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  1. bomberodevil

    Late Kaibab hunts

    Tough hunt for me in 12 B west, hunted hard for 10 days, no connection. Passed on a few bucks in the 160-170 range, but no regrets. Saw a couple in the 180-190, couldn’t make it work. We did see a couple of bucks that were likely 200+, but they were in either 12 A west or in Utah. Fun hunt, but no cigar. At my age, probably my last Kaibab trip. Hopefully not but it was 16 points, and that will put me in my mid 80’s. 🤣🤣
  2. bomberodevil

    Results are up.

    I drew the 5 BS archery bull tag also. Last had that tag in 2018, so five years, plus the loyalty point and the hunter safety point. Tagged out in 2018 on day 13, it was warm the first week. Looking forward to a great hunt.
  3. bomberodevil

    Hit the lottery

  4. bomberodevil

    Hit the lottery

    Wow, those were my two choices, and I had 13 points! Good luck on the hunts!
  5. bomberodevil

    Advice on youth rifle

    I read the information on the H4895, basically can start at 60% powder of max load. Supposed to reduce recoil up to 50%, without a significant energy loss under 200 yards. I’ll try that before a muzzle brake.
  6. bomberodevil

    Advice on youth rifle

    Thanks for the advice on the muzzle break, I know the .270s have a little higher recoil than some of the newer calibers. I plan on keeping the original wooden stock. The only thing I may change out is the trigger (and firing pin spring). I know the 721s were great strong action, and wildcatters like them. It will be fun to get it back into circulation. I’ve got a Wyoming deer hunt I’m concentrating on right now, I developed two sub .5 moa loads for a 70’s Ruger 30.06. I’ll work on the .270 after October.
  7. I have my father’s early 60’s Remington model 721, chambered in .270. It hasn’t been shot in years, so I’m going to clean it and shoot a few rounds of factory ammo just to make sure it shoots okay. Providing that it’s mechanically sound, my thought is to convert it to a decent youth rifle. It’s never been scoped, but I have a decent 3x9 I can put on it. I reload so I can develop a good lower recoil cartridge for it. I also am looking at the Boyd’s laminated A-1 stock, which is adjustable (I have 5 grandkids about 6 years apart). I thought it it would be cool to have the kids harvest an animal, deer or javelina, with the same rifle their great-grandpa used. Is this a good idea or should I just put it in the safe and buy a new youth rifle chambered at 6.5 CM or another lighter recoil cartridge? Thanks!
  8. bomberodevil

    Robar Closing

    That’s too bad, they did some work for me a few years back, did a great job.
  9. bomberodevil

    Any bulls down

    I’m in 5BS, been out 10 days so far. It’s still a little quiet, still pre-rut. I’ve only had 2 bulls fighting (cows busted me while I was trying to get over to them). Only had a couple of satellites that were aggressively tracking a herd bull. Maybe tomorrow, it’s supposed to be about 5 degrees cooler in Happy Jack. Tough hunt so far.
  10. bomberodevil

    Azgfd closed roads into my elk honey hole

    I was scouting 5BS on Wednesday and we had a ton of rain! I’ve got a few places I was trying to check out and the ground was so muddy, and lightning was real heavy. I’ll get back up the first week of September before I set camp the next week. I’ll be in a dark brown F150, with a tent camp on the east side of the unit. Always nice to run into fellow CW folks.
  11. bomberodevil

    5b south

    I’ve got that tag, I’ve been up a couple of times. I hope to get up 2-3 more times, and then set camp September 11 or 12. Should be a great hunt this year.
  12. bomberodevil

    Day One Results

    Bull archery tag in either 5BS or 5BN, pretty excited! Been a few years.
  13. bomberodevil

    whats the deal with locating elk in unit 6a

    Man, I hate to hear that. Myself and my son-in-law have tags there starting next Friday. I have been in the unit twice scouting but both times, other hunts were going on and we didn't want to bugger up someone else's hunt. This is my son-in-law's first AZ tag and I was hoping he would at least see some animals. We'll be out there the whole hunt, so maybe we'll get lucky.
  14. bomberodevil

    6A Archery Report

    Stanley, just got back to the cabin. The bulls were screaming tonight! Had three spikes, two cows and a young 6x6 (under 320) come in to the tank tonight. Right at last light, a nice 7x7 hung up about 200 yards out. Tonight was the best hunt so far. Maybe they are getting warmed up for ya...
  15. bomberodevil

    Tough Hunt

    As a matter of fact, I'm sitting about 20 yards from a water hole in a valley where I had 3 bulls bugling this morning. I'm not a technology whiz but I do have my blackberry with me answering some work emails. Makes me less guilty about taking 2 weeks off. I'm in 6A N and its way too hot! And 2 jackasses just rode their ATVs through this meadow!!!