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Found 16 results

  1. C.O.U.E.S.

    Paul's Buck

    Great hunt this weekend with 2 of the best hunters I know...day 3, He's a beauty bud and great hunt all around...Congrats again Pablito!!!
  2. Passed on 3 100in.bucks and multiple smaller to tip this one over, 570 yds. On day 3 Tape added up to 109...congrats to everyone on there early season success... Coues Az
  3. $200 or trade for ??? pm, text or call 480-794-0225
  4. A little late in posting but just in time to for some 2015 motivation...Oct. hunt 351 yds. Good luck this year...Coues Az
  5. fits 43mm -65mm text for piks if interested 480-794-0225
  6. C.O.U.E.S.

    Glock 32 .357 Sig for sale

    Glock 32 .357 Sig with four Hi-cap magazines, GL2 holster and magazine holster, streamlight M3 tactical illuminator'...$550 ...480 794 0225 max
  7. Glassed 3 bucks around 6:30am and watched them get spooked by some yotes over the mountain, to far to go after but to big to pass up.. Glassed till 10am and decided to go around the backside and come up and over to try and find them again... High noon and we leave the truck and start climbing ..and climbing... we get to the top and cross 4 rocky peaks to get close to where these bucks were last seen, we rest and recoup to slip around the mountain to start the afternoon glassing session... 2:30 pm...We get set up and 5 min. into the glass I find a buck bedded 300yds. down in the canyon, Instantly I start to get Julian setup for a shot and wait for them to get up to feed. 45 to 1hour later it's a no go on getting him set, angle was to steep, to rocky, tree was in the way..etc 3:30...a little frustrated, we back out and drop down to a different knob and try to find Julian a solid rest...This being his 1st big game hunt I wanted to give him the best opportunity at a buck, so getting him comfortable and stable for this kind of shot was priority#1.. 4:00..We find the perfect rock and Julian is set, 1 buck is up and feeding and the other 2 are bedded close by and not visible. I let him know that that there is a bigger buck down there and we can wait him out...I received an emphatic "No, I'll shoot this one"...ok kido, wait for him to turn broadside... he is 275yds away...put it on him and let the gun surprise you...just like we practiced... 4:05... Buck feeding turns broadside...BOOM...He's hit, his buck moves into some trees and out comes his 2 compadres... 4:06...Great shot Julian, You hit'm solid...I check out the 2 deer that came out and 1 was bigger and the other was smaller ...they are wondering what's going on and did not know where the shot came from... 4:06...No movement from the tree's...give me the gun Julian, I posted up on the rock that he shot off of and found my buck starting to trott off, 2 shots later we had a whitetail double on our hand's...high fives and hug's and we are both super pumped.. We climb back up to our 1st glassing spot to retrieve pack's and head down into the canyon, Julian heads into the tree's where we last seen his deer and find's his buck. I tell him to hang his hat on the tree above him and start zigzagging down hill.. 5 minutes later... we find my buck in some tall grass, I mark it and we go back to Julian's buck to start the breakdown process... I am sure I can type 2 more pages of this adventure but onto the piks... Thank you Juan and Ruby M. for allowing me to sponsor Julian for this hunt. His motivation and great attitude made it a great experience. Julian, Thank you for wanting to go hunting. You are on your way to much more outdoor success in the years to come, allowing me to be part of your first big game hunt and learning curve is my pleasure...your hunting buddy...max ... C.O.U.E.S. special thank's to my buddy's Cody And Levi for coming out at midnight to help with the packout and pull my chevy out with your Ford, Cody...lol really fella's...you guy's saved me on this one and I owe you...big time..max
  8. C.O.U.E.S.

    Isreal's Buck

    We annually giveaway youth hunts so when my 13-year-old nephew Isreal showed interest in the outdoors it was a no-brainier.. A little history, Isreal witnessed the tragic death of his father at age 10 on one of our freeways, to say he has seen a lot and grown up a lot in the past few years is an understatement We are very proud and humbled to be part of his first outdoor experience and expect great things from him in the years to come...
  9. Like new condition..pm or call 480-794-0225
  10. Alicia C. connected over the weekend...More piks and story to come...Merry Christmas...C.O.U.E.S. Alicia spent a lot of time behind the trigger preparing for this hunt and it paid off Saturday morning big time. We started out meeting up early that morning only to find the fog and rain to thick to do anything with. We made the decision to back out and try a different area that we knew held deer in the past. We get to a high point around 8 and put glass to work, Rene finds a few doe's deep without a buck in tow. A few min. later he has a nice buck spotted a to the north that did not stick around long, he fed out of site and was to far to make move on due to the terrain. While discussing options and glassing, Nick finds this guy feeding 600 yds. it doesn't take long to decide he is a shooter. We cut the distance in half and Alicia gets set up for the shot. He is found again bedded in a palo verde with neck and head showing. We start to wait him out and 2 hrs. go by without movement. The elements start to take there toll and Alicia says " I can make that shot"...That's all we needed to hear and we got ready for the shot.. she backed out of the scope twice to calm the adrenaline that was taking hold of all of us. She got back into the scope and the 270 barked...I have nothing in the binos, no movement ,no deer nothing...We get ahold of Rene who is keeping watch from the original glassing spot..." he's down ...his head laid down before I heard the gun shot", Oh yeah high fives and hugs all around...we wait for Rene and Gage to get to us and make our way to the buck. Alicia get's a glimpse of him to her right and run's up to her prize. Emotions are high and we start the photo session and pre pack out chores. Alicia's perfect 303 yard shot claimed her 1st buck on her 1st hunt that none of us will ever forget. Big congratulation's again and thank's for the memory... Nico scored him at 103'
  11. 18 x 9 eagle rims and rocky mtn. falken tires still warrantied by discount, 2 will need replacing soon...pm with trade for ideas or txt 4807940225 thx fellas...taken off a 2009 Silverado 1500
  12. C.O.U.E.S.

    243 wssm ammo

    27 rds. and nearly 3 boxes brass $30
  13. .....I just wanted to give Robert some big props on taking care of me prior to my elk hunt, long story short. About a 3 weeks prior to opening day...I step outside to shoot my 10 arrows for the a.m. and POW...as soon as i started into the valley, the bow explodes...wtf!... panic set in Quick...I set the bow down and litterally went to work in shock... 3 weeks...are friggin kidding me!!!. After work and a few phone calls later...my buddy Manuel offers up his bow with a " MAKE IT YOURS" blessing. (BIG THX BRO) but I just couldn't start changing HIS bow around to MY needs. Well I take my abortion of a bow to Robert with hopes of miracle...after some talk and time I am literrally shooting the next day...my OWN bow, draw length set,drop away set and grouping arrow's like nothing happened...man, gaining confidence back and looking forward to opening day.... :D ...fast forward to day 4 and it all comes together... I swing by the shop this afternoon to take care of some loose ends and Robert's pack'n up to head up north for his own elk hunt...Good luck bud and god bless, may charma bless you with Big Daddy....! you have earned it for sure...! Thx again...max PS...elk hunt story coming soon......
  14. ....more piks and story to come. Taken 12/16/2012...thx for look'n...max Finally, some time to share the hunt. It took seven years to draw a december tag and it definately turned out to be worth it. I had 9 days off of work going into this hunt and my brother Nick aka(greyhawk) had every intention of being there for as much as he possibly could. Having Nico with me had my confidence through the roof. His glassing skills are second to none...finding game has never been an issue,but on this hunt,we were looking for a no-brainer buck... As with every hunt that we go on, my expectations were VERY high. I think we all go thru it...throwing inches and pre-determined scores out there started to mess with my head...bad. Well the 14th came around and I am at work telling myself ... get out there as much as possible and stay in the glass as much as possible ...if it something you would shoot on the last day and see it on the 1st day,put it on him...enjoy it..well not hunting opening day definately helped me get back to why we are all out there... or should be..It's about the HUNT, not the kill. The 15th we are driving out and getting rained on, the higher we are getting the worst it seemed to be...cold,wet and foggy. So we set up lower and got into the glass...finding sporatic deer thru out the morning..2 small bucks and plenty of does, A little 2 ptr. was acting like he was ready for some lovin but the ladies were not havin it. We call it a day around 4 and head out. cold and getting colder. Sunday we are heading out a little deeper.The sun is suppose show today and nothing but glassin o-plenty in the forecast. We get off the truck and go maybe 200 yds. down the trail and I catch a flag headin up the mtn. We get the glass on him and and it's a nice lil basket rack 3pt. bout 400 yds. out ...gun didn't come out of the pack and we kept movin down the ridge to high point with canyons in every direction...1 bobcat, 2 bucks, does in every direction and a heard of pigs feeding 60 yds or so below us. A great morning on the mtn. and we head out for a different canyon about a mile away. It's 1:30 and we setup the glass. I start diggin towards the west and a minute later my bro gets settled..."I gotta buck bro""I gotta BIG BUCK bro.." his 1st field of view had this guy in it. He gets me pointed in the right direction and I find him in my glass. "That's him bro...a no brainer buck for sure, 600 plus yds. out there and moving. He has a doe in front of him and she doesn't seem to interested but it looked like he was keeping himself between her and a smaller buck. Nico stayed on top to keep an eye on him and I bail off the hill to get within 500 yds. My comfort distance. I just about get to where I want to be and catch him going around the top of the mtn. he was on. I climb to the top of a hill to my left where I had a better angle to glass if and when he came back out. I start glassing hard up into the canyon he had headed when I last seen him. Noth'n...it's about 3:30 now and my bro finds me on my new high point..after a few hand gestures he is double timing it to me..He gets to me quick and said.."you gonna shoot him from here" I tell him I lost him and didn't know wher he went...He cleared that rock shoot in front of us and went higher and bedded...! WTF... we head str8 up the mtn. where I had last seen him and it is steep...every step was like steppin in mud due to the rain the day before...We creep over the ridge and Nico starts glassin the last place he had seen him "got him" he says...he gets me on him and he is bedded nice and tight...If it wasn't for the bone stick'n out of his head, he might be enjoying this years rutt. My 1st guess was 400 plus yds. to him uphill..I put the range finder on him and read 302...YEAH...this is going down right now....! It's about 430 now and light seems to be dropping quick...I get proned out and put the crosshairs on him...I must of made a noise gettn settled cause this awesome buck was look'n down the scope right at me...man, I sure was humbled to have him in my sights...The 300 win. mag barked and he stood quick..only to fall back down instantly...Nico say's 'HE'S yours broo..." talk about a ton emotion come over me..glad,sad,pumped,humbled... X10...if this keep's up I'm gonna have to put down the rifle&bow and pick up a camera. After high fives and hugs we drop into the nasty canyon thats between us, Nico is in front of me and my legs are starting to cramp..not good im think'n to myself. He gets to him 1st and drags him down the mtn. to about mid-point where we take some photos and get to work. We debone him and load up with meat and caped head. It was a packout from heck for me but would do it again in a heart beat. Nico had to take my pack the last 1/2 mile or so uphill to the truck...my legs were done and thank god he's part goat..lol..thank's alot bro...another GREAT hunt for the memory bank and a little meat and bone to boot...Thx for reading and sorry for the grainy piks...pack camera malfunction and its already in the trash....max
  15. C.O.U.E.S.

    Coues Cape for sale...$125 obo

    This buck was taken over the weekend by my 14 yr. old cousin. 1st big game tag and hunt and he made the best 436 yd. double lung shot I have ever witnessed...ALL $s from this go to him for his next years tags,lic. and rifle. pm me with ?s or offers... this buck's cape is FLAWLESS and was caped out by me 4 hrs. after he was taken and frozen soon after that..no nicks or drag marks... Elias and his trophy...congrat's mijo!