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  1. devilincatcountry

    Not needed anymore!

    Make reasonable offer, just taking up closet space!!
  2. devilincatcountry

    Not needed anymore!

    I have a pair of redwing steel toe boots size 11 1/2 d that I no longer need. I wore them twice nothing is wrong with them, my position at work changed so I no longer have a need for these. Paid 190$ asking 140$ I also have a Fire resistant Carhart jacket with D-ring flap in back for fall protection use. Tags are still on it, Never used. Once again my position at work changed after I had purchased this jacket.Paid 205$ asking 160$. Making room in closet!! Call my cell at (520)360-8895 I live in Tucson not looking to ship, I can meet in Phx. If needed.
  3. devilincatcountry

    Credit Card Charge Contest for Raffle Tickets

  4. devilincatcountry


    Gino has just as many small bucks with him . Plus the drive is half of what I had today. Another partner talked me into it.sorry!!
  5. devilincatcountry


    Patrick- going after Gino tomorrow!
  6. devilincatcountry


    So this year I told myself, Meat hunting!!! I get to the location I want to hunt, put my glass on tripod and low and behold 4 spikes at 280 yards. I pick up movement at 376 yards and there he is a nice 85+ decent buck. I don't give the spikes another look as my focus is now on the decent buck. The only shot I have is a Texas heart shot thru some scrub oak. I decide not to take it and wait. The spikes are running with 5 does and 8 fawns. The does decide to bed down and the spikes feed down into a valley out of sight. The decent buck feeds up into another valley and I loose sight. I go to pack stuff up and make stalk around hill to cut him off and as I glass ahead of me there is 2 more does with fawns bedded where I wanted to go. So I'm hunkered down waiting for them to feed and make a stalk. BUT the voice on my left shoulder keeps telling me you should have taken one of the spikes( meat hunter) while the voice on my right shoulder tells me to be patient . I missed the first 4 days of this hunt due to out of state softball with my daughter so time is not on my side.. Did I jinx myself???? Ughhh..
  7. devilincatcountry

    Anyone hunting 37B tomorrow? UPDATE: Pig down!

    Nice!! Congrats..
  8. devilincatcountry

    Fujinon 15X60 HB's

    Got a pair myself. Love them, they do get heavy!!
  9. devilincatcountry

    diamond razor edge f/s

    By chance could it be left handed??
  10. devilincatcountry

    Gotta vent!

    Update!! Being the nice guy that I am, I left note attached to pop up blind. I did leave my phone number name and my intent come archery deer season. Uuggghhh!!! The older I get the softer I get !! Stay tuned we will see what happens next! The trail that passes by the said spot is getting hammered!!
  11. devilincatcountry

    Gotta vent!

    I am all in for swapping data at this location. I do that at more than one of my sets. By the looks of things this guy goes out opener then never returns- jmo. I know which direction the deer are coming from but my problem is if I set up say 50-100 yards from known point the wind swirls I'd say 90% of the time- it's in a draw. I'm on a little knoll with a small saddle that the deer travel to water about 1/4 mile away. Even after my 20 hr cooling off period I chuckle about it a little but still a little po'd!!
  12. devilincatcountry

    Gotta vent!

    It's that time of year again to set out my cam's and get the blood pumping for August. I go to one of my sets and low and behold there is a pop up that is sitting in the exact spot I set mine up. Urrgh! A little history, this last December I go to my spot and this same pop up is sitting there. No biggie he beat me to the punch go to plan b. January comes and I take a chance and head back to this spot and the pop up is there still unattended . I go to plan b again. He beat me to this spot again! Thinking that this august I could start fresh I walk up to hang my trail camera and this pop up is still there faded ,chairs and trash still in it! I wouldn't be so pissed but I have a good buck(nothing huge) pretty in velvet that I would love to arrow! I know first come first serve, but leaving your pop up out year round isn't going to deter me this year! Don't be surprised if you go to get in your pop up and I'm in it!! What are your thoughts?? Year round really???? What would you do?
  13. devilincatcountry

    I might as well ask too...

  14. devilincatcountry

    Wow 2013