.
  12. AAA

    Credit card question

    They do call you now. They called us on the spring draw for pig tags and we gave them alternate payment info. Finally they figured this out... Duuuhh
  13. AAA


    Too bad AZGFD passed this regulation during the archery deer season when the hunters were in the field and less likely to comment. Also we would like to see the studies, stats, and information supporting this spread of disease theory.
  14. Any offers on this Binos?
  15. AAA


    G&F has NOT been able to ever give me a straight answer. They always brush the issue aside when discussing Salt&Mineral Combination blocks, Trophy Rocks, etc....
  16. Jim @ Southwest Wildlife did a great job putting my spring black bear together. I just love the mount!
  17. AAA

    Snowmobiler Shoots Moose

    I feel that nearly every bad situation could have been "avoided". We do not need to be armchair QB's in this situation. He should be justified IF he made the proper followup to contact WYGFD and take care of the situation. Sad deal.
  18. AAA

    Beware of Sonoran Outfitters!

    I have a past client that may have fallen prey to his 'discount emails'. Now we are trying to decide what to do.
  19. AAA

    The 2009 100" post

    Story coming out in the next Trophy Hunter Magazine issue! Watch for it! Arizona 2009 Coues' Deer Hunt Taken by Braydon P. (age 14) 115 1/8 B&C Official (Net Typical) Entered in the Boone and Crockett All-Time Big Game Awards - March 2010
  20. AAA

    OTC Elk Down!

    Well those Over-The-Counter hunts aren't a waste of time after all! I know Timberland Outfitters on here guides for them.. Hope we didn't take one of 'his' bulls! Good luck to all hunting this season! Public land NFS area
  21. A lot of people here seem to have an interest in the Alaskan Sitka Blacktails, so I though I'd post some pics from my rifle hunt a few years ago on Afognak Island (neighbor of Kodiak) My dad and I went up there for 4 days, had some rough weather, but made it happen on two decent bucks for our first time. Whales, deer, brown bears, waterfowl... What a trip! MY buck is the bigger one.. Cross fox and a silver fox Rough Camping Dinner