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    Mary Stine

    Thats terrible news and my heart goes out to Mary's mom and dad. Parents aren't supposed to bury their children. It is something you can't really prepare for and never ever quite come to terms with. The empty room, pictures on the wall. Next month it will be five years since I lost my daughter Megan when she was also 18 and miss her hugs and smile every day. You change their diapers, teach them to ride without training wheels, watch them catch their first fish and shoot their first deer. It is wonderful to see such an out pouring of love and all the memories the members here share of her. God rest her soul and help her parents through this rough time.

    Buy American

    It's not as easy as it would seem and the truth is it is just not possible to do on some products. Wrangler and Levi have been making Jeans in Juarez since the 90's. The Justin work boots I have are Made in USA and are twice the price of the other Justin's I looked at at $185, but not everyone can afford that. The Carhart jacket I bought last year allotted me two choices. Assembled in the US from materials manufactured in Mexico and Assembled in Mexico from materilas made in the US. It all just depended on which style coat you picked off the rack at Sportsmans Warehouse. Thankyou Bill Clinton adn NAFTA for that one which accounted for 500 Billion in trade with Mexico who is our largest partner for our products. Can you say Global Economy. Biggest problem I see is that we all want to make $50K a year (or need to)but we are quite content to wear $15 jeans and $12 shirts. Have you looked at the prices of Cotton on the market? Without the govt subsidies for the last 30 years we wouldn't even have a cotton industry when we try to compete with Egypt (high quality) and China (low cost). Believe me, I look all the time and I am as disgusted as everyone else when it comes to finding products made here. Last year when I went looking for some new camo I went to the big three here in the valley and everything I looked at, even name brands, was made somewhere else.
  3. The Ruger is a fine rifle and the 06 is a perfect caliber and the king of versatility. Use a quality bullet like the Nosler Partition and regardless if it is a 130gr or a 180gr you won't turn the deer inside out. I shot my first Coues with a 120gr Barnes X bullet from a 7mm Mag at 200 yds. Pencil hole in, pencil hole out. The shot was from a 30* angle adn went in through the backstrap and out the chest. One thing you might want to consider is getting a rifle that weighs a pound more as recoil is all about physics and a heavier rifle will not move rearward as fast as a lighter one will. The 308 will do everything the 06 will do with a tiny bit less recoil.You won't notice any difference in recoil in a 150gr bullet between the 270 adn 06. The 243 is fine out to 300 yards and has a very light recoil. I have used it for Javelina with 55gr bullets and wouldn't thnk twice about using it for Coues out to 300 yards or Mule Deer either for that matter with 100gr bullets. Another one to look torward is Tikka which comes with scope rings. I have one in 308 adn 06. Fine rifles.

    HB 2072 and AZSFW

    I would vote but I have no knowledge of ADA so I can't vote on that question.

    Uncle Ted's coming to town.

    He must have a turkey tag.

    San Diego fishing advice?

    Watch the reports. http://www.sportfishingreport.com/pages/docktotals.php?action=region&id=7 Once on the boat the Captain will give you the latest lowdown on what has been working. Best Tuna is late summer as has been already discussed. I have not seen a decent Albacore run in five years, or more. Last trip my son and I did was a 3/4 day on the San Diego for cuda and YT. We did good on cuda but YT were few and far between, but a few were caught. Expect to have Sea Lions show up and take your fish before you can reel them in. Once that happens the Captain will pick up and move. If you want a tuna trip then spend the extra money and go on a "limited load" trip and do a 1 1/2 day trip. Not cheap but you will have a better experience. For tuna i like to have a second pole rigged and ready to go when the action is hot so I can get another line into the water right away. I have mostly fished out of Seaforth and sometimes rent a spare rod/reel for about $15-20 a day. They have been reliable and filled with new line. It is a six hour drive from Mesa. It dosen't hurt to call the marina and talk to the tackle shop as the trip gets closer to see how the bite is doing. I'll usually call late morning or mid afternoon while it's slow in the shop and they can spend some unhurried time to talk. Let them know you're a newbie and from AZ and will be making a long drive. Day trips 1/2 & 3/4 leave around 6am. Full day and 1 1/2 day trips leave at 6pm and drive most of the night to get to the tuna grounds so you will settle in and have a bunk. Go see your family doc or just cal his office and get a prescription for Scopace. Dramamine does not work for me and once you are sick you will stay that way and will not be fishing AT ALL fo rthe rest of the day. Scopace can be had as "the patch" which is a round bandaid about the size of a nickle and you put it at the between your ear and the hairline. Works excellent but is expensive and you cannot regulate the dosage. For about the same price you can get a prescription for pills and they are absorbed faster and you'l have enough for a few people and multiple trips. If the fish (albacore) are finicky start off with 20# and as the bite gets hot you can move up to 30 or 40 pound (mono or flouro). TUNA360.COM is another resource http://www.360tuna.com/ Choose your trip carefully, expect the worst and pray for the best.

    just moved to southern az

    Are you seeing any sign? Droppings, footprints? No need to go to all the way to the top of Miller.

    Terror Alert!

    Some pretty bad photo shop.
  9. I have three favorites I alternate between. 1. Rossi 357 with a 4" barrel in stainless. Very accurate, 100% reliable and I shoot it well. 2. Glock G22 with both a 40 S&W and a 357 Sig Barrel, see above 3 Smith and Wesson Model 329 44 Magnum. Goes bang every time, very light (maybe too light), accuracy is average but acceptable. Go figure. Never "HAD" to use any of them.
  10. Sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and your family.
  11. I have a high arch and EE-EEE wide feet so buying boots that are light and fit is a chore. I have had Rocky boots last 15 years but the last pair blew out the heel and it was not repairable. I purchased a pair of Danner Pronghorn boots in 2009 and other than being a little tight width wise they have been fine. The first time I put them on with a pair of Smart Wool socks they were tight but loosened up the first 100 yards and felt like an old pair of boots as there was litterly no break in time. They are also pretty quiet.
  12. PRDATR

    Dryer Sheets for Gnats ?

    Awesome... Mossy oak head-to-toe carrying a gun tromping through the brush grunting and then top it off with a pink bottle of Vanilla Lace from Victoria's Secret to keep the little gnats away... Man card: REVOKED!!! haha. It probably works, but a few gnat bites are worth the years of ridicule I'd endure in camp. I hear ya! My brother usually just has some Off on his boat which is what we use but it is a little too much for little kids. They have not really had a freeze down there yet so I am sure that the bugs will be thick when I go down at the end of this month for his birthday and some serious fishing, which is funtastic. He doesn't hunt but is a fishin machine and there is so much marsh down there you probably couldn't fish all of it in two lifetimes. Then there is the Gulf for the big tuna and such. They call it Sportsmans Paradise for a reason.
  13. PRDATR

    Dryer Sheets for Gnats ?

    Vanilla Lace lotion by Victoria Secret or Skin So Soft Lotion works better. My brother lives in South Lousiana and while some cajuns have used dryer sheets on and off for the last 20+ years the others work better. Of course you can always just use Cutters or ThermaCell.
  14. PRDATR

    WTB Youth 243

    Carlos, My son won a Youth Remington Model 700 many years ago and it has been a great rifle. We are not looking to sell it but I just thought I would pass that info along. It is a composite stock ADL and very light and handy.
  15. PRDATR

    Under Armour hunting boots reviews

    I have a pair of Pronghorns I bought in 9/10. They could be a tad wider but after walking 100 ft thsy loosen up just fine. When I buy new boots (every 10 years or so), and I have many pairs, I first narrow down which ones come in xtra wide, then go for weight then looks. Once I hit every place in town I start trying on boots and usually after a few months buy a pair. It's a royal PIA, so obviously I don't do it very often. All of my other boots have been Rocky's, up until the Danners. I walk alot, with a frame pack and don't own a quad or horsey. I also take care of my boots with a decent leather conditioner. I am using one from Justin lately. I also got smart about socks. I love my Smart Wool socks. They never get matted down, wick water and sweat away. And I can wear the same pair for a few days, yes a few days if need be. At $15 a pair they are pricey but they are light years ahead of regular socks when it comes to comfort and can make a good pair of boots a lot more comfortable.
  16. PRDATR

    Unit 33 Javelina

    Awesome. I love 33 it's such a great unit. You have become quite the tracker, I think you were born 200 years too late.
  17. PRDATR

    Monster glass

    God Bless him. The man is a Legend. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when he and Elmer Keith had conversations. Very, very glad to hear he is still with us.
  18. PRDATR

    Economic impact of mining on forum members

    Indirectly is a pretty big word.
  19. PRDATR

    Yesterdays 16A Scouting Trip

    I picked up few maps of the area and will be going further back on that road this weekend. Thanks for the info. I saw the Wilderness area on the map but also know that just because it is wilderness does not always mean that there are not two tracks into it.
  20. PRDATR

    Yesterdays 16A Scouting Trip

    This is a new Hunt Unit for me and yesterday was my first opportunity to get out and begin scouting.I went in off of 93 across from the turnoff to Bagdad and went back a mile of so to where there was an old mine. I did not see any pigs but found a few tracks here and there in the few canyon bottons I walked. Spent quite a bit of time glassing and spent some time chasing a few quail. I pretty much had the are to myself, wonder why LOL. I did see another hunter drive past in one of those Rhino thingy's (sorry for leaving my truck in the middle of the wash) and some pilot flying low at stall speed (probably scouting too) and hope to get back out next weekend too and go in a little further. Just wish there wern't so many roads.
  21. PRDATR

    How good does Javelina taste

    The University of Wyoming had a paper on their website a few years ago where they tested deer and elk for tenderness using a gauge after ageing and it showed no difference. Presumeably due to the lack of fat. It was a PDF and anyone can view it, just takes some work to find it. I have Denmark Foods make brats and italian sausage and just bone out the meat in the field. In the past I have made chilli and also smoked a shoulder after marinating it for a day with cloves of garlic added into the meat and it was great. I might add that soaking the meat overnight in a bucket of salt water and ice will pull out most of the blood adn 99% of the odor.
  22. I took a TC to Dave many years (25) ago and he replaced the bushing while I waited in his shop. A year later he custom made a barrel for a friend that took almost a year. Phone calls went unanswered and it was highly frustrating (imagine). Still, he is a very sought out smith.
  23. PRDATR


    NO.Plastic tip bullets have a lot less penetration. (Think Hollow Point).
  24. Sorry but I callin BS on that. Although the .270 is a fine Antelope round.
  25. PRDATR

    Couple things

    YUP . Good to meet you and am glad I didn't have to drive too far.