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  1. mikaele

    Results are posted!!!

    Me too, nice to see another local guy get this tag. I've been out during the rut the last 9 years in this unit and the hunt dates are exceptional in my opinion. Good luck!
  2. mikaele

    3C Report

    They're still shutting down by 7am or so, too hot! Interesting that they fired up early yesterday, 4pm or so. Also, still seeing big groups of cows with 4-5 bulls, so it's not quite there yet. Also, as the moon fills they are more active at night, at least while it's up.
  3. mikaele

    3C Report

    chico, PM me if you're having problems finding elk. Always like to help the juniors.
  4. mikaele

    3C Report

    Nice to see the hunting rigs start flowing into town. I was out this morning with herd bulls bugling and satellite bulls near by. They're going to go down early until it cools down, the action was winding down at 7:30.
  5. Shot my deer in January, now taking pictures in August. Will re-think what I do in January next year...
  6. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Dropped to $2750.
  7. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Still for sale. BTW, throwing in the lucky part for free, 3 for 3 on bull tags when I camped in this.
  8. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Can you tell me who you had fix the zipper?
  9. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Loved it, but don't use it now. Thx
  10. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Yes, you can use as a utility trailer also but I've never done it.
  11. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    I got it in 2006
  12. mikaele

    Jumping Jack - Reduced

    Dropping to $2750, want to get it sold before the monsoon hits and don't want to tarp in again. Selling my 2006 Jumping Jack trailer, haven't used it for 2 years so time to go. Accessories: 2 water jug racks camp box rack latern holder kitchen kit table and legs quad safety bars The zipper on the tent bag is broken, so either the bag needs replaced or zipper fixed. The frame is in good shape, could use a layer of rustoleum on the top and sides. PM me if you want more info. Thx
  13. mikaele

    Pig hunting in 25M

    I live in the area and a lot of pigs have moved into neighborhoods due to the lack of water available. Lots of water to be had at night in irrigated yards, not to mentioned all the plants to eat. Try hunting Silverleaf, tons of pigs there! :^)
  14. mikaele

    New Mexico Landowner Cow Elk

    Thanks for the PM's and info. They were really anxious to get this planned and booked a hunt with Kiowa outfitters for $1500 or so for 3 days. I'll post a review after the hunt.
  15. mikaele

    New Mexico Landowner Cow Elk

    Thanks for the information. We're looking for 2 landowner rifle cow tags with accomodations.