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    Raising my daughter, wildlife, hunting, fishing, shed hunting,
  1. Tsiuboy

    Brass, powder, primers

    Im interested in the primers especially the large pistol but will take both Kyle
  2. Tsiuboy

    LH Hoyt Faktor

    I think im interested in it
  3. Tsiuboy

    WTB cage traps

    PM sent
  4. Tsiuboy

    30-06 For Long Range?

    i don't remember either 330 or 340 and would have been 340 or 350 if it did not break it fourth tine off i was just meat hunting for the most part but i did shoot the bigger one the other was a 4 or 5 pt so this bull is a 6x7
  5. Tsiuboy

    30-06 For Long Range?

    I shot a bull at 550 yards with a 30-06 last year we spotted the elk about a mile away we tried to get closer but the only spot we could see get a shot was 550 yards away across a canyon I waited maybe 10 minutes for the shot I had a Nikon bdc scope all I could afford (on a beer budget) but I practiced a lot the bullets were 180 grain rem cor loc it did the job the bull went or slid 20 yards down the mountain the bonus was when we crossed the canyon there was a road in the bottom of the canyon more like a jeep trail so we were able to drag the bull within 75 yards to the road due to the snow break it down and load it in the truck the hardest part was trying to find the road it took us an hour and a half and maybe 5 road combos to find the right road
  6. Tsiuboy

    big mule deer from the recent past

    thanks for your Investigative work! one of these days i will track it down and get to see it again.
  7. Tsiuboy

    SWAROVSKI 15x56

    would you be interested in trading a steyer model L 308 this gun is worth about the same I was just thinking Yesteray about putting it for trade for a pair of 15X56s
  8. Tsiuboy

    big mule deer from the recent past

    yea those great times back then walking w, running around all summer fishing, shooting carp and quail hunting the whole season. that head (6x7) is still sitting in the rafters at my grandparents house. i thought that was a big buck (and still is) before i knew what giants were really out there. If i remember right the guy that i sold the mount to got a divorce and had to sell it to some collecter out of state I dont know to who though.
  9. Tsiuboy

    South of the Ditch bucks

    no the pic in the dark and the crazy nt buck were taken in the same location 3 years a part the first buck was prety far away and a lot bigger than the pic in he dark by the way if my memery serves me correctly there was 2 oher bucks with trash running with the pic in the dark i have pics of them just have to find them.
  10. Tsiuboy

    South of the Ditch bucks

    the fist and last buck are not related but the twister pic 2 buck might be the last pics dad or brother. who knows??
  11. Tsiuboy

    South of the Ditch bucks

    here is one more having a hard time finding them my old computer crashed a few months agob
  12. Tsiuboy

    big mule deer from the recent past

    If any one has info on it. I would like to know. I know the pic is a little rough.
  13. Tsiuboy

    big mule deer from the recent past

    It might have been sold to elsworth a antler buyer in 94 or 95 rummer has it that he sold it to a collection.(Hatch told me that one time when i sold him some pics for mule deer foundation mag) i got a little less than fair price. But I still had roof over my head. one of these days i would like to get a chance to reunite with this buck and get some decent pics of the buck that started my muley addiction..
  14. Tsiuboy

    South of the Ditch bucks

    thats old twister i love that old buck not wide but crazy!
  15. Tsiuboy

    South of the Ditch bucks

    Here are a few bucks south of the ditch. I have more just need to find them dont ask for GPS cords I'm sure they all died of old age by now. JK