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  1. jakehaffey

    Waiting on Friday

    Man! Why am I back down here working!? Nice job and Kerry has to be stoked for all that great bull meat!
  2. jakehaffey

    CWT.com Bass Tourney

    Im in for another, I liked the night fishin! When's the next one?!
  3. jakehaffey

    Who won??

    Man thats awesome! I hate throwing away them slots, they taste too good!
  4. jakehaffey

    Guess the Score Contest!

    118 7/8
  5. jakehaffey

    a few of my friends...

    Great pics, some good bulls!
  6. jakehaffey

    1st ever CouesWhitetail.com Bass Tournament!

    Sounds good! Is it $100 per person or per boat?
  7. jakehaffey

    Vortex Kiababs 15x56

    Wait what?!!
  8. jakehaffey

    Rosey topwater

    Man! Any winnings?
  9. jakehaffey

    7mmRM at 1000yrds

    Thats pretty cool, what scope you using?
  10. jakehaffey

    CWT Bass Tourney

    You sure do find a lot of ways to get on the lake in the off season!
  11. jakehaffey

    Second to last day jake

    Just looked back at the pic and that ain't no jake...thats a dag gone hen!!! jk
  12. jakehaffey

    Second to last day jake

    Nice job! Should have just called it a 6" beard then!
  13. jakehaffey

    Boycott "Los Suns"

    Go SUNS! I will watch the game and cheer for our home team. I may not agree with the reason they wear "los suns" but they have the right to express themselves. I disagree with Steve Nash but at the same time believe him to be a great person and I won't count this against him. Sorry if I anger anyone on here this is just how I feel. If a friend of mine took the other side on this topic I will still consider them a friend. Also it is time we get back at the Spurs who play the game with no respect. Basketball is my second greatest passion next to hunting and the Spurs give it a bad name. Guys that play like Steve and Grant will have my respect despite the position they take on this topic.
  14. jakehaffey

    First Gila Bird

    Congrats, thats a strange hunt!
  15. jakehaffey

    At the End of the Rainbow

    Congrats, that sounds and looks like it was a great hunt! Snow on a spring turkey hunt down south. Thats unforgettable.
  16. jakehaffey

    Tan ford

    Heard honking and turned to see a pick up with the famous sticker. I believe it was Wednesday just after 5?
  17. jakehaffey

    ocelot found near Globe

    I have a friend that says he saw one in 36A near green valley. Pretty cool looking cats.
  18. jakehaffey

    Tan ford

    Sounds like the same truck, I think it had 2 other hunting stickers on the back window too.
  19. jakehaffey

    Not your everyday carp

    Awesome! Nice job gettin the pics.
  20. jakehaffey

    36a turkeys

    Wow, that is different. Sure would like to see some pics of the birds.
  21. jakehaffey

    36a turkeys

    +1 Where about where they, you got me really curious!
  22. jakehaffey

    **Draw Results**

    23 late archery bull!
  23. jakehaffey

    fowpro spitfire

    Anyone have or heard anything about the foxpro spitfire?
  24. jakehaffey

    Tree stands?

    Looking at getting a new tree stand, anyone have suggestions? I want something some what light so I can actually pack it a decent distance away from the road.