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  1. I'll be using my favorite gun it was given to me by my brother its a rem 721 act chambered in .257 wby 24" fluted stainless H&S barrel and a 6-24x50 explore optics scope using 110 accubonds and 68g of reloader22
  2. I'll be using my favorite gun it was given to me by my brother its a rem 721 act chambered in .257 wby 24" fluted stainless H&S barrel and a 6-24x50 explore optics scope using 110 accubonds and 68g of reloader22
  3. dbengraver

    coati questions

    Sorry for got to mention it was in fossil creek
  4. dbengraver

    coues art

    No pics but could draw one up. Iif you have some thing in mind that you want let me know
  5. dbengraver

    How many BP for a Dec Hunt

    My dad and I drew dec 6a tags last year and this year and have had the oct hunts 5 years prior, but this was just luck i havent had a dec tag in 8 yrs until last year and again this year pure luck that's all I really wasn't expecting to get another tag for dec
  6. dbengraver

    Cow elk caving

    that's a 1 in a million shot
  7. dbengraver

    Ever mess up someone's hunt?

    haven't messed up anybody's hunt but have had people honk their horn's at me during archerydeer season, even had a group of people in the back of a truck driving threw the forest banging pots an pans during archery elk season one year
  8. dbengraver

    Congrats to Comm1 on his Desert Sheep Tag

    +1 on the tag my dad has been putting in for 30+ years no luck yet
  9. Sweet pics have yet to get one with a bow but I also get to hunt my favorite unit this year again but have to wait 5 long months once again but its worth the wait
  10. dbengraver

    6A/22N Rocky here I come

    Pm me this evening
  11. dbengraver

    The results are up!

    Dec tags for my dad and I again let's see what this year brings!!!
  12. dbengraver

    Question about forms?

    Also try Tru Fitt I just mounted my Dec buck using their form I really like their forms they have great detail
  13. dbengraver

    Mounted my 2012 buck

    Nice job on the mount looks good for your first one
  14. dbengraver

    1989 4 runner

    sold today guys
  15. dbengraver

    1989 4 runner

    Hey everybody I'm selling my 1989 4runner it has the v6 5 speed manual, cc, sunroof and power windows everything in the front end is new cv axles, control arm bushings ball joints,tie rod ends, shocks motor was replaced in November with a low mile used engine new on motor- water pump, oil pump, rad hose, belts, a/c compressor and its got 134a, valve cover vaskets, oil pan gaskets, rear main seal, injector seals, intake gaskets, new LUK clutch and fly wheel new tires hurcules trail digger 31-10.5 -15 3 months old its not perfect has the normal dents and dings it does need a windshield but other than that its a good truck Im looking to get $2800 obo you can reach me by email dbengraver15@yahoo.com or by text or call (928)899-7688 thanks
  16. dbengraver

    Late December hunt success!!!

    Congrats on your first coues and a nice one to!!
  17. dbengraver

    My 2013 "Fighter" Buck

    Nice buck and a great story i love hunting the rut congrats
  18. He asked me to post his first archery deer with a bow that he got opening evening, Im super stoked for him but this ones gonna be hard to beat
  19. dbengraver

    Dec. 24b buck...(piks&story added)

    like the width in that buck congrats
  20. dbengraver

    December 2012 AZ Coues Hunt.

    congrats guys great bucks and story to thanks for sharing
  21. dbengraver

    Day 2

    thanks trophyhnter it was fun and a hard hunt at the same time the buck's weren't really pushing doe's yet they were still by them self and the doe's also or in small groups but all in all it was still a great hunt
  22. dbengraver

    Day 2

    Still snowing up here in 6a we have about 8 inches at camp now! Will post pics later dont know how to from my cell and have only seen two buck so far and no does at all? And no rutting activity
  23. that is one of the coolest colored ram's I've seen congrats to the hunter
  24. dbengraver

    my nephew's first archery buck

    Not to much of a story they seen a couple of smaller bucks but no shots, then they decided to head home and tried one more spot and seen a 2x and some does and were going after the little one and this one stepped out and the rest is history
  25. dbengraver

    Day 2

    thanks huntjunkie it was a lot of fun will remember this one forever