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    New WR? Maybe "Bob's Buck"

    Nice buck! Congrats!
  2. jakehaffey

    Favre-a-palooza Part 3

    Im for the saints but gotta love favre!
  3. jakehaffey

    2010 Javelina

    Thats a great story and heck of a pig! I dont have any answers for you though. Congrats!
  4. jakehaffey

    Jakob's 1st archery javelina!

    Got my first archery pig with my dad when I was 12 as well. That was a great story, congrats to you both!
  5. jakehaffey


    Your going to shoot a little higher down hill. Take some off. Good luck gettin a pig!
  6. jakehaffey

    ...Coues DEER Down.....

    Congrats! Always wanted to get a deer in december then one in january.
  7. jakehaffey

    2010 Archery Pig

    Thats cool! Them pigs sure do like hangin in the big rocks.
  8. jakehaffey

    Opening day Javi

    Congrats! They are a lot of fun!
  9. jakehaffey

    Home hunting videos?

    That would be cool to see the vapor trail! Thanks all!
  10. I was just wondering if there is anyone that has videoed their own hunts or others? The WHALE and I tried it this javelina season and it was a blast watching his drop on the TV. We didnt get great footage though, tough to keep calm and film when there are pigs running everywhere. Next year we plan on getting the stalk the kill the tracking and the after story. Just wanted if anyone does this and maybe has some pointers or some cool video they could share?
  11. jakehaffey

    Jav-uh-lina Hunt

    Congrats! Thats some cool tusks there! Keep that skull or get a mount!
  12. jakehaffey

    Check this video out

    Your both wrong, 329! Wow that was a lot of elk!
  13. jakehaffey

    2010 Archery Pig

    Nice, congrats! Did you shoot off that rock?
  14. jakehaffey


    Congrats! I want one mounted with it grabbing at the arrow stuck in it.
  15. jakehaffey


    Great deer! Congrats! That feeling gets better with time too, its fun to replay it all going down in your head.
  16. jakehaffey

    Desert Monkey

    Me too. I would like a bunch of things mounted if I had the money.
  17. jakehaffey

    J-13 Javalina Call

    I wish I could resist shooting once im 30 yards in!
  18. jakehaffey

    J-13 Javalina Call

    I tried mine this year 3 times from 100 yards to about 70 yards and had no luck. They would run away. Then after I shot my pig I started woofing and had them come back in. Hope you have better luck with yours, I sure wish the call worked for me.
  19. jakehaffey

    2010 Javelina

    Congrats, sounds like fun!
  20. jakehaffey

    quartering too shots, ethical or not

    Depends what you shoot. kinetic energy is important. Know your bow and its abilities. Elk probably would have been impossible to shoot but a deer is. Like everyone else said though, if you were unsure of it then you made the correct decision. Congrats on getting 15 yards from a good coues!
  21. jakehaffey

    Exciting Javelina hunt

    Great story, it's a blast getting into the middle of a bunch of pigs! On Wednesday I shot mine and the heard took off, but after a bunch of woofing a couple came back in and the whale shot his right in the ear and it dropped right there. Got it on film too, it is awesome to watch your own hunt. pigs are the best time to try it out too. Congrats!
  22. jakehaffey

    2010 Archery Buck

    nice buck! Congrats!
  23. I was wondering how many animals everyone has killed with the same arrow. I have always retired my arrows after a kill but thought I would try and stick me a pig with the same arrow I got my bull with in November. Just curious whats everyone's best is for most animals with that magic arrow?
  24. jakehaffey

    Sucessful 2010 pig hunt

  25. jakehaffey

    archery pig

    Awesome! congrats!