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    Hunting Coyotes near Prescott Valley

    Rabbit would be my first choice followed by pup in distress. Foxes prefer broken country like canyons, deep washes, rocky outcroppings etc mainly because it gives them a place to hide and dash into quickly when coyotes show up. Foxes cannot outrun a coyote and are just competition.
  2. Go over to Rimfirecentral.com, plenty of nice helpful folk over there.

    Paracord projects

    Never had that kind of time to toy with that stuff.

    Leupold turret review

    Thanks for taking the time to give the review. I was on their site over the weekend looking to see if turrets could be added to an early 90's VXll. I didn't get a chance to call them today, too busy at work. Hoping to get some time to call them tomorrow. Taping clicks worked well for me when I shot competition and had time to do it but turrets will be my next modification to my rig. After 20 years I think it is ready for something. To each his own.

    Hunting Muleys with a 7.62x39

    The 7.62 has very similar ballistics to the 30-30 and you should be good out to about 250 yards. http://www.shopcorbon.com/CORBON-Hunter/762x39-150gr-CORBON-Hunter-JSP/HT762X39150-20/300/Product

    albino mule deer

    Pretty cool. I saw an albino Coues buck many years ago. I don't believe anyone ever took it and he probably died of old age or ended up in the belly of a lion or wolf.

    Eberlestock J104 & John Toner Knife Set

    Christian, Can you email me a pic of the knife? somebeach1@ cox dot net

    Gov Bull Hits The Dirt

    Best hunting show on TV.
  9. I have found that when a rifle is shooting groups like you describe something is usually loose. Try getting some cerrosafe and make a slug about 3/8 from the end of the barrel that you can mic. Group size can be attributed to a couple of things but the flyers indicate inconsistency like a loose sight. Try shooting some cast bullets.
  10. Having a new firearm that dosen't perform is like finding out your girlfriend cheated on you. Take a good look at the sights and you may find one that is loose or just not holding position. Can you put a scope on it see if it shoots better? 18" @ 30 yards is heck of a lot, have you let someone else try shooting it?
  11. PRDATR

    Single best tip for fall turkey hunting??

    Don't overlook intercepting them in the evening as they return to the roost. They are a little less wary as they often walk single file focused on getting back to the roost.
  12. PRDATR

    36B Fire photos

    Good to hear that I have been hoping that there would be some browse sprouting up so the wildlife have something. I'm going to try and head down for a few days later this month to do some pre-scouting before I head down in November.
  13. PRDATR

    Tecnique - Camera Saturation

    If he is 19 what are his parents doing involved? 17 yeah maybe but if it were my kid he'd be doing community service at each persons house with me standing over him. Not to say mine now 22 was an angel but he took his lumps when he stepped out of line. I'd probably thank you for making him call everyone.
  14. I have a straight 4X I used on my 22-250 for years and found that perfect for shots up to 150 yards. My other rifles have 2-7X, 3-9X and a 4-12X, all Leupolds. Of course the 4-12X looses quite a bit of eye relief at 12X and has sat on a 700 in 7Mag for the last 20 years. That may get upgraded to a Schmidt and Bender this year.
  15. I used to shoot 110gr's in my 7-08 and it was a great pig round but never tried them in my 7 Mag, both Model 700's. My favorite load in the 7mag was 120gr Barnes X bullet somewhere around 3350 if I remember correctly as measured over an Ohler Chronograph. I'd have to dig up the load info but I believe it was RL22. I still have a handful left. Each gun is different and the 7-08 had the factory heavy varmit barrel and shot practically everything in one hole at 100 yards with the exception of some PMC 140gr softpoints. I was bummed out over that because I wanted to use them for Chickens and Javelina when I shot Silhouette because they were about $8 or so a box compared to the Sierra 168 HPBT Match bullets I used for Turkeys and Rams. Once I sped them up a little in the 7Mag they went from 2" to sub-MOA. Both rifles have the same twist.
  16. In close quarters when you may only have time for one shot. One reason why the 455 Webley was needed. In my conversation with a career solider he told me that in his first hand experience the 9mm usually took two or more shots to stop Haji. The 45 did it with one.
  17. PRDATR

    Chest Freezers

    I have a Haier that is 36Hx24WX36L and can easily fit an Elk with room leftover.
  18. PRDATR

    Bear defense

  19. PRDATR

    New Call For Huachuca Gould's Sierra Vista NWTF Banquet 8/4

  20. PRDATR

    S&W .38 SPL

    looks like a Model 10, it will also handle +P rounds just not real common to see one as most people don't sell them and $250 is good price.
  21. PRDATR

    Rem 700 youth stock

    http://www.gunpartscorp.com/catalog/Products.aspx?catid=11940 You might also see if Bell & Carson make one. Remington also makes a synthetic stock youth model so it should be possible to find one of those stocks. If you don't see on on Numerich just give them a call as they may have a source. You can also just buy a wood stock and cut it down like I did with a Remington 788 so my son and daughter could use it on their first deer hunt on the Kaibab many years ago.
  22. PRDATR

    Unit 33 Mule Deer ?

    Way too many tags and people buying up property.
  23. PRDATR

    Hitchhiker Story!

    Hope you weren't wearing camo.
  24. PRDATR

    Congrats Team USA

    Great Showing. Heard they were beat by the French. I would have thought it would have been North Korea.
  25. PRDATR

    2012 Results

    Thats a good unit. I have the same hunt but in 36B, not my first choice but 33 was also on the list.