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  1. gilahunter

    Personal best?

    3 100+ bucks, biggest 105 on left in my profile pic, all rifle. A number of smaller bucks archery! No more little ones! Love them Coues!
  2. gilahunter

    My 2016 tag is filled.

    Congrats, Awesome mass!
  3. gilahunter

    Dad & Daughter Archery Duo

    Thanks for the comments, it was a treat to see her good luck and excitement! Plus, she found her buck! Gilahunter!
  4. What a year, 2016 Archery Coues Deer. I bought my daughter Kaleigh her first PSE Fever bow for her 15th birthday in July of 2016. I took her out to the archery range and told her not to get discouraged if she missed the target the first few shots , we were just going to sight in her new bow. I told her she would be lucky just to hit the target, let alone the pie plate. Much to my surprise she was immediately hitting the 10 inch pie plate consistently at both 20 and 30 yards on our first range outing, We had practiced a few more times and to be honest, she was outshooting me. I had already hunted a few days on the August archery deer hunt and has passed on a couple of small bucks. I had mentioned to Kaleigh that I had passed on some little bucks and felt pretty sure she could shoot a deer if she wanted. Again I was surprised when she said, "Heck Yeah". We went and bought her tag on Saturday and headed out before the crack of dawn on Sunday. At our hunting location, Kaleigh said, "Dad there are some deer coming our way". I hadn't noticed because they had come in from behind us, fortunately the wind was still in our favor. In the group of 4 deer, where was a spike buck. I told Kaleigh, "there you go baby, 24 yards, your first buck if you want". She looks over at me and shook her head and said, "Dad, I don't want to shoot a little one". With a little bit of resistance from me and a short, "any buck with a bow is a good buck", she again said, "I don't want to shoot a little one". With a sense of pride, I told her, well you can't shoot a big one if you shoot a little one! She nodded with a big grin. While i was still watching the 4 original deer walk away, from our left, Kaleigh said, "Dad, there's a buck, and he's a big one". Darn, if I didn't start shaking like a leaf, I told her, "don't move a muscle, he's walking right to us". When the buck was about 28 yards out, broadside, I told her to draw. I told her to go ahead and shoot when she had a clear shot. No sooner did I say that, she let her gold tip arrow and grim reaper broad-head fly. With the Luminock glowing bright green, I watched as it penetrated the Bucks vitals! I instantly knew she had harvested a buck of dreams. I couldn't be more proud of my little girl. A couple of days later, on my last day last chance to hunt I harvested this buck as well. My daughter showed up her Dad, but I couldn't be more proud.