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    Family, traveling, dirt biking, hunting, shooting, camping, skiing (both kinds), boating, 4-wheelin', sleeping under a tree in the middle of nowhere when nothing can be heard but the sounds of nature!

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  1. xr440dude

    Late Rifle Bull 4A

    As always, loved hunting with you, Bro! Thanks so much for hanging around and helping put in the work to get one for me, even though we were unsuccessful. Let's do it again next year! Ron
  2. xr440dude

    SB1200 HR2189

    I, Ron Sorensen, as an individual support the proposed legislation. Thank you for your hard work, John!
  3. Just check this link for the proof... http://office-humour.co.uk/item/13188/
  4. xr440dude

    Veterans Day

    I can never show enough appreciation for the folks who put their lives on the line in the preservation of freedom for all of us, even those who don't respect veterans' sacrifices! Happy Veteran's Day! Ron
  5. xr440dude

    Finally filled my tag

    Justin! I'm so happy for you. What an awesome buck, especially for your first. I have thoroughly enjoyed hunting with you over the past few years and hope we can continue for many, many more. My deepest thanks to Clay and Bill for their advice and willingness to help. Thanks also to Amanda for her help and for CouesWhitetail.com, where we can learn and make friends! Ron