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  1. jaycee85501

    Mathews Heli M for sale 550 OBO

  2. jaycee85501

    Mathews Heli M for sale 550 OBO

    27"draw 70 pound limbs bow will come baer, bow has new string.
  3. jaycee85501

    Help in 37b can't find any pigs...

    Any help would be put to good use. Thanjc
  4. jaycee85501


    Nikon field scope I hit you up on facebook
  5. jaycee85501


    love the tent still interested,,,still have the scope
  6. jaycee85501

    22N Boundries

    I am try to find a map of the boundries of 22N, i have an archery (late) bull tag and looking for these boundries. thanks jaycee
  7. jaycee85501

    FS Mathews Switchback XT 27"

    please send me some pic of the bow.. jaycee@cableone.net thanks
  8. jaycee85501

    37B archery pig

    I bought a 37B tag for piggy this year. i was wondering where would be the best place to start? never been this area any information would help. i was thinking between superior and hayden. any good places to camp, thanks jc
  9. JOHN RICE MEMORIAL/CHARITY 3-D SHOOT The Apache bow hunter archery club is having a memorial shoot this Sunday November 11th 2012. At the apache bow range located at 7096 South Russell Road, Globe, Arizona There will be 2 rounds of 20 3D targets. Registration starts at 7am and score cards must be in by 2:00pm. Cost is 20.00 for the shoot. Any question please call J.c Castaneda at 701-2646 please come out and have some fun.
  10. jaycee85501

    Helim / Evo 7 / Vector 32 / Z7 / Answer

    Heli-M and i love it!!
  11. jaycee85501

    bow draw question

    Well i have a question about my draw. back a few years ago i was close to 380 pounds in size...yea really big, i have since lost 186 pounds... any way i started shooting my bow and i felt alittle long for me, so i mesured my draw and it mesured 27 which i have always been 28.. could me losing all the weight make my draw go down an inch? Thanks Jaycee
  12. jaycee85501

    Guess the Date and Time Contest

    March 21 2012 @455pm
  13. jaycee85501

    Badlands 2200

    Hey do you still have this pack? if so call me.. your dad called you about this the other night i to live in globe...stop by the animal shelter and ill take a look at it.. thanks jc 701-2646
  14. jaycee85501

    free springer spanial

    Do you still have this dog? if so please send me a pic at jaycee@cableone.net Thanks john