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  1. jakehaffey

    Leftover tag posted to my portal

    My group also drew 1133, Nov 8th 35A. It was our 4th choice and we mailed it in on Friday for Monday delivery. We got tag numbers 384-387. That choice only had 375 permits allocated in total. Does the G&F issue out more permits than they state in the regs, is this an error due to the manual processing and high volumes? I was told they received over 3000 applications. Did anyone else notice they got tag numbers higher than the total being handed out? I'm grateful to have a tag but this was interesting to me.
  2. jakehaffey

    Selling Cabela's Big Horn II Tent $500

    Still looking to sell.
  3. I have a Cabela's Outfitter Series Big Horn II tent that has been used just 2 times. Only 1 owner. A new Big Horn III runs $999 at Cabela's. Looking for $500. Good condition, no issues with it just don't do enough long hunts. Can't seem to draw any rut elk tags anymore. PM for more info and phone#. Thanks, Jake.
  4. jakehaffey

    Marissa's First Hunts

    A little late but it's been a busy stretch. My daughter turned 10 this year and drew a few tags for the fall break. A lot of built up excitement (mostly my own) over the years and it came and went in the blink of an eye. We started off with a southern deer and javelina hunt. Fortunate enough to have the help of my Dad and friend Nate. Opening morning started with a close call on a good buck but after watching Marissa handle the pressure and miss like a champ I knew she was going to do just fine as a young hunter. Later opening morning we had pigs bedded and the stalk was on! We closed the distance and patience paid off with a perfect heart shot that dropped her first kill ever! Watching her reaction afterwards was priceless and easily one of the greatest experiences I have ever had! We headed back to camp with her confidence sky high. It was already a successful hunt and my Mom's birthday was on Sunday in a couple days so the plan was to head home early for that. Little did I know that Saturday morning she wasn't done. We had some other close encounters and as the morning hunt dwindled, Nate spotted a spike across a canyon. We made a stalk and got above the buck who was bedded deep inside a juniper. The wind was blowing pretty strong and Marissa struggled identifying the buck. After some more patience she finally was able to pin point him. The buck was now on to us and once again, under pressure as a first time hunter, she executed a great shot and the buck went 10 yards! Another priceless moment! Fast-forward to the following weekend and we are now on her final hunt for the fall, junior cow elk. Opening morning we had some bulls talking but nothing coming in. We decided to head back to the same canyon for the evening. As we hiked in with Nate we spotted some elk moving away below us. I tried getting them to slow down by calling when Nate whispered to us to look up. Coming in to the call was a young antlerless bull. We hurried and get her setup and she was a seasoned vet at this point. The young elk dropped in it's tracks! More excitement, hugs, celebration, and the trifecta was complete. Marissa was a bit skeptical going into the season but grew confidence in abundance and learned to trust herself and appreciate the sport. From campfire talks, quad rides, watching wildlife, seeing the diversity and beauty of the outdoors, to all aspects of the actual hunt, I could see her enjoy something I've been so passionate about my whole life. Passing this on and building a future with her as hunting buddies is about the greatest feeling there is. It has been a great start and I can't wait for the memories to come.
  5. jakehaffey

    34A Youth Javelina

    Well I finally get to take me kid hunting! She turned 10 and was fortunate enough to draw the 34A youth deer tag and the 34/35 javelina tag all for early October. I had an area picked out to get on both pigs and deer but went down yesterday and the water source is no longer available. Couldn't turn up any pig sign anyways. I tried a couple other spots but same result. Turned up a few bucks but with a 10 year old on her first ever hunt I really wanted to have pigs in the back pocket just because I felt it would be much easier to get her on them and have some success. I'm headed down to do some more scouting next weekend. Any tips or suggestions for pigs in 34A would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    Pulled the trigger at Healy's on the Remington 700 7mm08. Should be able to pick it up within a week and start setting it up. Thanks again for all the input and help!
  7. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    I have checked with Healy and will likely order through them. Great shop! Hard to come by the Browning but I the Remington is available. The Tikka was intriguing but again I couldn't find any available LH youth options.
  8. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    Thanks all, I really like that Browning X-Bolt Micro Midas 7mm08 but finding a left handed one anywhere is the challenge!
  9. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    Thanks for everyone's help and input! I'm really excited about getting her into the passion! I will see about looking into the Ruger American 6.5 but if I remember right they didn't offer a LH youth/compact option.
  10. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    She is mostly right handed but when shooting she felt comfortable left handed and got very frustrated trying to shoot right handed.
  11. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    Those are the only 2 options I have found available so far. I feel like Remington is the better rifle so that is the plan so far! Thanks for your time researching!
  12. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    Appreciate the feedback! I actually have been torn on this concept. I have leaned towards the left handed rifle though for a couple reasons. 1, the motion to rack a new round after the first shot makes it a little harder to keep your targets point of reference. 2, I actually would prefer (her being a new shooter) to not have her finger on the trigger while chambering a new round just for safety reasons. I know it's probably minor things and I have heard that most left handed shooters do prefer the right handed rifles but I just want to put her in the best position to be safe and successful without developing any habits she may want to alter down the road. Going left handed might end up being the wrong decision but that's why I wanted to get more opinions and try to do the right thing. Thanks again for the input, I really appreciate it!
  13. jakehaffey

    Youth LH Rifle

    I know Remington had that issue for a while with the triggers. Good to hear they like the rifles!
  14. So my daughter is 9 and is officially put in for elk. She has been shooting with a youth right handed .243 and enjoys shooting but I have a problem. She is left eye dominant and I have tried to use an eye patch to get her right eye stronger but she just isn't enjoying it so I have decided to keep her shooting in her natural position. I want her to have the proper equipment and have been looking into left handed youth rifles. So far the option I have found most appealing is the Remington 7mm-08. There doesn't seem to be many rifles out there for youth lefties. Any advice, opinions, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. jakehaffey

    Portal for juniors

    Has anyone heard more on the sub-account option? I have been trying to find out when this will become available but after 15 minutes on hold I left a voicemail. That was over a day ago and I still haven't been called back. I will try calling again tomorrow if time permits. Hopefully they get this figured out before the draw is completed.