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    Jade Carly Culp Memorial Tournament

    Sorry everyone, I had the date wrong the first time. It will be April 14th -15th. Hope some people can make it out!
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    Bowfishing tournament?

    I hope you make it, also note that I had the date wrong. It is April 14th-15th.
  3. jakehaffey

    Bowfishing tournament?

    Not sure if any of you are interested but there will be a little gathering at Roosevelt Lake April 14th. You can fish day or night. Archery Carp and Bass fishing, everything is going to a family in need. Should be a good time and a great cause. It would be great to get a big turn out to help the family out. Free BBQ!!! Jade Carly Culp Memorial Fishing Camp Saturday - Sunday, April 14th – April 15th 2012 Roosevelt Lake (Bermuda Flat) Please join us in remembering Jade at our archery carp fishing and bass fishing camp. Fellow outdoorsman Brad Culp and his wife lost their daughter this February. We are putting together this memorial camp to help them through these tough times and remember their beautiful baby girl. You can join us in some archery carp and bass fishing. We will have a registration table open from 6:00AM – 8:30AM Saturday. You may pre-register by e-mailing jakehaffey@hotmail.com. Please include your name. We will be hitting the water Saturday morning so get registered early! There will be a BBQ Saturday night from 6:00PM – 7:30PM. If you would like to weigh in your big fish weigh in deadline will be at 12:00PM Sunday. We will also be accepting donations all weekend and they would greatly be appreciated. All proceeds will be going to the Culp family so come out and help the family. Archery Carp Big Fish give aways - NO ENTRANCE FEE PSE King Fisher combo, $50 3 Rivers Archery card, Alpen pink series binoculars Bass Fishing Big Fish give aways - NO ENTRANCE FEE $100 Sportsman’s card, $50 Sportsman’s card, $25 Sportsman’s card Raffle prizes will be given away as well. Thanks, Jake
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    Drawing Results Contest "OVER"

    July 22nd 11:13AM
  5. jakehaffey

    Win a Rifle Railz/Loc Jaw Combination

  6. jakehaffey

    5 months of pictures

    Nice pics, cool having pigs in the area!
  7. jakehaffey

    Win a Havalon Knife

    I would say the design is great, cant tell a whole lot more about it without it being live. It looks great though nice job!
  8. jakehaffey

    Kut It For Kensi!!!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that so far $14,000 have been donated! They have already met the original mark so thanks to all those that helped by donating and spreading the word! The only bad news is they owe more than twice that just for shots so please keep passing the word. Everything adds up and helps. Thank you all! Jake
  9. jakehaffey

    Kut It For Kensi!!!

    Hi all, I just wanted to spread the word about a little girl with cancer. My sister teaches at Santan elementary and there is a little girl there battling Wilm's tumor, a form of cancer. Her single mother(also a teacher) needs all the help she can get. In an effort to help them the school is putting together "Kut It For Kensi". If they raise $10,000 the principal will shave her head in front of the student body on Friday February 25th. The person who makes the highest donation will be able to take the first stroke with the clippers. So I am asking you all to please help, these are truly amazing people! Checks can be made payable to "Santan PTO". An account has also been set up at Wells Fargo(Kisses for Kensi- account number 7529295466). Please pass the word and if you have any questions let me know. Thank you all very much! Jake
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    New Guess the Score contest

    99 7/8 Awesome character!
  11. jakehaffey

    2 Junior Javelina!

    Good job, congrats to the boys!
  12. jakehaffey

    Archery Mulie

    Good job again! You better have them pigs lined up for next weekend.
  13. jakehaffey

    Archery Muley!!

    Went out this morning for archery javelina. Got high to glass and between My Dad, John(Whale), and myself we saw over 30 deer and not one pig! After a while John and Myself decided to head down where a good buck had disappeared over a ridge. I worked my way towards the last spot we saw them and had a couple does jump up around 50yards. With the wind changing I decided to peek over the ridge before the deer could wind me if they were still there. As soon as I top out I see a deer bedded under a juniper quartered away. Shortly after that I realized it was the buck and at 48yards I took a shot. I thought I had hit it and called John to let him know to keep his eyes out as it ran his way. Little did I know he had only gone 60 yards and heard me talking(1st dumb mistake of 2011) he took off and I called my Dad to keep a look out from our glassing spot. John headed up and after finding good blood my Dad called back letting us know he had spotted the buck. We headed that way staying on good blood. After about a mile of tracking and blood thinning I began to lose hope. That's when the buck jumped up and I followed after him while John stayed on the trail. I ran a long ways trying to keep up and came over the top of a ridge to find him standing at 123yards. I waited for John to catch up who had picked up the rest of our group along the way. Right before they got to me the buck began to walk down the bottom of the canyon. I started along the top of the ridge to cut him off and got 86 yards when he stopped. I began to ease my way down when he looked up at me. I ranged him at 76yards and with the slope decided to hold at 60. I drew back and let it go. I saw the arrow hit! The buck ran up the other side about 10 yards and stopped, I thought he was hunching up so I began to put the binos on him. Before I could I saw the feet kick out and he crashed in the trees! After letting out a loud yell everyone came running down. Hands down one of the most exciting and rewarding hunts I have ever been on! Thanks to Daniel, Nate, Justin, John, and my Dad. I had help spotting tracking and packing. I'm not sure how I was lucky enough to be the shooter but I'll take it! I can't thank my Dad enough for passing on the great passion we share for hunting. The only downfall of the hunt was now I have to wait 364 more days to deer hunt! Oh well I couldn't pass this guy up, my first archery mule deer! Now to get back out there for the pigs!
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    Wind, Snow, Sleet..... Pigs!!

    Great pics, congrats on the pig! They are a blast to hunt!
  15. jakehaffey

    New trailcam pictures.

    Cool angle! Nice pics!
  16. jakehaffey

    Archery Muley!!

    Thanks, did he say if or when I could get the rack back?
  17. jakehaffey

    Archery Muley!!

    Thanks everyone, I still can't stop smiling!
  18. jakehaffey

    New pics

    I would like to shoot him, save the bucks!
  19. jakehaffey

    New pics

    I am trying to find some pigs for my fiance's first hunt this February so I put the cam up in a spot I found some sign last weekend. Went and checked them this weekend and was surprised not to have pig pics but more surprised to see the cat, pretty creepy feeling looking at the pics where the camera was set up(no gun on me while sitting in a canyon). Anyone know how big it is? I figure it is a a bit on the small side but this is my first pic of one.
  20. jakehaffey

    New pics

    This place is loaded with bucks like that. I was there for just under a week and counted 22 bucks and only 3 were smaller than a 3 point.
  21. jakehaffey

    Sonoita Hotel?

    I am heading down a few miles outside Sonoita this weekend with my fiance and daughter to scout some for her first javelina hunt this Feb. and was wondering if there was a cheap hotel around? I'm having trouble convincing her to camp with the cold right now. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  22. jakehaffey

    Sonoita Hotel?

    Great, thanks for the help all!
  23. jakehaffey


    I have shot goldtips for 5 years or so and can't say enough about them. They fly great and are as durable an arrow as I have ever seen. I would look into them, they are pretty cheap too.