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  1. desertbird

    Turkeys gobbling

    I'd be willing to bet they get the 300 open by Friday. The Coconino site is usually delayed. I think they work on opening them all day and report back to the office in the afternoon for updates. However, I have seen that side of the highway closed for youth hunt openers, but by saturday afternoon they had them open.
  2. desertbird

    Turkeys gobbling

  3. desertbird

    2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight RH 60lb

    Bow is sold. Thanks for all the inquiries!
  4. desertbird

    2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight RH 60lb

    Brace Height: 7 Inches Axle to Axle: 31 Inches Draw Length Range: 26.5 - 30.5 Inches Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70 lbs. IBO/ATA Speed: 335 fps Kinetic Energy: 87.2 ft-lbs. Effective Let-Off: 80% Mass Weight: 3.2 lbs.
  5. desertbird

    2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight RH 60lb

    This bow is adjustable 26.5" to 30.5" without a press...
  6. 2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight RH 60lb $250obo New 60X string never shot, cables replaced in 2017 used half season. six 0 two 6 nine 0 eight 9 eight 6
  7. desertbird

    2019 OTC Deer permits

    Cal-Ranch McDowell and Estrella Pkwy
  8. desertbird

    2019 OTC Deer permits

    i paid $45, no fee. Cal-Ranch
  9. desertbird

    2019 OTC Deer permits

    well they finally sold it to me with manager approval, but the girl kept saying G&F sent an email to not sell them till 01/01/2019. i had to go through this same thing last year.
  10. desertbird

    2019 OTC Deer permits

    Is it true that retailers can not sell the 2019 OTC permits till 01/01/2019?
  11. desertbird

    Hunting license

    Cal-Ranch in Goodyear tried to tell me they could not sell me a 2018 deer tag till January 1, 2018 because the booklet cover says "January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018" on the front. I argued with the girl that was only the valid dates and says nothing about when they can issue them. She called manager and he said sure we can sell them now.... She then explains that I can't use it till January 1, I said yes I already argued with you about that LOL
  12. desertbird

    Decoy thoughts

    I know it helped get some bulls to commit on my last 2 hunts. Cows too! Using it solo is a challenge, I made mine so I could strap it to a sapling 30 yards behind me. Just another tool in the box.
  13. desertbird

    recommend a tripod

    To follow up, I purchased this: https://www.amazon.com/ZOMEI-Z699C-Portable-Compact-Panasonic/dp/B01AZ0ZTIW Used it today and its a great COMPACT tripod. Very sturdy, light and the head is very smooth. The panning is fantastic and near fluid though not a fluid head. The ball is Very smooth once tension is set and does not require a lot of knob adjusting . At 14 folded, 3.4 lbs, and less than $150, it makes for a great DAY PACK tripod. Only down side for a lot of guys that like to glass standing is its overall height. But I glass sitting on a butt pad where stability concerns are nonexistent with a compact lightweight tripod. This recommendation is for a day pack type of system and is not going to work for a lot of guys that like an 8 pound monster sporting 2 axis fluid heads topped with spotting scopes/big glass and able to maintain shake free in 40mph winds...
  14. desertbird

    .243 load for first time hunter and shooter

    Id like to tinker around with something else just dont have the time to load and group a new round.
  15. desertbird

    .243 load for first time hunter and shooter

    I had a bad experience on a slightly forward shot on a mule deer with a 100gr ballistic tip. It broke up and never penetrated. I prefer something heavier and with more weight retention now for that species. But for pigs, Pretty sure the 70gr sierra is what well go with.