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  1. bullelk11

    Leupold vx-3L 4.5-14x50 duplex $450

    Still have the scope?
  2. bullelk11

    Furthest south you have seen elk?

    It's been a while back but I saw a couple cows noth side of I-10 south side of the winchesters drinking from a metal stock tank.
  3. I would have to agree it was cold last year heck of a deal you can't find a hotel for that price
  4. Nice wish I had that hunt this year. Had a tag last december
  5. bullelk11

    Elk in Blythe, CA??

    A couple of years ago there was a big 6x6 bill hit on i10 near tonapah az
  6. bullelk11

    Mathews Monster for sale

    Can you send me some pics
  7. bullelk11

    Rims and tires for dodge 3/4 ton

    Why do I have to put a price down. These are nice rims and tires I should be selling them for more than what I am asking just trying to throw someone a bone by selling these as cheap as I have them listed for 699. I guarantee you will not find rims and tires as nice as these for this price anywhere else
  8. bullelk11

    Rims and tires for dodge 3/4 ton

    Thanks and yes buy these
  9. bullelk11

    Rims and tires for dodge 3/4 ton

    Yep back to the top