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  1. jakehaffey

    New unit(30B) need help!

    Dito, thanks to everyone for help! I am a bit curious about the Mule Mountains myself?
  2. jakehaffey

    Big Boy

    Congrats on just getting a tag!
  3. jakehaffey

    Blackberry at 550 yards

    Wow,what scope do you have?! Thats pretty good!
  4. jakehaffey

    My Latest Pics

    Nice pics! Wish I could see that bull from the front, looks like he has some trash!
  5. jakehaffey

    Carrying a side arm while bow hunting?

    I hope it's legal, I dont feel so confident in my quick shot abilities with a bow!
  6. jakehaffey

    My son 1 coati 0

    That sounds like an awesome day! Congrats! My dad got me started hunting when I was 10 and it had me hooked since then.
  7. jakehaffey

    my first bull

    Congrats! Thats a cool looking bull!
  8. jakehaffey

    Alaskan Bear Encounter

    Wow, close call! Thanks for the link!
  9. jakehaffey

    Blueberry Eater Down

    WOW! Thats awesome! I wish I could go to Alaska! Thats a massive bear!
  10. jakehaffey

    Desert Monkeys

    Very cool! I have seen a bunch down south as well, they all ran out of a tree.
  11. jakehaffey

    need to confirm score on this guy

    320 give or take a few, you cant really see his fronts too good. Good lookin bull!
  12. jakehaffey

    predators and piggys

    Get another one and try a new location. I wish I had a ton of em!
  13. jakehaffey

    AZ Muzzleloader Antelope

    Very impressive! 65yards from an antelope is no easy task! Congrats!
  14. jakehaffey

    Unit 10 archery bull

    you got me excited, I have til November. Great shot, great job!
  15. jakehaffey

    My first trail cam pics!

    Nothin much for trophy's but they sure are fun.